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13325What is really causing CLIMATE-CHANGE: CO2, The Sun, or PX?

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Dec 2, 2009
      Is the CLIMATE-GATE cover-up about to go BUST!
       Are we the blind highly gullible public being fooled and dumb-downed on purpose by the rulers of darkness to hide the real reason for planet earth climate-change?
      But Why?
      The simple answer is hell yeah, and here is the real reason why!

      CNN  Mr. Jack Cafferty chimes suggesting that Climate Change is NOT caused by CO2 emissions!
      Al Gore called global warming "An Inconvenient Truth"... but suddenly a lot of people are asking what the truth really is. It's been dubbed ClimateGate.<http://caffertyfile.blogs.cnn.com/2009/12/02/has-scientific-community-has-been-honest-about-global-warming/ >  CNN: caffertyfile,  Has scientific community been honest about global warming?

      ZetaTalk: When Lies Fail  [written Feb 17, 2006]
      When the cover-ups on the alien presence and the approach of Planet X first started, back in the days of Roswell, this was to be primarily supression of information, along with some fear inducing disinformation to keep people from pursuing the matter. UFO's were routinely called swamp gas and weather balloons, and the CIA spread rumors of aliens in underground chambers eating human body parts floating in vats. This involved NASA air brushing UFO's out of photos, suppression of real UFO sightings in the news, project Blue Book, government sponsored skeptics prominent in the media, and faked eye witness reports. This is still the mode today, almost 60 years later, though the mechanisms have failed. They were overrun with genuine reports of contactee experiences, many using the Internet to spread the word, and mass sightings where thousands would view a UFO blitz, simultaneously, so the news seeped past the media suppression, forcing the media to address
      the issue to avoid the appearance of a controlled suppression. What is to be learned from the breakdown of the cover-up on the alien presence? Sheer volume of information, truth, overruns and counters a cover-up and disinformation.
      How might this apply to the cover-up on Planet X? Unlike the alien presence, which was palpable at the time of Roswell, presenting itself with crashed ships and alien bodies and front page news coverage, Planet X was not expected to become an issue for decades. They had time. Thus, the cover-up has not yet broken down by the sheer volumn of information, or truth countering disinformation, but this process is evident. The plan was to claim and blame an erratic Sun for magnetic irregularities, asteroid swarms to explain the increase in fireballs, global warming to explain the melting glaciers and poles, and periodic climate change to cover weather irregularities. Since panic in the public could be assumed to be a national security threat, coercing the media and scientists and those in the know to cooperate with the cover-up was simply a matter of imposing a nation security oath on anyone needed to cooperate. But they did not know what to expect, nor could
      they imagine what to expect, and thus there are holes in the plan. Lies come with many faces.
      More at: <http://www.zetatalk.com/index/zeta262.htm>

      The earthly  ENDTIME  of the Wicked - Not the RIGHTEOUS.
      salaam  akwaaba  jambo  ashogee

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