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14319Vatican Considers Early Conclave to Select Last/New Pope

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Feb 17, 2013
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      Vatican Considers Early Conclave to Select Last/New Pope
      Dear Group,
      According to the Malachy prophecy, the next Pope is supposed to be named PETER THE ROMAN, and this Pope will be the last culminating in the destruction of Rome (THE SEVEN HILL CITY) and or the Church. These word are not empty without a deep meaning and are given as a warning.
      Are you aware of the Fatima and Garabandal ( <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdU_KzGjj_s>) prophecies as well?
      Did Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce have anything to say about this as well?
      Meanwhile, at any rate, we and the world will not have a long time to wait (until March) before these indisputable truths are revealed. Thanks
      Vatican Considers Early Conclave to Select New Pope
      The Vatican said Saturday it is considering holding the conclave to elect a new pope earlier than scheduled.

      Current rules call for the cardinals who elect the pope to meet on March 15 -- 15 days after Pope Benedict XVI formally steps down.

      But a Vatican spokesman says since the cardinals know the exact date of Benedict's resignation, they can plan on arriving in Rome early. Church authorities say they need a new pope in place for Holy Week, which starts March 24 for Palm Sunday and culminates on the 31st with Easter.

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