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Re: CPAN mirror not found ... Have you looked recently? See: http://search.cpan.org/~rubykat/txt2html-2.52/ -- _--_|\ | Kathryn Andersen / \ |
Kathryn Andersen
Jun 2, 2012
CPAN mirror not found This page: http://txt2html.sourceforge.net/ ... has content that says I should be able to find txt2html on CPAN: "There is also a page at CPAN
May 30, 2012
Re: Welcome to your old txt2html overlord! ... Welcome back! I'm pleased and surprised that people still find this program useful after all these years, and this is largely due to you and Sandy
Seth Golub
Feb 10, 2012
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Re: haveing problems setting option It would probably be safe to require only a single space between columns if the content were purely (mostly?) numeric. I don't know how often that actually
Seth Golub
Feb 10, 2012
Re: haveing problems setting option ... Yes, exactly. When I was coding the tables stuff, I considered it more important to avoid creating unwanted tables by accident, hence the restrictions
Kathryn Andersen
Feb 10, 2012
Welcome to your old txt2html overlord! Yes, I have agreed to take back the overview of txt2html, though possibly only in a release-manager role. Sandy has been too overwhelmed to do stuff, though
Kathryn Andersen
Feb 10, 2012
Re: haveing problems setting option I'm not familiar with the tables code, but I did some experiments and found that the block is only considered a table if it's at least two lines and has at
Seth Golub
Jan 8, 2012
haveing problems setting option I want to generate tables but they don't work. I have the followning in my options file. --table=1 --table_type ALIGN=1 In the text file I have column1
Jan 8, 2012
Re: txt2html ignores link dictionary I took over as the maintainer, but I haven't made a release yet. Looks like I have my first bug fix to figure out. -sew ... [Non-text portions of this message
Sandy Wambold
Nov 11, 2010
Re: txt2html ignores link dictionary Hi, is txt2html is still actively maintained or has it been abandoned? ... meanwhile I tried reverting to older versions of txt2html. Processing of link
Christian Siefkes
Nov 11, 2010
txt2html ignores link dictionary Hi, can it be that txt2html somehow lost the capability to process link directories? Using txt2html v2.5.1 on Ubuntu, I pass in a --link FILENAME argument, but
Christian Siefkes
Nov 6, 2010
OL type Find line 2653 in TextToHTML.pm and change it to following: $tag = $self->get_tag('ol', inside_tag => " type='$number'"); Now all of generated OL tags have
Apr 27, 2010
Welcome to your new txt2html overlord! A generous soul has responded to my appeal; Sandy Wambold is now the new txt2html maintainer. The keys of sourceforge and the list have been handed over, and
Kathryn Andersen
Aug 15, 2009
Need New Maintainer All, Is there anyone who would be willing to take over maintenance of txt2html? Chronic ill health means I need to cut down my involvement in various
Kathryn Andersen
Jul 28, 2009
Re: Tables ... I suggest you use CSS styling to affect the styling of the tables after they've been created. It's cleaner and has more options anyway. Kathryn Andersen
Kathryn Andersen
Aug 30, 2008
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Tables Hello Group, Is it possible to create a table without borders? I am trying to use the delimited table feature, but I would prefer not to have borders. Thanks
Aug 29, 2008
Re: Presentation / Help / Proposition ... Ok. If I understand the only mean is to install Perl but ActivePerl (the most popular way to get Perl for Windows) is paying. About the idea to develop a
Benoît Dumeaux
Jun 7, 2008
Re: Presentation / Help / Proposition ... It is a perl script. You need to have Perl installed on your system. That is just the start. I cannot help explain how to install perl scripts on
Kathryn Andersen
Jun 7, 2008
Presentation / Help / Proposition Hello my name is Benoit, I'm french. I'm very interesting by progam but I don't understand how install it. I don't understand if it work when you run a
Benoît Dumeaux
Jun 7, 2008
New Release 2.51 I've uploaded a new release to CPAN and Sourceforge. Actually, I did it on Sunday, but Sourceforge wasn't cooperating; I just got the Sourceforge upload to
Kathryn Andersen
May 7, 2008
help w/ '-he->' dict entry, want shortened link txt if URL > say 50 Greetings: ... sprintf (" %s.. ",$1, substr($1,0,60)); Notice I always append the "..", I only want to do so when the substr actually chops
Feb 19, 2008
Re: Thoughts about changes to interface Hi, Kathryn. Sorry for the delay. You know how it is. My comments are mostly general, as I'm not really familiar with the code as it exists these days. All
Seth Golub
Jan 11, 2008
Re: Is this a bug ??? Thanks for sorting this out so quickly. I really need to start looking up on scripting - not the first time i ran in problem with underscores and perl. ...
Dec 30, 2007
Re: Is this a bug ??? ... Okay, I've looked at this, and a simple solution is to set --underline_delimiter to '' That is: --underline_delimiter '' This will disable "underline"
Kathryn Andersen
Dec 29, 2007
Re: Is this a bug ??? ... Ah, this is the underscore-matching code. ... I shall look into it. Kathryn Andersen (Active Maintainer) -- _--_|\ | Kathryn Andersen
Kathryn Andersen
Dec 29, 2007
Is this a bug ??? Hey all, I encountered a problem when using txt2html. Each time i run txt2html to convert a textfile containing the following type of links:
Dec 29, 2007
Thoughts about changes to interface I'm thinking of making some notable changes to the HTML::TextToHTML interface which could be incompatible with earlier versions, in order to clean things up
Kathryn Andersen
Dec 22, 2007
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New Release 2.50 I've uploaded a new release to Sourceforge and CPAN. Minor interface changes and bug fixes: - fixed bug with formatting and punctuation - removed old
Kathryn Andersen
Dec 22, 2007
New Release 2.46 (was Re: [txt2html] Patch for invalid XHTML problem I've now released a new version, 2.46. It's committed to the sourceforge subversion, it's on CPAN and it's on my site, but it's after midnight, so I'll do the
Kathryn Andersen
Nov 9, 2007
Re: Patch for invalid XHTML problem (was: Re: Generated XHTML output ... Thanks! I didn't respond because I thought I'd fix it really soon, but RL imploded on me. I shall try again! Kathryn Andersen (Active Maintainer,
Kathryn Andersen
Oct 31, 2007
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