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14362The New Madrid Seismic Zone this week

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Apr 21, 2013
      The New Madrid Seismic Zone this week
      How big is big as in the New Madrid Seismic Zone? And, in outer space, is there really such a thing as a speed limit (nothing can travel faster than the speed of light theory) on how fast we can travel??
      If anyone thinks that they know the answer to either of these questions, please, please feel free to share them with this group.
      PEMISCOT COUNTY, MO. - the New Madrid Seismic Zone this week have people wondering if a big earthquake could be coming.
      Reporter - Kendall Downing Story Created: Fri Apr 5, 2013 4:27 PM
      The two are considered minor. No damage has been reported from either.
      Thursday night's quake struck around 7:27 local time. It was centered about six miles northeast of Caruthersville,
      Missouri and measured a 2.7 on the Richter Scale. Tuesday night a similar quake hit near Portageville, Missouri.
      The U.S. Geological Survey considers the New Madrid Seismic Zone the most active in North America east of the Rockies.
      But it's been about 100 years since a major earthquake hit this area. Still, the two recent quakes are leaving behind some rattled nerves.
      The only thing getting shaken Friday in Caruthersville, Missouri is the salad at Grandad's Deli.
      "It's a scary thought," said Sharon Russell, owner.
      Russell said they were busy Thursday night and didn't notice the tremor.
      "We were kind of rocking in this little place last night, so we didn't feel it," she said.
      But now, the week's two tremors are the talk of the town. Alexis Avis shook with the first.
      "The first one I felt, I was in bed. And I thought I could tell it was an earthquake," she said.


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