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12161FW: RE:Pleiadean Resolution - part 2

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  • Dex
    Apr 1 6:51 PM
      Cross psoting:

      If Mars was destroyed, then the bubble of souls once inhabiting the
      planet would have to search for an interactive Life somewhere else,
      right? They would do this to continue having their experience.. . And
      the same goes for Maldek, correct? Where is it that they would go to?
      (Hint: it is close by and very inviting) They would, and they have, come
      down here to Earth.


      A former inhabitant of Maldek was told after his awakening in our world those that did not participate in Lucifer's rebellion were allowed to remain in the ethereal realms with the Host.
      With help from their crystalline vehicles, it seems they now have the ability to transpose themselves either partially materially, or completely materialize with earth's corresponding vibration. Thus, functioning like human beings again. What a delightful freedom to have won by being of the right consciousness and heart.

      I believe the same challenges exist with us now and are hopefully understood and practiced before the changes.
      That I find is what is most important in all of this telling.


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