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  • Jeffrey Morgan Foss
    Oct 30, 2004
      Dear Dex,

      Thank you so much for posting this. It makes perfect sense to me as an ascended master and member of a coalition of peaceful worlds (Galactic Federation). The reassurance about the careful staging of peaceful open contact and global sociotechnological transformation is on center and harmoniously cherished.

      There is also an added in-depth assurance that the agents of darkness, cover up and archaism, though thickly and powerfully infested by them we were, are being routed and divided so that light and change can indeed occur. To multiply this power of change, the time is now for man's voice to echo in the halls of democracy. There is a plan for undoing the wicked among the powers and the mightiest of them will come to naught just as Pharaoh Ramasees II was undone by plagues and events during the exodus. Only that will seem like a picnic in comparison. But this is in deep cover until activation. The power of the plan that works will surpass the pillar of fire and the parting of the sea. And now this can be activated.

      Conservation Exchange bonds global military in the mission of forest recovery and crops to end world hunger (by itself creating peace, climate and environmental restoration, global health and well being) and then shifts the trillions in international monetary units otherwise earmarked for weapons and weapons platforms to fuel-less technology, advanced individualized education, medical cures, affordable environment and energy savvy homes, tax and cost relief for all people, comprehensive help for the needy and disabled of all ages AND finances technological conversion across the board though tax relief and funding. You'd think the Papacy and the global super powers would've thought of this first. So money that was circulated in archaism and wickedness is made a tool for good and righteousness. But that too will be phased out in the far future.

      The ascended masters and the Galactic Federation are in agreement and are working together in the Light of Love.
      Great changes are coming swiftly for the kind to all life. These were the meek who will now receive great nobility and honor--meek not in character but meek in the temporary powerlessness to affect positive change. This is no great wonder as the character of the most noble of all had to be refined to the last buffing of a precious stone. And the universe had to learn the outcomes of evil and good. What was once faith will become sure science. The only mistake we could make from there would be to limit the endless creativity of God. So faith must never end. And our own creativity in the Light of Love is most honored and adored by the worlds, angels and heaven on high.

      Let us now embrace the stars and those plans and ways which will be life and joy giving. Go and tell the powers this is the course we are taking. Like the trumpet blast which fell the walls of Jericho, so will these things come and the wicked powers will be shattered. Jesus made it possible for us to be one with God, not through religion but though him. The Light of God exposes the corruption and brings power to the children of Light. His omega symbol was on a paper thin screen on a stealthed federation city in space and I was aware of the project at age five in 1963: Project Omega. So the federation is allied with the Lord. And the most precious among his own have been working down here in the fields and trenches on earth. We will meet them in the air (and already do).

      Remember this clarification well: The "principalities and powers of the air" are the global air superiority forces,
      not celestial beings. And again, the devil and his fallen angels are confined to earth and are not
      free to molest the universe. Why? The earth is the footstool of God and a special species of man created in his image had to overcome the most deceitful darkness of all. The universe has been allowed to learn, watch and study this closely. A God gene has been identified even by earth science. And the Divine Spirit is the other part of the equation which visitors have now identified. Mankind as a whole was a wonder to visitors as the best and worst of life everywhere was found among them. In studying this vast deviation in social and technological behavior in a single species enabled them to find and prove the existence of God scientifically.

      Here's the fun part: Now that visitors by large are out for our good, they have learned things technologically though the very nature of their travel. And some of us have learned spiritual compassion for life though overcoming a worst case scenario. For visitors, it would make no sense for monetary super giants to be charging them tremendous amounts of money for ships, fuel, materials, food, environment, atmosphere, water, etc. So they have overcome the money system by making sleeker and superior materials, fuel-less technologies, space folding, self regenerating food/environment/atmosphere (and they are not stopping off to eat us). In this advent of open contact, this capability will be coupled with our knowledge of how to best utilize this to create the bonds of universal lasting peace. Not only is this to be a substantive communion, but one which is full of joy--something I and all life as awaited from the beginning.

      There is more to tell, but it is time to sleep. Thank you Lord, Federation, Sheldan, Dex, all the friends. And good night.


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      From: dexxxaa
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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] They're Coming

      Cross posting: I think this is an interesting channelling. My heart
      begins to glow when I read these.

      : Galactic Federation Update:
      Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spi-itual Hierarchy and the
      Galactic Federation
      1 Kan, 12 Tzec, 13 Eb (October 26, 2004)
      Greetings! We come before you again, dear Hearts, with more to
      discuss. As your world transforms, and your new reality starts to
      materialize before you, a lot of different energies are being used
      by H-aven to permit this to happen. Your reality, like all others,
      is made of resilient Light, bound into its many forms form this
      inter-dimensional Light into a special grid, which manifests the
      perceptions or 'rules' specified by the div-ne plan and you. Now,
      as the divi-e plan alters these rules, a new grid is formed. This
      grid, as noted by us on numerous occasions, is now in place, and
      the Elohim who have been sent by Heave- to forge this new physical
      reality are following the -ivine timetable set forth for them to
      fully manifest your new world. The events presently unfolding on
      your world fulfill the various mandates of the Creator. This is a
      time of transition during which the foundation stones required to
      complete this first contact mission are laid in place.
      Under the aegis of He-ven's d-vine decrees, we have accomplished
      a great deal. The many agreements reached with our Earth allies are
      now being jointly carried out with our first contact ships and
      personnel. Their diligent work is ready to bear fruit. As we speak,
      a number of special operations are underway on, below, and above
      your world. The behind-the-scenes confrontations continue between
      the forces and operatives of your last dark c-bal and us. Our
      purpose remains to oust them from power and restore your Earth to
      a state of peace.
      Your global society has endured eternities of w-rs, rebellions,
      and untold savageries. The intent of He-ven is to bring you to a
      state of balance and provide you with a chance to completely
      transform your realities. To this end, she has brought forth a
      great ar-y of peace and has positioned it throughout your world.
      Each element of this sacred arm- has been assigned a specific
      'cause', which will be manifested by those designated by He-ven.
      She is supplying these elements with as much support as is
      The progress of these diverse elements of H-aven's sacred ar-y is
      proceeding as expected, though much remains to be done.
      Nevertheless, the merging of these various contingents is now
      underway. Each is responsible for six vital areas of change: the
      several abundance programs, the new global financial system, the
      upcoming overhaul of the current world power structure, the
      creation of a new global gov-rnment, your ascension program, and
      first contact. Each of these is interrelated; together, they form
      your new reality.
      Our personnel is involved throughout all these elements,
      supervising, monitoring, protecting, and carrying out aspects of
      these operations. Even first contact has turned into a joint
      effort; ending the 'UFO Cover-Up' program by changing it into a
      series of public disclosures can greatly ease the shock of the
      arrival of massive numbers of Galactic Federation ships and
      personnel to your shores. To this end, we have now adapted our
      first contact procedures to include a series of programs designed to
      bring these disclosures about as rapidly as possible.
      The attempts by your last dark cab-l to thwart these operations
      are endless. Their relentless interference has been amazing to
      watch. Their dedication to hindering us has, however, been most
      enlightening. We have learned that the tentacles of this enormous
      ar-y of the dark reach into every section of your global society.
      The number of 'hidden agents' is quite astounding. Yet, our ability
      to identify, isolate, and uncover their treachery has been more than
      a match for their attempts at disruption. Our efforts consequently
      proceed steadily, and we are confident that success is just around
      the corner. Throughout this journey, we have gained extensive
      knowledge about how the dark manages to maintain your acquiescence
      to its reprehensible activities. In most cases, it even receives
      your full support for its self-seeking agendas. As these escalated,
      more of you awakened to the nature of this deceit and began to
      oppose their many ill-intentioned projects. This awakening has
      been much appreciated by us all.
      This awakening has led to the rise of new coalitions whose
      purpose is to help us in defeating the many campaigns of the dark to
      keep you in line. We sincerely wish at this time to thank you for
      your tireless efforts to aid the Light in ending the age-old power
      of the dark on your world. The events beginning to manifest are
      merely the start of a major thrust to radically transform the
      iniquities of your present reality into the exuberance of a positive
      new one. To accomplish this, international initiatives separated
      this dark -abal from its traditional sources of power and
      influence. A great deal of focus and diligence was required on
      the part of the sacred arm- assigned to this difficult task.
      Nevertheless, creativity and perseverance won the day, and now the
      final steps are coming on line that will result in the success we
      so deeply desire.
      Another important point is that those who were once so united in
      their efforts to control you are now deeply divided. This completely
      unreported or 'silent' Illuminoid internecine wa- has been in
      effect now for over eight years. In past months, many factions once
      opposed to each other have made peace with our side. This 'great
      coming over', as we call it, has really helped to isolate this last
      c-bal. Yet, some of these recruits have proved to be double agents
      intent on playing both sides until the outcome became clear. Galactic
      Federation personnel assigned to our Earth allies assisted them in
      ferreting out these double agents and removing them from positions of
      influence. They have either been restricted in their actions or
      arrested and detained under house arrest. Their numbers are now
      extremely small.
      As we move toward victory, the various elements of this sacred
      a-my are preparing your world for a series of bombshells. This shift
      toward the Light on such a large scale is unprecedented on your
      world. Your conventional wisdom about your reality is in effect to
      evaporate in an instant, to be replaced by a new worldview founded
      upon peace, cooperation, and an unbounded financial abundance. This
      new understanding will enable you to undo the damage done to the
      planet and to yourselves. For far too long, the 'special interests'
      of your sec-et rulers have consigned the majority of your population
      to ill health and a state of perpetual conflict with each other.
      This disastrous state of affairs is now to be replaced with
      well-presented alternatives from your Ascended Masters and us. You
      will also receive technologies to enable you to clean up your
      planet and your global society.
      These coming changes will impel your society irresistibly toward
      the Light. However, these metamorphoses require not only your
      support, but also your participation. A democratic republic needs
      the involvement of her citizens on a daily basis in the affairs of
      gove-nment. The shirking of these responsibilities leads to the
      disarray you see around you. It is essential that you take the
      time necessary to ensure that the institutions of your democratic
      republic work to meet the expressed needs of her citizens. Failure
      to do so leads to great internal crises in the republic. Our task is
      to give you the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and
      to set up the proceedings that lead you to a galactic society and
      your own star-nation. As always, the final responsibility is yours
      alone. We Love you and know that Victory is now at hand!
      Today, we discussed what is happening on your world. A
      world-shaking shift is preparing to appear before you. We ask that
      you use this time to remain focused upon your victory and committed
      to doing what is necessary to obtain and retain your inevitable
      success. Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

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