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14173Time Travelers From Our Future

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  • dexxxaa@earthlink.net
    Jun 6, 2012
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      (Note: Not a novel...Dex)

      Time Travelers From Our Future

      On the left: Janine Cooper is an artist and a friend of mine. I hired her to paint portraits of the chrononauts I described in Time Travelers From Our Future. Janine got her inspiration from her own subconscious, not from photos or movies. Traksa told me that he telepathically directed her in each of the portraits, especially this one -- Traksa himself.
      The actual photographs of Traksa and the three other time travelers groups presented in my book Time Travelers From Our Future.
      Traksa has told me that there are many times travelers around today. They do not hold public office or place themselves in positions of attention. Their function is to be in the background, spending most of their time in the fifth dimension so we cannot see them. In order for us to be able to see a time traveler, they must slow down their frequency vibrational rate (FVR) and enter our three-dimensional world. It is only then our physical eyes will be able to see them.
      Here are some of the other chrononauts I have met in hyperspace (fifth dimensions):
      MUAT - Traksa'a supervisor. He was active in Mu (Lemuria) and Atlantis and is from the 40th Century.
      NIREV - 31st century - Focused on the Industrial Revolution
      ALSINOMA - 34th century -Tutored Da Vinci (Mona Lisa)
      CHAT NOY - 50th century -Assisted in the development of time travel. His name stands for "tachyon."
      Chrononauts are spiritual people. They follow us from lifetime to lifetime, tracing our souls back to previous lives and monitoring our spiritual unfolding. Their ultimate purpose is to facilitate the perfection of the human soul to allow for ascension and the end of the karmic cycle. There are also future problems - wars, pollution, infertility - in this and parallel universes that they are trying to avert by assisting us now in our spiritual progress.
      As we grow spiritually, so do they. They are us in the future.


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