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  • Keith McLean
    Aug 12, 2004
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      Hi Bill,

      I think I'm actually having personal UFO sightings now, whereas
      before it was a case of simply reading about them. However, unlike
      your experiences, none appear to be the flying kind.

      One object I saw earlier this year was a blood red circle/orb at
      night (not Mars, although I did see this earlier in the evening). It
      was not moving, it was definitely "aerial", and it disappeared from
      view by appearing to "close-in" or "implode" on itself, like a
      shrinking dot. Another object (this time seen in early July of this
      year), was a row of lights "tilted" at a forty-five degree and also
      not appearing to move. As with the first sighting, I viewed the
      object at night, but in this case the object consisted of a series
      of at least eight or nine lights in a row. twinkling and consisting
      of orange, white and one red light in colour. As I wear glasses, I
      thought that it might have been a reflection on the lenses from rear
      car lights or something else, but the lights seemed to be fixed and
      non-diffuse. With both objects I could not identify a physical form,
      perhaps due to the time of day.

      I saw something yesterday in the daylight in the late afternoon that
      seemed unusual. The sky was overcast with a light layer of cloud,
      and I was studying the sky and buildings and thinking about alien
      contact, when I noticed a "rainbow" was coming out through(?) against
      (?) the cloud cover. Rather than a rainbow tt was more a localised
      patch of light, consisting of a band of colours very diffuse in
      intensity - hardly perceptible. The phenomena appeared either to
      repond to my thoughts or was just "drifting" through the clouds when
      it changed shape or spread horizontally - it was like a "blob" of
      light, sometimes varying slightly in intensity, though very
      indistinct and without an outline. Eventually the coloured "shape"
      faded from view. As I was looking towards the west in the late
      afternoon and the sun didn't appear to be in view, my normative
      explanation for it is that this was indeed a type of rainbow, with
      sunlight illuminating moisture in the air, the sun being obscured by

      So, those are my sightings so far, but I think yours are much more
      dynamic, Bill. Skywatching is not big in the State of Victoria,
      Australia as far as I know, but I think we might see more if it was.



      --- In ufodiscussion@yahoogroups.com, "Bill Hamilton"
      <skycom22@s...> wrote:
      > I now recognize that discussion, offering your experiences,
      opinions, and beliefs is
      > essential when keeping in touch with others in a subject we all
      share an interest in.
      > I will start this off by offering my first sighting/contact
      experience in the early days
      > of such events.
      > I decided I was going to try an experiment of my own. I had made
      friends with a school chum, a French-Canadian, by the name of Yves
      Lauriault. Yves and I started a regular routine of sky watching and
      conducting experiments with ESP. During one of these experiments I
      remember hearing my name being called out, yet Yves had not spoken.
      On another night we heard a strange tone permeating the room, but
      coming from outside. Upon rushing outside to look at the sky, we
      saw nothing, but the strange humming sound continued.
      > One night in May, 1957 our experiments paid off. We
      were laying on the grass outside of Yves' house in Alhambra when a
      small disk, glowing red, traversed soundlessly overhead on a course
      from south to north. Yves initiated a telepathic request, hoping to
      communicate with the minds behind this disk when the disk maneuvered
      as he requested. We were under the impression that the disk was a
      small probe sent down to monitor our experimental activities. The
      instant the disk responded to our telepathic request, I had a sudden
      feeling that we were dealing with something unearthly. Even if I
      could explain this object as an unusually lighted aircraft, I could
      not explain its response to our silent communication. Others
      followed the first disk. At one time, two flew in tandem and
      executed telepathically requested maneuvers. One of the maneuvers
      included the disk stopping its forward motion and retracing its
      flight path, a maneuver impossible for an airplane. From that day
      on and for a period of three years, I had frequent sightings and the
      UFO became a proven reality.
      > Later that month I had a brief sighting while
      observing a forest fire in the mountains. It appeared to be a
      silvery, metallic disk. Clouds of smoke later covered it from view.
      > All during the summer of 1957 I sighted many erratic
      moving lights, fireballs, disks, cigar-shaped and cone-shaped craft
      making nocturnal appearances over the San Gabriel Valley. In most
      instances, I ruled out the possibility of conventional objects such
      as stars, planets, airplanes, clouds, or meteors. I had a growing
      interest in amateur astronomy and purchased my first telescope, a
      50X refractor. I had become familiar with the planets along the
      ecliptic, various constellations, and the names and locations of
      some of the primary stars in these constellations. One could view
      the sky as a clock with various hours and minutes of azimuth and
      degrees of elevation for the purpose of communicating the sighting
      of objects to friends. Many of the unidentified objects I saw
      defied conventional aerodynamic behavior while exhibiting patterns
      of intelligently controlled maneuvers. In some cases these objects
      would flash signals or return flashing signals. I felt like I was
      participating in a signal moment in history -- making contact with
      extraterrestrial intelligence's.
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