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13150Re: [ufodiscussion] Cross Talk

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  • Ted
    Aug 10, 2009
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      Said , so perfectly
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      > Although I have not met DonDep in person as Bill has, I have read
      > enough of his postings at the Golden Thread forum to have formed the same
      > impression of him as Bill has done, i.e. that he believes only what he
      > wants
      > to believe. I think Dex is probably correct in pointing out that we all
      > do
      > this, but for me the point is that some of us want to believe only what is
      > true regardless of what we might like to believe instead. My impression
      > of
      > DonDep is that he is unwilling to modify his beliefs in the light of new
      > data that contradicts them or casts doubt upon them. I may be wrong about
      > that of course, but his open breaking of his own rules on the GT forum and
      > his active suppression of views that contradict his own (by deleting
      > dissenting posts) do not give me cause to hope that I am wrong about it in
      > fact. (Incidentally, his apparently arbitrary manner of administering the
      > GT forum is the reason for my preferring to post here rather than there.
      > Here I can express myself freely without fear of my posts being censored
      > at
      > the personal whims of the moderator.)
      > In regard to his believing what he wants to believe though, DonDep
      > seems no different to most other people to me. Indeed, the rarity in my
      > experience is to come across someone who does not do it. It seems we are
      > a
      > stubbornly paranoid species by and large and I think our collective
      > problem
      > is essentially that of curing ourselves of our paranoia before it gets too
      > late. Already we are involved in a limitless, never-ending, global "War
      > on
      > Terror" because of our general willingness to believe in the lies and
      > illusions that manipulative politicians have spun to us in the certain
      > foreknowledge that they would speak to our paranoia and so most people
      > would
      > lap them up without questioning them. Why do otherwise intelligent people
      > believe that 9/11 was orchestrated by Bin Laden and carried out by
      > Islamist
      > fanatics armed only with box-cutters, or that Sadam Hussein was harbouring
      > WMDs in Iraq, or that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons capability with
      > which to threaten Israel, or that Jews are a victim-people, or that the
      > secret intelligence community has the interests of the people at heart, or
      > that one's own nation is the most important nation on earth? None of
      > these
      > popular beliefs stands up to the slightest honest scrutiny but large
      > masses
      > of people believe them fervently and are basing their lives and actions on
      > them (along with countless other false and misguided beliefs too). It
      > seems
      > to me that the world has fallen into its present terrible state of
      > unclarifiable confusion, uncontrollable chaos and irredeemable suffering
      > simply because so many people do not care enough about the truth and are
      > believing illusions that they prefer instead. How can their doing that
      > possibly have a happy outcome? Surely it is the highway to insane
      > nightmares and hell.
      > This self-deceiving tendency can also be seen to afflict the UFO
      > community in large measure. All the impassioned doom-saying and
      > prophecying
      > that appeared a few months ago at the GT forum about an imagined
      > pole-shift
      > to be induced at an uncertain time by an elusive "Planet X" that cannot be
      > located or detected, is a typical example of it (or rather, it was one
      > until
      > DonDep closed the post archives to non-members recently). It would take
      > too
      > long to rehash all the arguments involved now, so suffice it to say that
      > the
      > Planet X/Pole Shift proposition was presented in great technical detail
      > but
      > without a shred of credible physical evidence to support it. (In that
      > respect it seemed to me just like Colin Powell's infamous 2003
      > presentation
      > to the UN of the Western Coalition's "intelligence report" detailing
      > Iraq's
      > non-existant WMDs, in which a satellite-photo of an ice-cream truck was
      > construed as a mobile bioweapons laboratory!) Yet most of the posting
      > members of GT endorsed the Planet X/Pole Shift proposition vociferously
      > and
      > the one member who tried to subject it to some critical objective testing
      > was censured and censored by DonDep for doing so. And DonDep apparently
      > thought he was doing just the right and proper thing too! It seems a
      > petty
      > affair, but how was it any different to a medieval inquisitor condemning a
      > heretic to a gruesome death for the sake of their soul? Certainly, it was
      > not truth-seeking. It was people believing what they wanted to believe
      > and
      > ruthless intellectual repression being applied to detractors, as far as I
      > could see.
      > As I said, that was just one typical example of what seems to me to
      > pass all-too-often for collective truth-seeking on the net. Things are
      > gradually improving but I think it is going to take quite a while yet for
      > the overall situation to evolve into something better - in terms of more
      > honest and objective communication happening as the norm instead of the
      > exception as at present. So I feel that we need to have a lot of patience
      > with ourselves and one another while this natural evolutionary process is
      > going on.
      > Regan
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