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2401Re: new mailing list

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  • Angus Leeming
    Dec 14, 2004
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      David Abrahams wrote:
      >>>> And what will the gmane name be?
      >>> You should ask Lars to just move the existing newsgroup to the new
      >>> list.
      >> That would be better coming from one of the maintainers of the new list.
      > There's no need to make work for people who are already doing this as
      > volunteers. Lars accepts requests from anyone.

      That wasn't my intention.

      What I meant was that the gmane interface exists already. If some random
      Joe pops up and says, "Please redirect the existing list to /dev/null and
      replace it with my new list", then I'd certainly treat the request with
      suspicion. A request from someone connected with the lists would carry
      more credence.

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