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  • Dex
    Apr 30, 2009
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      (Note: Dear Contactees, What do your contactors say about this recent endemic? Can you ask? BTW, there are photos of the alleged Second Sun (Son) over at the Golden Thread forum.
      Near the bottom of the page...Dex)

      Cross posting:

      I was thinking about the origins of this flu kick off and what befuddled me was there are more possibilities than I can imagine.

      Military, Elite, ET's Apocalyptic Horses, Space contaminants, Intelligence Communities, Terrorists, etc,...and 'lo and behold' I believe I received an independent message...Two words...just like that.

      Medicine... Companies...? What?

      I remembered and pondered for a moment what pagemarker suggested...and I can't quite figure as to the 'Why' what this broad spectrum
      identifying mean's.
      In that category, too ambiguous an analyses for me. Is it really possible they're that desperate? It couldn't be just a money issue could it?

      Is this for real? If so, I hope someone can pin this down and make the appropriate arrests.



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