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12354RE: [ufodiscussion] Clark C. McClelland

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  • shane eden
    Aug 3, 2008
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      Hi Regan: I know who you are. I see you every day in the faceless masses. You forgot the part where I said "we're all adults here". Ufonuts was my cute way of including all of us, regardless of nationality, race, height, weight, etc. Maybe I'm talking over your head. I didn't insult anyone. My grampa told me once the best way to get attention was to fart loudly. I guess he was right. Yes, I know all about the NWO - oooh, I'm skeerd! Why don't YOU write Oprah and tell her to get McClelland on? Why don't ALL OF US write Oprah and tell her to get McClelland on? And as far as yelling - would you whisper that your house is on fire? As far as you wishing me good luck on my enterprise, I'm still waiting for YOUR $5 contribution. The Choir is not worth much if they can't harmonize. Oh yes, one more thing: JUST DO IT! is not a command - it's a PLEA! To humans, that is. Are you sure you don't have some Reticulan blood in you? Nice talkin' with you, tho.......beats screaming at those Nazis pounding on my door!


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