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13271Re: [ufodiscussion] Re: President Barack H. Obama Wins Nobel Peace Award!

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    Oct 14 9:17 PM
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      To anyone who was familiar with some of the psychological maladies
      to which human beings are prone, George Bush Jr would have rung alarm bells
      in their mind when he ended his first inaugural speech at the beginning of
      2001 with the bizarre, if immortal words, "And an angel still rides in the
      whirlwind and directs this storm." His words sounded way offbeam because
      there was no "storm" in the world at that time for any angel to ride in or
      direct. But George Jr himself soon produced one and by so doing plunged the
      world into the violent anarchy and chaos with which we are all now
      tragically familiar. Bush Jr was a textbook case of megalomania, as his
      subsequent career demonstrated to the letter. He was frequently described
      in the alternative media (i.e. the media not owned by his cronies) as having
      "a Napoleon complex", although personally I always thought that the Roman
      Emperor Nero would have made a closer fit since he thought of himself as a
      deity and George Jr seems to have had similar, if not exactly the same

      Why is it that all emperors are mad? Even if they start off with
      all their marbles apparently intact they all seem to go stark staring
      bonkers during their reigns. The Roman Emperor Caligula is probably a good
      example of that phenomenon. (He is the one who made his horse a senator.)
      And after thousands of years of imperial craziness manifesting on the world
      scene, which you would think might teach us all that creating empires with
      emperors to rule over them is actually not a very good idea, still humanity
      keeps generating new empires and new would-be emperors to rule over them by
      the minute. No matter how idealistic, libertarian-spirited, peace-loving
      and prosperous a republic might be, it seems that its citizens will
      eventually reject that model of political organisation and turn their
      hard-won republic into an empire so that the dramatic spectacle of a
      megalomaniac emperor being humiliated by the gods can be acted out in human
      experience over and over again.

      This is exactly what seems to many observers to have happened to the
      USA during the Bush Jr presidency, just like it happened to the pre-imperial
      republic of Ancient Rome. As everybody was celebrating the in-coming New
      Year of 2006, the US President George W. Bush quietly declared that he no
      longer considered himself to be bound by the Constitution of the United
      States of America and would govern without regard to its contents
      henceforward. That declaration has never been so much as challenged, let
      alone overturned, in any court nor in the US Congress and so in that fateful
      moment Bush gave himself absolute powers over the USA and changed it from
      being a republic into a de facto empire with himself as its emperor. By
      default the citizens of the USA have already accepted their new, diminished
      status as subjects of the absolute imperial US President. As far as any US
      President needs to be concerned, the US Constitution can now be treated as
      just "a goddam piece of paper!" with total impunity.

      You might expect perhaps that one of the first things on the new,
      in-coming President Obama's agenda upon taking office would be to reverse
      this appalling transformation of the US Republic that Bush Jr had wrought
      and restore the rule of the Constitution and the status of his fellow
      Americans as citizens of the Republic. But no. Obama has kept quiet about
      the whole tragedy and has simply stepped into the Presidency left to him by
      former Pres. Bush unchanged and without any declared intention to change it
      either. In short, Obama has accepted the role of new Emperor of the United
      States of America and all its dominions around the globe.

      Obama-lovers may believe that in his case being the absolute ruler
      of the USA is no bad thing and is even a very good thing because he is an
      exceptionally benign ruler and being so powerful will enable him to bring
      the desperately-needed "change we can believe in" that he promised to
      everyone. But already the signs of imperial megalomania are starting to
      appear. Take for example this statement abstracted from his acceptance
      speech for his Nobel Peace Prize:
      “I am the Commander-in-Chief of a country that's … working … to
      confront a ruthless adversary that directly threatens the American people
      and our allies.”
      (See http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article23724.htm - 9th
      paragraph down)

      Commander-in-Chief? Of a democracy??? Who is he to COMMAND "a free
      people, one nation under God"? And where does he get the inflated idea that
      this is the role to which he was elected? Already he appears to be getting
      above himself and is unconsciously putting his delusions of imperial
      grandeur on display. Clearly Pres. Obama sees himself as the people's
      ruler, not their servant. In his eyes it appears that he is the people's
      boss. But in a democracy, the people are their own boss. In a democratic
      republic the people are not there to take commands from their President.
      The President is there to take the people's commands and carry them out. If
      the Republic still exists then Obama has got the wrong end of the stick
      about what his role is as President. But of course, if the Republic has
      been replaced by an empire and he is really the new de facto Emperor then he
      is right and it is the people who have got the wrong end of the stick.

      Either way it looks like a bad omen to me, I'm afraid. It must also
      be giving our ET visitors pause for thought too, I would imagine. How can
      they form meaningful relationships with earth-humanity when it is embroiled
      in archaic imperial psychodramas that have brought down one civilization
      after another in this planet's long and sordid history?

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