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13684Obama: An Angel in the White House

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  • nathaniel x vance
    May 1, 2010
      Dear Group,
      I pray that each of you will take this message to heart, as in the coming dreadful days, it will help us all decide as to how important beloved Obama will be in somewhat steering this country into a greater degree of safety though all will not be salvageable in every situation.
      He and the nation will need our support if we are to alleviate some of the trying consequences otherwise.

      Who is Obama – The re-incarnation of the righteous Egyptian King Akhenaton?

      Is Obama doing anything to address the illegal unjust racist DRUG LAWS and senseless black incarceration?
      Robert Perkinson, author of “Texas Tough: The rise of the America Prison Empire”! Mr. Robert Perkinson says that next month, Obama will sign sweeping legislation which will eliminate the unjust racist drug laws which was the unfair basis used to disproportionately lock up many blacks primarily who use rock crack rather the powder cocaine marking them as FELONS to suffer discrimination and hopelessness for life.
      Michelle Alexander , author of “The New Jim Crow and Mass incarceration of Blacks!
      <http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/04022010/watch.html >

      Obama: Who is Barack H. Obama according to the extraterrestrial space Zeta angels of  <http://ZetaTalk.com> ??
       You are the judge!

      The wicked ENDTIME - NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://Zetaheaven.org:  

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