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11815Re: [ufodiscussion] The Tall Whites & Charles Hall

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  • Dex
    Aug 4, 2007

      Don't go by the UFO communities opinion.
      Reminds me what I read from the Bible the other day..
      Something Jesus said...
      He was thankful God had hidden the knowledge from the wise and prudent and gave to the babes. Kind of like the common folk experiencing spiritual extremes for enlightenment. Knowledge of the Most High's programs dispensed to the simple folk contactee.
      I'm reserved about J. Reed.
      These intelligence are remarkable pro's with who they want knowing what this is all about. Just my opinion.
      If the wrong guy learn's something not intended for him or her, they'll remove it from their memory. They've been known to do this.
      Why does God work mysteriously?
      Suppressing and disinformation activities has done the most damage to our world.
      Now..it's hard even for the most researched to tell what end is 'up'.


      So... So he can write a book. So did Jonathan Reed.
      There is absolutely no other proof , if you call one mans story proof.
      Time will tell and so far he's an Author of fiction no more no less. just Like Alex C. Another want to be.
      If these two are so great then why are they both looked cross eyed by the UFO community
      And I too have met all three and I stand firm on my above writings. Cooks all three of them.
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