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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    Sep 28, 2007

      Although this is old material and it has no traceable attributions,
      something actually clicked into place in my mind about Dan and MJ12 when I
      read it through. You see the question of MJ12's accountability has been on
      my mind lately and the more I thought about it the more incredible it seemed
      that MJ12 would not be accountable to someone at some level of function in
      the official US Government. As part of the black-ops community I thought
      it would most likely be classified officially as part of the National
      Security apparatus, whose chain of command leads directly into the office of
      the Vice President. But then, I reasoned, the real powers-that-be would
      never let a mad warmonger and bloody-minded sociopath like Dick Cheney be in
      command of MJ12 with all its sensitive power-relationships with ETs to
      regulate and handle. Would they?

      Well, according to "Blackbird" below, that is in fact just what they
      did do and upon further reflection I think he is probably right. After all,
      they already let Cheney become the Vice President and the unofficial power
      behind the White House throne, Pres. Bush's puppetmaster and personal
      programmer, from whose hellish depths of mind the terrifying War on Terror,
      the horrors of Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib and the shredding of the
      U.S. Constitution under the Patriot Acts have already spewed forth onto
      an unsuspecting world. Now I hear that he is getting up a nuclear war
      against Iran in the delusional belief that he is fighting the battle of
      Armageddon. Evidently the powers-that-be are quite happy for this deranged
      maniac to wreak havoc on a planetary scale so why should they not also be
      content for him to do it on a cosmic one too? It probably means even more
      gigadollars going into the already bulging coffers of the
      military-industrial complex, which appears to be the principal beneficiary
      of Cheney's terrestrial escapades.

      Of course, I may be quite wrong and perhaps Cheney was not MJ1.
      This is one occasion when I really do hope that I am wrong. But suppose
      Blackbird and I are right. What would a man like Cheney do with Dr Dan's
      Ganesh particles? As I contemplate that possibility a voice inside me
      starts to scream louder and louder,
      "HELP! Stop the planet, driver! I have to get off!"


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      From: Dex
      To: UFO-Prepare4contact
      Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 1:03 AM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] The 'Blackbird' Files

      Cross posting:

      Dondep posts...

      The 'Blackbird' Files

      In the interest of helping provide a little structure to the debate about
      whether the folks that have provided me information are simply all
      sock-puppets concocted by Marci and the SNEDs thugs, I'm going to share the
      correspondence I had with 'Blackbird' (whose real-time identity I learned
      shortly after these exchanges). Enough time has passed and ironically, much
      of what he told me then Dan has subsequently come out with in his 'official'
      disclosure. For many of you, the 'revelations' in those DVDs was 'old hat'
      because you've read these emails, but they provide much insight for the
      newer readers here. We can then debate whether you, the reader, believe them
      to have been 'made up' by Dan and Marci themselves, or whether they
      represent a unique perspective, one which I hope will be alive to testify if
      and when we can get Dan before Congress with a grant of immunity to the
      black-ops agents who have played peripheral roles in 'other' compartments
      that add context to Dan's SAP status (Special Access Project).

      Here's the first email I received from 'Blackbird':


      Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 05:58:41 +0000 (GMT)
      Subject: Hello Canada
      To: drbknows@...

      First lose this e-mail drop. Get a new one for us
      please. I recognize this one so everyone from hell
      and back will too. Send me the new addy here, it is

      We can start here though. I worked for Burisch,
      rather for MJ12 from 1994-2003. I was in
      mj/depnav/intel and was detached to s4 when he was
      with the alien. The current members of MJ12 are:

      MJ1: RB Cheney
      [MJ2 through MJ12 redacted by dondep Feb 8, 2005]

      {NOTE: This is the SAME LIST that Dan has subsequently sworn was the
      line-up, with the exception of J-9 who was ROMANO PRODI at the time; it also
      included Robert Gallo as the alternate for J-11 and J-12. Also, since the
      Veep was titularly J-1, Cheney is named thus, but in actuality, it was John
      'Mike' McConnell (who would be listed as J-2 when Dick was J-1.) They were
      often interchangable in title, which Ann Marcher addressed months later when
      the GT was hosted on the Stargate Forum.}

      That's a good start huh? Do you want the names of the
      Committee of the Majority from before they broke?

      The Committee of the Majority (defunct):
      1. GHW Bush
      [2. thru 33. redacted by dondep Feb 8, 2005]

      Want Burisch's address?
      How about his phone number?


      If he answers, which is rare, and doesn't hear a clear
      tone, he has to hang up so don't be offended I guess.
      Not that he does much that doesn't offend others
      anyways. I can't stand him but that's my problem. He
      does nothing but piss people off.

      McDowell lives between Vegas and Toronto. She has at
      least two places in Vegas and 1 in Canada. I am not
      sure of her current location but I can ask.

      I wrote Bill Hamilton but no reply. I guess he's
      still licking his ass because he just got kicked out
      of what Burisch calls the loopgroup. Bill was
      recently allowed close to Burisch and he blew it. I
      heard he started acting all nuts about Burisch's and
      now McDowell's secret about the blue apples. Maj
      kicked him out and McDowell was the axe woman. The
      Gudaitis's in Las Vegas are the only ones outside of
      Maj, and I think they are Maj too, that has real
      access to Burisch, and they have seen the Lotus
      actually work - live.

      I know where McDowell and Burisch conduct image
      conversations on the net. They use stupid named
      websites that aren't registered and put up the real
      good images there to talk between themselves between
      taped meetings. They put up the good shit not that
      blurry stuff you guys had before.

      I also tried to contact Ron Garner so he could cover
      your Canadian case maybe on SciFi but no answer. He
      probably thinks I am a phony. Maybe you could cross
      talk with him to assure him the real stuff is here?

      He was at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Now, get that secure addy so we can really talk.



      My reply:

      Thank you. A few items:

      1) What's the deal with Planet X? Is zetatalk a channel for disinfo? I know
      Nancy L. is being truthful about what she's experiencing, and the first
      source to contact me from S-4 in 2002 made references to the ZT timeline, as
      well as the NASA take on the 'brown dwarf' before it was yanked from the

      2) Are you the same 'raven' that was talking to us before the sh*t went down
      at Sam's Town? Originally, the plan was to have one of us go to Sam's Town
      on a reconnaisance mission, to verify Burisch's presence there. Harry
      volunteered, then never went. So, in talking to that 'raven', since Harry
      may have felt more like a gopher than a participant, 'raven' went directly
      to Harry, who then got puffed up and made the effort. The original idea was
      to verify Burisch, then have agents move in and serve him with the subpoena.
      It only required a bit of patience, which is apparently quite rare. In fact,
      that is STILL the plan, thanks to your help; maybe now it can be done with
      some success. I won't be making a peep on either egosdisobey or GLP, and I
      have others that will be doing the research on the lists you've provided. I
      need to confirm some 'little people' that surround these bigwigs first, so
      that when the time is right, it will be those 'worker bees' and secretaries
      that provide the notification to the 'bosses'. Enough said about that.

      3) Do you have ANY documents (such as the Rancher memo of May 18, 2003) that
      you can send snail-mail, anonymously?

      4) Can you provide captions for those images you sent?

      5) Is #26, CL Powell, Colin? Some of the names are recognizable, but the
      ones doing the research will run into too many options on the normal surname
      (I figure #24 is Richard, the former Undersecretary of State). Any terms to
      use in googling searches would help; I've instructed my helpers to avoid
      using all these names in a single search string so as to avoid detection.
      Any other insights into how much or little can set off surveillance or
      monitoring would be helpful. I sometimes err on the side of too much
      caution, just to be on the safe side.

      6) Are you certain about Ron Garner? I don't want to go to him too openly if
      I feel he is a 'plant' or 'mole' for the maj, and I haven't seen enough of
      his work to know for a fact yes or no.

      Thanks again; just because things may seem quiet doesn't mean we're not
      doing anything. Which brings up the last thing; what do you personally want
      to see happen, what do you personally want to see come out in the light? I
      don't want to see this end up focusing only on the bad bioweapons that Dr B
      helped concoct. Has this whole effort been to manipulate me/us into creating
      a paper trail for the future finder of the GP/Lotus? More questions



      I want to encourage anyone who has questions to speak up and ask them as we
      go along. There are redactions for still-sensitive issues that could still
      end up endangering this individual, so please refrain from asking what was
      xxxxx'ed out.
      Address to send information helping expose the Coverup:
      Dondep or Dagwood
      2433 E. Tropicana Ave
      Las Vegas, NV 89121
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      Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:55 am Post subject: Blackbird Files (cont'd)

      Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 05:01:30 +0000 (GMT)
      From: nobody nobody

      To: xxxxxx@xxxxxxx

      Subject: Burisch/McDowell

      Yes the Committee of the Majority. Most of the members
      are or were members of the Trilateral Commission.
      What? Hah, no way! I don’t have e-mails at my
      fingertips. They are the richest and most powerful men
      in the world. I know their names and collective
      agendas but that is about all. The closest I ever came
      to any of them was mixing with Burisch. The superiors
      flocked around the man. They acted like ants and he
      was a pile of honey. It’s totally disgusting how they
      treat him! There are no codes that I know of to
      approach any of them. I think some personal e-mail
      addys might be available but no one would answer you
      or anyone else unless they expect it through frickin
      channels. The only one man was MJ6 Brzezenski. He was
      in the gallery with Tom Mack when Burisch went into
      the chamber with the alien. I think he still works for
      C/SIS. I think his numbers are: Phone: (202) xxx-xxxx
      Fax: (202) xxx-xxxx. By the way Tom Mack was right
      when he said that Burisch was DIA. He was.
      Gallo is the underling of the present Mjs 11 and 12.
      He acted as a alternate when the Committee was meeting
      and either of the two men couldn’t make it. He didn’t
      want a permanent assignment because that would require
      him to be less prominent with discoveries. He loves
      the limelight. It was his connection to the Committee
      that overpowered the French political pressure to
      declare the AIDS virus as theirs.
      The blue apples I gather is nothing more than a code
      of musical notes that Burisch and two others plus
      McDowell around our big world know. It is supposed to
      cause matter to come from about nowhere. Burisch uses
      it to bring out what he calls portals. Insiders say
      that the portals are hooked by wormholes to some kind
      of watery planet in Orion. The DCTP? There is a war
      on, Dondep! Both sides, the Illuminati and the Maji
      believe that it is the war of Revelation. Burisch and
      the Maji are on the side of the Orion Talls. They
      believe that they are the spiritual side of mankind
      and overshadowed by Christ. The Illuminati is on the
      side of the J-Rods and believe they are under the
      influence of Lucifer their god. The J-Rod Burisch
      befriended was a defector that crashed in Arizona in
      1953 after it was shot at by the USAF. Burisch was
      encoded with the knowledge of the J-Rod homelands,
      their defenses and biological plans for man.
      I know the stargates are real but I have not listened
      into that too much.
      I have not one idea what Maj feels about you. I can
      listen in and see if they say something.
      Burisch is seen by the Maji and the Illuminati as a
      knight in this war and he is by no fucking means
      retired. The whole timeline protection thing was
      concocted by MJ12 to keep Burisch focused on the war.
      Burisch has no idea that it isn’t real. Yes they are
      timetravelers and yes his model is supposed to be
      found in the future but finding it doesn’t hinge on
      every word he says. He was told the story by someone
      he trusts most so he believes it lock stock and
      barrel. He thinks if he says anything publicly now
      then hundreds of thousands with cancer will die
      because of it in the future. No matter how much of a
      pisser he is his heart is really big and so I know he
      will defend his silence until his death!
      Burisch is currently working a supersecret project
      called Lotus#2-Tiamat. His location is the tide pools
      at Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro, California. And time is
      short before the project comes of age! At the end of
      the month of February he is launching some kind of
      shrimp into the ocean that is genetically modified and
      carrying a huge number of encoded viruses that will be
      a cocktail to prevent the Illuminati with the help of
      the J-Rods from killing the oceans under a project
      they call Project Lucifer, Operation Marduk. If you
      don’t know Burisch is the premier virus designer in
      the world and a biowarfare expert with deadly
      precision. The Illuminati are planning to redirect
      particles from a comet that the J-Rods have told them
      is carrying deadly viruses that will slowly spread
      through the seas killing them. That is the alternative
      object of the Deep Impact Mission when it hits the
      comet in July. http://deepimpact.jpl.nasa.gov/ The
      computerized monitoring equipment was recently
      launched off Florida from a sea launch platform. The
      system was designed under the watch of David Cote,
      then it went into production so he moved from TRW (the
      maker) to Honeywell to distance himself after his
      payment. The system was put together in several
      warehouses in L.A., California.
      But Burisch never works for just one reason.
      Everything this man does is like it’s layered. He
      knows full well that the spread of these viruses will
      affect mankind. My contacts said his work with the
      defector J-Rod gave him information that the spread
      will change mankind over time and evolve us into the
      Orion Talls. So he doesn’t mind I guess. Truthfully I
      haven’t had a chance to speak with him about it. But
      he must know. It serves the agenda of the Maji.
      Burisch is rushing his work to get done because of
      that. I only know one date for certain: February 27,
      2005 at 10 a.m. Part of his schedule leaked to us and
      that date said "PT Soda set certain". I have no idea
      what PT stands for. I am sure he will be at Cabrillo
      on that date but I am not sure whether the shit will
      have been already used.
      I thought you and Harry would like to know: Dschaak
      was telling the truth. Burisch testified to everyone
      he hadn’t met Dschaak because he had been told by the
      same guy he trusts the Dschaak was coming to his
      residence to harm the children. He was told that if he
      confirmed meeting Dschaak that that would set him off
      or something. Burisch was showed court documents that
      said Dschaak abuses children. Then he was showed
      documents self implicating Allan as a reincarnated
      mass murderer. 1+1 was added and Burisch protected his
      kids. He didn’t know. It’s not like Burisch was long
      time friends with them. Burisch WAS at Sam’s Town and
      was caught by surprise by Dschaak and Allan coming to
      him. He was there training the look a like for
      McDowell. So McDowell was telling the truth when she
      said she wasn’t there. There is a look a like for
      Burisch and it was the look a like that was in
      Burisch’s place and made the call to police when
      Dschaak and Allan went there. Burisch was right next
      door when it happened. Burisch never said anything
      about a knife. That was the look a likes call. I have
      no idea why he said that. What would they need a knife
      for, they have autoweapons anyway?
      If you can connect with Ron Garner, I searched an old
      file of McDowell’s. She recorded his cell number as
      (714) xxx-xxxx. He may be able to give your case some
      The last website they had is down. What's going on is
      that McDowell is moving their talking place again.
      She is crafty and does it all the time. I expect that
      a new one will be up in a few days. They usually
      don't use hit counters or anything like that and the
      website is a normal one, just that people don't know
      where it is so they never see it. I will tell you as
      soon as a new one pops up. I am sending a couple of
      the pictures I got off their last one. This will tell
      you just what a goldmine they have. Not the old fuzzy
      ganesh particle pictures anymore.



      (Following is the response to my questions above, concerning Nancy Lieder,
      Planet X, and especially the 'Rancher Memo', that Robt Collins thinks is a
      fake but is in for a big surprise):

      From: nobody nobody

      To: xxxxx@xxxxxx

      Subject: Re: Issues and questions

      1) The people I have worked with regard her as honest.
      I heard what Burisch reported, that Planet X is really
      an energy portal from the center of the galaxy. I
      really don’t know any more about that. It’s the war
      going on that’s the reason for all the biologists
      being snuffed. The Illuminati is snuffing the ones who
      will help and the Maji is snuffing the ones who have
      been coopted who would have pushed the Illuminati’s
      agenda along.

      2) I am not such a Raven. I was around and heard and
      saw it all, but no, no contact like that. Burisch’s
      current security status is lacking at best. Maj/intel
      is currently working under the opinion that almost
      everybody has already forgotten about Burisch or is no
      more than a few people pecking at keys on
      eaglesdisobey. He has two security people permanetly
      assigned to the apartment’s he lives in. Most of the
      time, they just monitor the surveillance cameras
      mounted in his place, and one or two that watch his
      place from the outside that are well hidden. All
      telephone calls in and out and all computer actions
      are surveilled remotely. He still goes for walks daily
      when his health is up and passes disks and picks up
      things like that on the way for his walks. He likes to
      pick up his 16 year old at her High School and the
      younger kid next door at the Elementary School. As
      long as he announces where he is going most of the
      time he isn’t even followed anymore. They just regard
      the issue dead because of the excellent job that UFO
      Magazine unawares did to cover it up for Maj. Maj was
      so pleased that George Knapp was used. He is a dupe
      that was duped by Burisch early on and has a hard on
      about it. They love George. He is the best help Maj
      could ask for. A word of warning though. Burisch
      carries a radio with him that goes to security and
      security has the capability of warning him with an
      alarm if danger is near him, not that he would need
      that. People have been told the truth about him that
      he seems to "know" when something is about to happen.
      He is full of 6th sense at least. If he pushes a
      button though, it will cause a response from security.
      He absolutely refuses to carry a weapon on his walks
      or really any other time, against security wishes. He
      has said that "2 angels" protect him. If your agents
      approach him on a walk I can just about guarantee he
      won’t be armed and his behavior dictates to me that he
      will listen to what people have to say to him before
      he makes a decision or not to push a radio alarm. I
      doubt you’ll hear a peep out of him after he realizes
      that the person approaching him is there because of
      his profession, isn’t just a citizen and isn’t a
      member of Maj. I have personally witnessed the being
      that tromped his apartment at Sunchase, so I tend to
      believe him about his angels.

      Your agents are going to have the biggest problem
      though with the one BITCH OF ALL BITCHES- Deborah
      Burisch if she is approached. She doesn’t carry a
      weapon either but she will push a button faster than
      lightning if she has her radio with her. She won’t
      listen to anyone! If your agents can give a 3 or 4 day
      time frame when an approach is coming, I may be able
      to get his current ebb and flow and activities to make
      it easier. Let me know if you want to. If they
      approach his apartment, there are procedures in place
      and if he is home, he will just stay inside for as
      long as it takes for the agent to go away. Once they
      approach the apartment, they will be discretely
      watched and tracked. Unless push comes to shove all
      security is under the running orders to stay in the
      dark. This gives the real "Brady Bunch" impression,
      which is the running order. This kind of domestic
      operation’s brilliance is the ability for it to look
      like any normal family and for security to do its
      thing while that appearance never changes. That is
      exactly what poor Harry walked right in the middle of
      last year. I feel really badly for him but he was
      simply outclassed by the silent moves around him.
      Before they could figure anything out they became
      exposed to the police and that was all of that.

      3. No but I was the one who had that bundle shredded
      instead of burned so the world can thank me for that.

      4. Burisch and McDowell are working on the website
      http://xxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxxx right now under the
      name Lotus2 xxxxxxx. They are talking about what is
      happening with the portal when the particle comes out.
      I know that the blue oval is a shiva portal and that
      the red one is a particle but I didn’t keep their last
      comments. I checked and McDowell is still running
      things the same way, without counters or IP tracks.
      She loves playing the game of psyoperations called
      "available blue"- It’s right there but either nobody
      finds it, it’s found and diregarded or is found and
      the entire case is disregarded. They have pushed for
      years for the right to openly talk with each other and
      do research together and this method was approved by
      Maj for that purpose, daily chats. She deals with all
      his interrogatories now. She is the intellectual and
      emotional buffer between him to Maj. Debbie runs the
      $. Like I said, most people simply don’t believe that
      information like this can be found and if someone runs
      into it that doesn’t know about what’s going on
      they’ll just regard it as bullshit. Others will see it
      was off a free site and say the whole thing must be
      bullshit because it was in the open like that. It’s a
      perfect circle psyoperation, unless somebody like me
      gets involved. If you go to the website you are in the
      clear to copy whatever‘s there. They count on hiding
      in plain sight with these free sites that aren’t
      registered. Right about saying nothing on
      eaglesdisobey or a forum like that. If the pictures or
      comments show up the jig will be up and they will
      disappear. Burisch said he believes that if he becomes
      aware of his statements or work becoming public and he
      doesn’t stop it it starts a butterfly effect about the
      Lotus model and the model wouldn’t be found. They
      bullshitted him and duped him into acting exactly the
      way they want. Hell he will protect the world from
      himself in his mind. What a control device they used
      on him. They used his own heart against him.

      5. Yes and yes Search terms I’ll have to think about.
      Some sites may be found but most have IP tracks and
      bells and whistles would go off.

      6. I really think I am right about Garner. He is not
      in the publicity business for anyone but himself. The
      only plant he is, is a person that wants to plant
      money in his bank. He is generally considered a
      lowlife prankster by all I’ve heard, but he could
      serve as a great source of publicity. I think he was
      behind the recent Japanese TV show. He knows how to
      get things done. You might want to consider dealing
      with George Noory too. It’s disgusting but may offer
      what you need to expand the attention.

      Yes I would like to see Burisch in the light. Burisch
      knows damn good that once Harry passed his information
      along to the Senate offices in D.C. that the chain of
      events he was told about, and how the model would be
      found is in motion. So no I don't think he has
      manipulated anyone like that. The surveillance
      coverage I have watched before it went down at the
      start of this year showed me a man that is almost
      totally unaware of politics. He talks science and
      metaphysics constantly and works for hours on end just
      with that. He prays and meditates for hours on end.
      He knows how to get thigns done in his circle but acts
      almost uneducated if something about the outside world
      is brought up. For instance, I don't think he even
      has any clue what a candy bar even costs. I have seen
      him with Debbie at a grocery store in Vegas. You
      wouldn't believe your eyes if you saw it. He points
      at something and says I want that or picks it up and
      hands it to her. She buys it and gives it to him like
      a child. She has a list she shops from and he wanders
      around the store watching people, saying hi to them at
      times and smiles and looks at things on the shelves.
      You can almost hear his brain clicking as he forms
      some kind of connections and ideas when he is looking
      at the products. At times he rejoins Debbie and walks
      along side the cart as she pushes it, then he breaks
      off again and goes and picks up something, studies it
      and sometimes returns it to her for buying. Pardon the
      pun but it's almost like he's a thinking machine or an
      alien himself, studying the world.

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