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2402Re: new mailing list

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  • David Abrahams
    Dec 15, 2004
      Angus Leeming wrote:
      > David Abrahams wrote:
      >>>>> And what will the gmane name be?
      >>>> You should ask Lars to just move the existing newsgroup to the new
      >>>> list.
      >>> That would be better coming from one of the maintainers of the new list.
      >> There's no need to make work for people who are already doing this as
      >> volunteers. Lars accepts requests from anyone.
      > That wasn't my intention.
      > What I meant was that the gmane interface exists already. If some random
      > Joe pops up and says, "Please redirect the existing list to /dev/null and
      > replace it with my new list", then I'd certainly treat the request with
      > suspicion. A request from someone connected with the lists would carry
      > more credence.

      We can either go back and forth about what Lars is likely to believe, or
      you can just make the request and see what happens. You could point him
      at the announcement if you're worried.

      Dave Abrahams
      Boost Consulting
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