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poor vector/matrix-proxy performance

Hallo, one of our students looked at the performance of the cholesky decomposition using ublas. The result is quite surprising: $ for i in 100 200 400 800
    Gunter Winkler
    Aug 24, 2005
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    restict traits

    Hallo, matrix_matrix_binary uses restict_traits to identify the type of the iterators. Thus an expression (dense - banded) gives packed_proxy_tag as storage
      Gunter Winkler
      Jun 24, 2005
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      Computing JAJt

      I wonder what is the most efficient way to compute the product J * A * Jt where J is a sparse matrix, A is diagonal and Jt is the transpost of J. In Ublas
      May 22, 2005

      precondition checks suppressed

      In the constructor of matrix_range for instance, the precondition checks are commented out. Now there is no error generated when you create a matrix_range that
      Toon Knapen
      Mar 10, 2005

      Unexpected behaviour of project()

      The following line does not work (it is from a cholesky routine submitted a long time ago on this list): UBLAS::project(U.row (i))(UBLAS::range (i + 1, size))
      Antonio Martino
      Feb 3, 2005

      ANN: new ml dedicated to Generic Linear Algebra

      Hi all, I would like to inform you that a new mailinglist has been created that is dedicated to Generic Linear Algebra Software (GLAS). The aim of the glas-ml
      Toon Knapen
      Feb 2, 2005

      Re: bindings for 1.32?

      Hi Toon, You accidently posted to yahoo groups. It is too easy to do! Michael
      Michael Stevens
      Jan 19, 2005

      Re: Broken HEAD

      Could you provide us with a small example? BTW: use the ublas@... ml instead of the deprecated ml at yahoogroups.
      Toon Knapen
      Jan 19, 2005

      Re: bindings for 1.32?

      ... You can always get the latest version of the bindings from the boost-sandbox CVS. If you hit trouble, please provide the smallest test-case possible that
      Toon Knapen
      Jan 19, 2005

      bindings for 1.32?

      Hi, I just upgraded my boost install from 1.31 to 1.32 and tried to simply plug the bindings from the sandbox into the 1.32 tree, hoping all would be good. But
      Jan 17, 2005

      Re: Broken HEAD

      I use lu_factorize() (the pivoting version) and it still seems to be broken as well. The break seems to be in the project() function. I'm using VC++ 7.1.
      Stefan Tarrant
      Jan 17, 2005

      Re: Broken HEAD

      ... Could you be more specific. I don't see what is broken actually? I ran the regression tests succesfully and we are using it in other internal projects?
      Toon Knapen
      Jan 16, 2005

      Broken HEAD

      Toon, Karl, This is most relevant to you. To me it look like the CVS HEAD is still broken. Karl's vector_temporary deduction seems only to be half implemented.
      Michael Stevens
      Jan 15, 2005

      Re: merged uBLAS_pure branch to HEAD

      Toon, I just noticed the thread was/is actually being sent to the old yahoogroups list. I guess we need to be careful to post to lists.boost.org Michael
      Michael Stevens
      Jan 4, 2005

      Re: merged uBLAS_pure branch to HEAD

      ... Karl's patches are already integrated in the HEAD. This is currently thus the different between the uBLAS_pure branch and the CVS HEAD
      Toon Knapen
      Jan 4, 2005
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