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13854Crazy Danger

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  • Dexxxaa
    Aug 1, 2010

      I don't think Phil was prepared for a fire fight. What I think happened was him and his crew penetrated the ground and broke into an underground tunnel. Upon inspection of this tunnel, they encountered hostiles. This guy professed to be responsible for many of the underground facility construction's.
      He talked too much about it, and you know as well as I know it eventually led to silencing him. Piano wire silencing. Now they've gotten more sophisticated by inflicting abnormalities, tumors, mysterious accident arranging via ships, and even cancer. He was lucky to have lived as long as he did. That was surprising. The practice is still todays ultimate method. Murder is almost becoming common place.
      There's a lot of security seriousness behind exposing the reality when there's a growing opposition feeling threatened.
      This isn't a game, only in our minds.
      We appear to be experiencing a reverting trend. In other words, it's all becoming more dangerous for some reason instead of becoming more encouraging.
      I guess this alleged battle is heating up.
      The problem I see is most of us fail to realize what kind of people are controlling this world, and the spiritual darkness supporting them.

      So, you guys better be careful, and especially with what comes out of your mouths. It doesn't take much to provoke problems.

      I'm probably one of the most surprised people you'd know. I don't think conspiracy. I see mostly good out there, I've met them, but I'm witnessing the opposite due to getting too close to the truth of things I believe importantly enlightening, but exposing.
      Maybe, we can do without knowing about them. I believe it's better to pursue the things eternal, be safe and prepared for the changes. Sonship, membership with the galactic are realities too, and hopefully, we'll all soon know about it. Ancient teachings briefly warned us of these things. Unless you're cut out for this kind of work, the appeal was not wanting us to focus on it.
      It's important to keep one's body cosmos vibration vibrating light. The negative has a density effect, gloomy, and stressful, not good. I realize it's easier said than practiced. That's the unfortunate end of our planet's reality and the created turmoil and despair causing constant flux with our psychology.
      Good luck.