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13832Re: [prepare4contact] Mexico Again

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  • Dexxxaa
    Apr 23, 2010
      The book is Radix...just more important knowledge about Light angels making contact with a guy that filled him in about Satan's angels (aka cosmic ET's ruling the world until the final battle) and why they keep us suppressed from knowing there's a radiant light transforming process that active's our light bodies.
      The problems in the beginning 70's I encountered with the Men in Black intelligence (Satan's angels) you wouldn't believe.
      They're at it again. It disappeared for a long time and surprisingly resurfaced around week and a half ago from an old storing domain of mine, and I've been again threatened directly over it, which, is a rarity. So, I'm out on a limb with this. These guys know ahead of time of the things I set my mind to.
      Now their the computer gods controlling and monitoring all of us.
      It's a problem we really don't need. Earth's elements are proving to be enough hardship in our survival. I don't want to aggravate this craft force intelligence negative reactions. I know of things they've done.
      If I can get you access to the book's contents be sure to read it all. It's a neat contactee story from 1967. Jim Hurtak said the men in black were responsible for interfering with the dispensing of his invaluable 'Keys' information, of which I've been made an initiate of with "Whole Light Beings". He's very protected and that says a lot to me with what these intelligence will do to keep us from learning the truth about their involvement our world.

      As an example...everything was working fine until I wanted to send this out. Now everything is blocked again. It'll get out eventually. Always with this book. I see no reason for it. It's just another contactee story among the many other corroborating contactee revelation's. It's not a big deal. Geez


      Aileen wrote:

      The other book is about an Indigo Child that was sent to the Gorbachovs to change the policy of Russia. He was with them 16 years and then went back where he came from. The book was about him.

      I have Crash at Aztec. I will go look at it. Thanks Dex.

      Why don't they want you to share that book?

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