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12573Prophet Yahweh: UFOs Will Appear For Obama!

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Oct 16, 2008
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      Dear Group,

      According to our Brother Prophet
      Yahweh, on Oct 25 -Nov.11, there will be some kind of UFO spaceship show
      for and in support of Sen. Barack Hussein Obama. Prophet Yahweh says that
      telepathically he was told that the space angels and God want to show that their
      support for the Obama ticket and wish to see him elected president over crafty devious
      Mr.[McBush] McCain whom they do not like in the least!

      Prophet Yahweh, a rare Afro-american UFO visionary, is a legit and true UFO
      Caller, though sometimes his visions/predictions do not always pan out.
      However, the Zeta space angels of Zetatalk.com has given him a clean bill of
      health and do recognize him as a truthful UFO persona.

      Please members, you gotta check out this video before it get missing! Yes, this
      video and is super dooper huge!!


      ZetaTalk: Prophet Yahweh


      We're in the ENDTIME of the Wicked and Not the RIGHTEOUS - GOD is Not MOCKED!
      salaam  akwaaba  jambo  Ashogee

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