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11814Re: [ufodiscussion] The Tall Whites & Charles Hall

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  • Ted
    Aug 4 10:44 AM
      So... So he can write a book. So did Jonathan Reed.
      There is absolutely no other proof , if you call one mans story proof.
      Time will tell and so far he's an Author of fiction no more no less. just Like Alex C. Another want to be.
      If these two are so great then why are they both looked cross eyed by the UFO community
      And I too have met all three and I stand firm on my above writings. Cooks all three of them.
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      From: Dex
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      Subject: Re: [ufodiscussion] The Tall Whites & Charles Hall


      I'd like to think so, but, the below are some replies may be worth considering too?


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      Ted wrote:

      This is a joke and so is Hall
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      I have talked to Charlie many times and find that he is an honest
      man! Jim B

      -- "Dex" <dexxxaa@...> wrote:
      A very strange ET...Dex

      And D wrote:

      Hi Jim and Dex: I've read all three of Charles Hall's books. They are fascinating. I kept hoping that they had a meeting of the minds and he would get over his fear. In the beginning he thought he was losing his mind and I really felt sorry for him that he didn't realize they were real beings. It's a tragic story all in all that it didn't have a better outcome.


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