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Re: [tycsailors] Jrs Camp/Site work

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  • Kyle Bowser
    Me 2 Sent from my iPhone ~ kyle ... Me 2 Sent from my iPhone ~ kyle On Jun 26, 2010, at 5:23 PM, Bobby Tassin wrote: Mark Palermo
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      Me 2

      Sent from my iPhone ~ kyle 

      On Jun 26, 2010, at 5:23 PM, "Bobby Tassin" <bhtassin@...> wrote:


      Mark Palermo has donated a trailer in great shape for the Flying Scot.  Today, Scot Collins and I made good progress in rebuilding the support bunks for the Scot hull. 

      We need some guys tomorrow AM to finish that up and move the Scot onto the trailer.  We need about 4-5 guys at 9AM for an hour or so and 10 folks at 10AM to do the moving of the Scot.  So far, I think we have 4-6 people for sure – by 10AM, there should be plenty time to sleep off Kyles party, get a Bloody Mary and some greasy breakfast and be ready to lift!


      It would also be great if some folks could step up and work on the party barge that Earl has loaned to the program.  It appears today to possibly be further bow down and may be taking on water slowly.  It may or may not be able to be made into a safe platform for use in the camp.  I’ve been focused on getting the site up and keeping boats in working order and getting the Scot into usable shape.  Once we get in back on the trailer, it’s a matter of replacing some running rigging, serving blocks and filling a few topside holes and she’ll be ready to sail again.



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