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13738The Right's of Life

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  • Dex
    May 31, 2010
      To Dean

      get a life. get off the internet you sad addict and smell the roses. Its all empty phenomena and has no "real" meaning


      Well...you're wrong about that Freedom Fighter..they're the "Greatest" of meaning's if you can understand them.

      In our own way, we each have a recognized right of free will. If all of us grew up experiencing the same things in life we'd be far more unified in our perception's, but since that hasn't happened we go with the flow that makes the best sense to us (at the time).

      There are many worlds and many Heavens corresponding with those worlds where all things are possible. I learned earth is a planet where we learn to ground our destructive tendencies, so that we can advance with our Counterparts awaiting in the wings of Spirit for our understanding the necessary realization's of why we were placed here. They'll help show us where we came from and where hopefully were headed, thus, as promised, helping fulfill our special spiritual writings.
      Whatever our difference's, we ought to always be respectful and civil about them. As a Divine Spirit, a desired quality with the Creator.


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