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2398Re: Re: new mailing list

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  • Angus Leeming
    Dec 14, 2004
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      Toon Knapen wrote:
      >> That would be better coming from one of the maintainers of the new list.

      > FYI, the list administrator is Gunther Winkler with Michael Stevens and
      > myself as backup. If you can let Gunther or me know who we need to
      > contact exactly (and his email address) then we will take care of it.
      > (Maybe it's best to send Lars' email address via private mail)

      Hi, Toon.

      His contact details are to be found here: http://gmane.org/contact.php, so
      I don't think he's too worried about spambots finding it. I repeat it
      below, although you should replace -AT-...

      Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <larsi+gmane -AT- gnus.org>

      I'd say a simple mail would suffice saying that the mailing list has
      changed but that the gmane interface should remian as is.

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