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12351RE: [ufodiscussion] Clark C. McClelland

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  • shane eden
    Aug 2, 2008
      Regarding Clark McClelland:

      hello fellow american ufonuts: seriously, how JADED can we get, Regan? You "welcome his disclosure"? Look, the world in general is in such darkness on these matters because "us, the good guys" are dragging our collective feet behind smug, arrogant drivel like you've just written. And don't anyone tell me that I'm being "rude" or "hostile" either. We're all adults here. Wake up already! Grow up! Pull your head out of (your choice of terminology) and let's start yelling about this stuff! Where is Stephen with his ufo conferences? Why aren't we at McCain/Obama events forcing the issue? Are we embarrassed? Do we think this subject is too silly for people to grasp? How long are we going to sit on our hands and squeak to each other? I'm trying to raise funding for a FREE TO THE PUBLIC WORLDWIDE TRAVELING SHOW geared to specifically place speakers on ALL suppressed knowledge and folks like McClelland in front of the world audience so we can MOVE FORWARD on this planet and with our humanity. To trivialize ANYTHING like what McClelland is doing as "speaking to the choir" is insulting! The CHOIR should be belting out this stuff like it was the Academy Awards! Or are we just waiting for Niburu to end everything? C'mon, everybody, get off the couch and start MOTIVATING! We've got SO much going for us..........JUST DO IT!


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