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13830Re: [prepare4contact] Mexico Again

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  • Dex
    Apr 22 9:37 PM
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      You could be right about Katrina skolyer, I don't know.
      What I do know is we, as a race, and our cosmic counterparts have a very serious problem.
      Time concerns me for people because we need to know our purpose about the liberation from a world like ours. Too much distraction, disinformation, misdirecting and the lot can interfere with our learning the truth with what we can acquire in this changing lifetime.

      The attacks and set up's are a major concern that we must learn to avoid.
      I'm worried about manifest reality with the prime principalities and powers at war over our world and causing negative reactions in an intelligence that's gone overboard with quite a lot of things.
      I'm trying to get some of this verifying information out to all of you but these guys don't want it out.
      This is really a difficult set of circumstances I'm experiencing that I haven't run into for quite some time.
      If I can some of it out try not to take it lightly. It definitely is a gift of knowledge from a contactee who IMO obviously went out on a limb for the public.
      The drawing is of a being, one I've personally met who is believed to be from Reticulium. A nice guy and I think a crop circle maker.
      He was wearing a silver uniform and blue eyes.


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