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11990FW: Re: [prepare4contact] Winifred's UFO Abduction Pt.1

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  • Dex
    Dec 5, 2007
      Here you go karen..

      Subject: The Abduction Of Winifred. Part 2 of 2.
      Nov. 3, 2007.

      She talks about how things looked when her third eye
      was opened up.

      J. Winston


      All the Star Fleet operates in conjunction with this
      common eye which is at the core of the Unified Cosmos. In
      a flash of light my former programmed structure of what is
      "good" and what is "bad" collapsed into dust and blew away.
      So much for the world of the illusion! At the time of
      the "Big Bang" d-vine intelligence was borne on the cosmic
      tides like stardust. This "stardust" brought ideas into
      Earths orbit. It was intended to be picked up and
      implemented for the benefit of all humanity and to the
      glory of The One Creation. The willing and open minds of
      the "Children of Light" attract these starry ideas borne on
      the "trade winds" between dimensions. At this time Earth
      was like a blank artists' canvas awaiting the creative
      brush strokes of a unique and beautiful civilization. But
      the "Children of Bel" had consistently s-olen the ideas
      sent to earth for the benefit of the whole and used them
      for self-glorification. Now all the stardust was exhausted
      and the common people of Earth were held in the grip of
      darkness, controlled by the "Children of Belial." It would
      take many more years to build up a solid block of
      irrefutable evidence to prove what I saw that night through
      the "Cyclopean Eye." But once the idea was planted,
      nothing could stop its flight like an arrow on target to a
      final solution. This is the task that I was to perform for
      The Kingdom in preparation for the Cosmic Changeover.
      When I came too the next morning it was a bright autumn
      day. The whole scenery looked different. The trees seemed
      to be blazing with iridescent light. It was as if some
      restrictive veil which had formerly shadowed my perception
      of the Unified Field had been stripped away. This was the
      shroud they had said they were removing. Around 11am the
      next morning I landed back in the same spot where I had
      left. Behind the iridescent holograph the material building
      of the stupa and the art school looked familiar. As these
      thoughts were going through my head I saw two young men on
      the hill. These were Pierre L-vesque from Montreal, and
      Lee M-rtin from Tennesse, USA. They were smiling in such
      a way as to lead me to believe they had in some way shared
      the experience but no one put it into words. Then
      silently, and without speaking any words, but as if
      implanted with a sense of mission, many of the group began
      to act in a very strange way. No doubt I was doing the same
      thing, but it is easier to see the mirror reflection in
      others. Some were playing music and dancing to the rhythm.
      Others spoke of how they felt as if they were in their
      mothers womb and were going through the birth experience
      again. With my expanded vision I could see that the whole
      place was bathed in the Violet Ray.
      This was releasing the people from the gravitational drag
      of the lower realm where they had been held for so long.
      Several years later, when the Star Ships came again on a
      pre-arranged rendezvous we captured this violet ray on
      film. Many of the people were going thought a
      de-th-rebirth experience.
      One young man that I remember was Roger C-ttrel from
      Ottawa; I had known his mother for years. Roger remembered
      and reenacted being left in a basket at the foot of the
      stairs and hearing heavy footsteps which seemed to come
      right on top of him. He acted out the terror this event had
      imprinted on his child-mind, then took on the semblance of
      Ghengus Kahn. Several of the group became incontinent,
      Howard H-imovitch, a dual citizen of Canada and Israel, and
      Julien G-andbois who lives in Geneva, Switzerland, were two
      Then there was Inez S-ith and Ron C-apman from Ottawa
      (Ron later produced the popular "Tone Magazine", Stan and
      Melba M-ore and Sam -atten from USA,
      Adrienne Sm-yh, Daniel G-oulx, Marcel L-Fleur, Stephen
      T-ylor from Ottawa and Scott and Colleen R-ce from Oregon,
      USA., among others. (Others would include David H-mel and
      his beloved wife Nora, cousin to Steven H-wking). At this
      time I lived at Mooney's Bay on Otterson Drive in Ottawa.
      My husband Ernest and I were both Civil Servants. Ernest
      had not been present at the Art School during the abduction
      and could not quite understand what had happened. When
      Marcel said something like "The world is ours, we don't
      need money anymore", Ernest, our Corporate Treasurer, was
      not amused. It was like coming back home to a whole new
      world. I did not recognize the house that I had lived in
      for years. In the kitchen I had to check around to find the
      cutlery drawer and figure my way around. Mortal memory was
      not wiped out, but the pre-abduction era seemed very far
      away and I had to really reach out to bring it back into
      focus for daily convenience. During the abduction it had
      been made clear that the human brain is primarily a
      translation device, like a radio receiver. When properly
      attuned it can be a ch-nnel for momentous revelation.
      Although human emotions are still locked deep inside of me
      they seem to be kept on ice until the E.T. task assigned
      has been completed.
      "Kingship before kinship" is the way they put it. They
      told me that during this night I had been impregnated with
      THOTH, a name I had never heard before. Since 1973 many
      more of us "mere mortals" have been contacted/overs
      hadowed/impregnated and connected to the Galactic
      Federations' Information Network as "Walk-ins/Superbeings".
      We are now an integrated part of the Celestial Superbrain,
      acting in conjunction with the "All Seeing Cyclopean Eye."
      Earth Go-ernments have maintained silence about the UFO
      phenomena for very obvious reasons. Light is the
      regenerative principle that will end the power structure of
      the planetary "Titans. "Today we are able to trace and
      confirm strong o-cult and dark mystical connection between
      the topmost e-ite of Earths' planetary rulers and global
      chaos. The mystical shape of the Pentagon in the USA, the
      layout of Washington D.C., and the symbol of the pyramid
      and the eye on the $1 bill are prime examples. The existing
      power structure had to guard against the advent of the
      "Children of Light" for these would overcome the "Children
      of Belial" and that would be the end of the dark world
      which they rule.
      Post abduction events, swirled in a succession of heights
      and depths of agonizing/ecstatic experience during global
      travelling, among the wealthy and poverty stricken citizens
      of Star Ship Earth. Enlightenment makes the deaf to hear,
      the blind to see, even raises the d-ad.
      The po-itical con-piracy for global domination under a
      "New Wo-ld Order."
      Thus there has been a deliberate consp-racy of silence on
      the part of global go-ernments everywhere to coverup the
      UFO phenomena because it is like a time bomb waiting to
      explode: A photon bomb. E.T. called it "The Atlantean
      Firecracker" which has been implanted deep into our
      planetary system since pre-historic times.
      (Circuit 8.10/10.8) (extract from "The Final Testament"
      c. 153587 - Canada - W. Barton)-


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