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11064OT - Skate-park attack: Family says victim’s outlook uncertain (Santa Fe, NM)

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  • Becky Escamilla
    Sep 1 12:50 PM
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      Hi Everybody,

      ...for those who are interested, please donate to this young man's
      medical fund.

      This situation is near and dear to our hearts for several reasons:
      (1) he didn't deserve to get beaten; (2) he lives with his
      grandmother, as his father's not a part of his life, and his mother
      lives and works in Albuquerque; (3) he was spending the night at one
      of his friend's houses and they both went out to eat with some of
      their friends and he was not out doing anything wrong; and, (4) two
      of his friends, that he went out to eat with, are family to the
      members of E to the Third Power (TM) and they are beyond devastated
      for what's happened to him, as are we.

      I got the call from them not long after the incident had occurred
      and they were on their way to the hospital, to sit and wait to see
      the outcome of their friend.

      They were mortified, devastated, beyond sad, angry, and traumatized
      by what had happened.

      They all ran from the group of men, and didn't realize that their
      friend had fallen behind. When they realized that their friend had
      fallen behind, and wasn't with them, they went back and found that
      he'd been severely beaten. They called and reported the incident to
      the police, who-in turn showed up, with the ambulance.

      We exchanged several phone calls while they were at the hospital
      waiting to see the outcome of their friend, and in the background, I
      could hear the family members of the 16-year old boy crying out in
      fear and great sadness.

      My heart simply went out to them.

      Our two family members that were present there were also devastated,
      crying, and both sad and beyond angry that this had happened and
      that their friend had been severely beaten.


      As soon as I get my verification e-mail from the Santa Fe New
      Mexican, I'll post my comments and encourage you to do the same.

      For those who are able to donate and for those who are unable to
      donate, please pass along this information to all of those that you
      can, as we're appreciative for any positive efforts, be they
      monetary or the giving of your time, that you're able to extend to
      this situation. In advance, we're sending to you all of our well
      wishes and thanks.

      On a side note, DO NOT send any monies to E to the Third Power (TM),
      the funds that you wish to donate/contribute, as stipulated in the
      article, are to be made by calling:

      Century Bank in Santa Fe at 995-1253.

      We only ask that you disseminate this information as widely as
      possible, in order to help with this young man's medical fund.

      ...again, thanking you all in advance,

      Becky Escamilla, Administrator
      E to the Third Power (TM)