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13682[TimeStar] Music on the battlefield

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  • Brel
    Apr 27, 2010
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      In the video (below) Bob Dean talks about his favorite music audibly playing before going into a battle in Korea. The concerto was audible to him and others in his platoon, even though nobody in the platoon had a radio or any device to play music.

      Betty Hill told me that when she visited an isolated canyon on the first anniversary of Barney Hill's death, UFOs made an appearance and filled the canyon with the sound of an organ music playing "Rock of Ages." I asked Betty if "Rock of Ages" had been one of Barney's favorite songs, and she said it had not been. But it had been played at his funeral, and ET was attempting to console her on the anniversary of his death. She wasn't sure how they did it but thought they must have used an actual recording of the organ music.

      Ida and I have both had experiences with music being played, albeit not always audibly to others. I think that music is sometimes played for contactees in order to entrain (or lift) the contactees mind to a frequency of the mundane environment. I never minded the music and generally enjoyed it.

      The music seems to pull attention to another frequency and entrain thought.

      Best regards,

      Please listen with personal discernment. Please exercise heart wisdom for the truth. Some information is viable and some is personal opinion. The truth can be different for different people. Find your own.


      1 hour.26 minutes

      From youtube: "After two brilliant interviews with Dean, imagine my
      surprise when I got a call from him telling me he wanted to come
      forward again. He had, he says, barely grazed the surface of what he
      knows. Hard to believe but who am I to quarrel with the 'great Yoda"?

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