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13241Re: [ufodiscussion] FW: [prepare4contact] Italian professor to reveal evidence ofextraterrestrials among us

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    Sep 29, 2009
      The main article to which this excerpt is linked provides one of
      Prof Breccia's photos of an alleged human-looking alien man who is supposed
      to be ten feet tall. He is depicted standing among trees so there is no
      objective yardstick by which to measure his true height and I thought it
      could just be a photo of a normal-sized human taken from lower than the
      man's own height so that the height perspective is accentuated. I thought
      of posting a jokey comment to say that he looked just like my late uncle
      Ernie. But as I considered the photo further I was struck by an
      inexplicable sense of its genuineness. The man's whole being seemed to
      radiate lightness, peacefulness and joy to me like I have only seen before
      in people that I have come to know as enlightened sages. As I studied his
      face further I realised that it had a form which I knew and had seen before
      on many occasions, but I couldn't quite place where I had seen it. And then
      it hit me. It was the form of the face on the Turin Shroud!

      Of course I am not suggesting that this man and the man who is
      depicted on the Turin Shroud are one and the same person, although I shall
      keep an open mind about that possibility too. But I shall await the
      publication of Prof. Breccia's story and the rest of his photos with intense

      Thanks for posting this Dex. Much appreciated.


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      From: Dex
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      Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 5:38 PM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] FW: [prepare4contact] Italian professor to reveal
      evidence ofextraterrestrials among us

      Alleged Photo of ET to be analyzed by Prof Brecia at Upcoming Conference
      Italian professor to reveal evidence of extraterrestrials among us
      September 29, 7:02 AMHonolulu Exopolitics ExaminerMichael Salla, Ph.D

      Stefano Breccia led a distinguished career as an electrical engineer
      and taught at a number of universities in Italy and Europe before his
      retirement. He is the author of Mass Contacts,
      a book detailing evidence of human looking extraterrestrials having
      lived in several underground bases in Italy from 1956-1978. According
      to Prof Breccia, some of the extraterrestrials were over 8 foot tall
      and allowed themselves to be photographed. In early January he will
      travel to the U.S. to present evidence for his remarkable conclusions.
      He is a keynote presenter at the annual Earth Transformation Conference in
      Hawaii (Jan 7-10, 2010) that brings together pioneers in New Science,
      Alternative Healing, human consciousness and extraterrestrial contact.
      Prof Breccia plans to present audio and film evidence of human looking
      extraterrestrials interacting with more than 100 private citizens over
      several decades in the largest contact case in modern history.

      cont: http://tinyurl.com/ycnruq9
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