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13741Re: Another Second Sun Video

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  • Dex
    Jun 3 10:33 AM
      I'd like to add that I mentioned the former information it being a "Ship" awhile back on this and other forums.

      I suppose it's archived.

      Not too far fetch..there's more I could tell you.


      There are some other astronomical facts I'd like to point out, and
      that is, since the object frequently appears to be near Sol no matter
      where the earth is in its orbit, it would have to be a starship and not
      a planet, otherwise, it would gravitationally affect Mercury and Venus.
      If it were a planet, it would have to be a long ways in the distance and
      just give the appearance of being close to Sol, therefore, as the earth
      moved in its orbit, the separation between the object & Sol would
      gradually increase, but the object would also gravitationally affect the
      asteroids and other planets unless the outer planets just happened to be
      a long distance away in their orbits at the time.
      So, if these video makers want to imply that it's a planet they need
      to take the foregoing into consideration and be a little more creative
      by showing a gradual separation between Sol and the planet over a six
      month period of time, and via triangulation, as well as knowing the
      distance of the earth from Sol, we would be able to ascertain exactly
      how far away it is and, knowing where the planets are in their orbits,
      also be able to tell if it's close to one of them or the asteroids.

      --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, "Dean Sloan" <jdsloan1@...>

      > The video posted by Dex has a date of May 10.
      > Here's another video on that same page, but it looks more like Venus
      > and jumps around a little bit in the 2nd half of the video. Sol
      > isn't anywhere around either.
      > Object To West Nibiru Planet-X Wormwood Venus Update May 8, 2010
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_7GF2err2U&feature=related
      > And another.
      > Planet X? May 12, 2010 in HD from S.E. Michigan @ 9:30pm EST
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsPEAfEdU98&feature=fvw
      > In the next one it "dances" with shapes and colors, and Sol
      > can't be seen (May 7)
      > Strange Star or is it Nibiru, Orcus, Eris, Nemisis, Planet X or what?
      > Germany edition
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU6mVQ3VA4Y&feature=related
      > It's shown further to the right from Sol in the next one and
      > larger-posted May 12
      > EXTRAORDINARY AFTER 2012...exclusive
      > annunaki...MENOM�S/NIBIRU...coming back...by santicmonious!
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8dOUzZ99yQ&feature=related
      > Several other videos can be found also.
      > Conclusion: Obviously, someone isn't being honest with their videos
      > and, like I've pointed out before, Nibiru is not in the orbit
      > postulated by Sitchin, because of the undisturbed asteroid belt. I
      > it could be a starship & may represent the "Son" as Dex has
      > suggested before. Also, images like this were posted on Zetatalk
      > 2003 or there about, so, there's really nothing new here except new
      > dates.
      > --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, "Dex" dexxxaa@ wrote:
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      > > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxRQEB2iCNA&feature=player_embedded
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