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13396Unknown ET Activity

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  • Dex
    Jan 26, 2010
      (Note: Thought some of you truth seeker's might be interested...Dex)
      Cross posting a discussion:

      Phatman wrote:
      Dex wrote:

      You're living in Cabrillo Park?


      Phatman replies:

      Cabrillo.. That is in LA isn't it.. ? I live in the SF Bay Area between San Jose and Oakland.

      Dex writes:

      We were the first the develpors built the homes for.
      From second grade on up to High School I lived on El Cajon ave....Where you're living is called Cabrillo Park. Mostly orchards then. From scratch and dirt, each neighbor built their own yards, planted the grass, erected the fences. The homes sold for $10,000. Look at a map where El Cajon Ave is. I lived in Fremont from the 50's till mid 70's. I must have had a few thousand friends I grew up with there. Human and humanoid ET's..including ET witches invaded the environment in the 70's. They came to repair the emotional despair resulting from invasive possessions' invited from over rampant drug and alcohol abuse.
      A long story and mission with the ET's saving the kids...
      A book should be written about this.


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