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12572Our Inherent Human Right.

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  • Dex
    Oct 15 8:32 PM
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      I don't know about Blossom, but, there's a sure tell of a campaign out to disrupt and discredit any real legitimate sighting when they put together fake video for the occasion.

      Guy's and Gal's proving and believing the proof has just gotten more difficult.
      Muddying the waters hoaxing couldn't have been more professionally executed than what they did with this predication.

      Wowie Zowie! Now what is a prophet or prophetess to do? Hmmm

      I'm not kidding. These people are really interfering with your inherent right's.
      We have a right to know the truth or it wouldn't be given.
      When that truth is deliberately scrambled that crosses the line.


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