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  • Karin
    Oct 1, 2007
      >ETs cannot do our growing up for us and nor would the
      > more mature ones want to, I think. I suspect that this is the basic
      > reason
      > for their having quit centre-stage and are now watching from the wings.

      Hi Regan! And Dex :-)

      There IS still one of the ol' time Contactees around, healthy and still as
      bright and sharp as you could wish: Ida Kannenberg. I've just published a
      collection of her essays : Time Travelers From Atlantis.

      Ida's still taking telepathic dictation from some very interesting and
      knowledgeable characters. Through reading and studying everything she has
      written, I've become her number one fan. I've learned so much from her, and
      it's benefited my own personal growth a great deal. She's the real deal.

      We also publish her workbook for Experiencers: How To Come To Terms With
      Your UFO/Alien Contact.

      Both are at Amazon.

      Karin Holloway

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