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  • guy schwartz
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2008
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      *HELP - PLEASE!

      I just love Houston music - and sometimes, the world realizes that it loves Houston music, too!

      Beyonce Knowles just performed FOUR songs on the TODAY show. FOUR! What a thrill it's been watching her blossom as a vocalist and performing artist through all these years.

      My first experience with Beyonce was in the late '90s when Roger called and said that there was a great new female vocal group recording at Digital Services, and that we should submit some songs for them. Turned out that was a non-starter, because Beyonce's dad, Matthew Knowles, did ALL of the songwriting and production - but we got to watch their ascension to the top! What a thrill!

      Houston is the home of so much great music! That's why I spend so much of my time producing video and audio of our great musical community.

      Sure, it's easy to find music and video on 'Lightning' Hopkins, 'ZZTop', Mickey Gilley, 'The Geto Boyz', Johnny & Edgar Winter, Townes Van Zant, Clint Black, Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle, 'The 13th Floor Elevators', 'Fever Tree', Paul Wall, Robert Earl Keane, and all of those who once played locally, and then went on to widespread fame - but, I wish I had started archiving local performances in time to have great video on 'Saturnalia', 'Josefus', 'Buttermilk Bottom', 'Bubble Puppy', 'The TSU Toronados', 'Blackwell' and Tony Toboada's 'Cuba'! They were all as talented and musical as the ones who made it big.

      Did you ever hear Ray Salazar sing? I wish you had heard 'The Children', too! WHERE IS Louis Cabaza?

      That's why we do SOUTH BY DUE EAST!

      Every March, we videotape and record dozens of local artists, doing the original music they do, so that it WILL be around for posterity.

      While we're at it, we make , compilation CDs, films and a couple of TV series full of these great Houston and gulf coast sounds. We give the video to the artists for free, so that they have an extra tool to help promote their project, too!

      It's time to plan the next one, and we are looking for volunteers on many levels!

      How can you help?

      1. New this year - we'd like to begin the process of turning SOUTH BY DUE EAST into a non-profit corporation. If you know anything about this process, or if you wish to donate cash or legal services towards this goal, please hit me back!

      2. Please suggest new artists who should be a part of SBDE.

      3. Volunteer to help record, film, stage or run our March event!

      4. Volunteer to edit video and mix audio after the event! We'll have plenty to do! Thanks to Roger Tausz, Rock Romano, John Moran, Kerri Vaughan and Chris Rogers for their help this past year!

      5. Hit us up with any cool ideas which might help us add to or improve our project! Just hit reply and start typing! Or call me at 832-622-2295

      6. Drive your friends to our event, websites and TV shows!

      7. Come be a part of our event audience in March. It's free!

      Thanks for your support!

      Both Premiere This Friday at 10pm
      Houston Comcast Cable Channel 17
      or online at www.Hippies.Tv
      We have two new series this season.

      'GUY SCHWARTZ' ROAD JOURNAL' is exactly what you'd think it is! I toured this summer without planned gigs. In each town, I hunted for music and musicians until I found them - then made music happen on camera. This Friday, we begin with the pilot episode - an overview of the whole trip, featuring Pat Brink, Levon Louis, Gurf Morlix, Parker Dulany, Steven Dahl, Lizzie & Ruel, Howler, and a whole lot more (keep an eye out for Vermont's 'The Toilet Bugz'). Hope you like it!

      'MUSIC EVERY MARCH' features live musical performances from SOUTH BY DUE EAST in a 30-minute format. It's sort of like it's 60-minute cousin, 'SOUTH BY DUE EAST TELEVISION', but it's all local music! All of the artists play locally, and there are no comedy spots. This week features Adrian & The Sickness, Z-Rocks & Dr. King Cobra and The Texas Dub Crusaders!

      If you watch on TV, you'll also see shorts with Dr. Rockit at SBDE, and The New Jack Hippies at my Birthday Jam this year.

      Hmmm... time to put together another Birthday party, too!

      Chameleon v3.5

      I know that many of my friends in Houston and on the road have had this CD for a few months, but -

      My new CD has finally dropped!

      'Chameleon v3.5' is a studio album and features the smaller rhythm section, usually Roger and I plus a drummer (John Chupin, Mickey Burton or Leesa Harrington-Squyres).

      The music runs the gamut of electric styles I like to work with - rock, blues, funk, americana. The additional musicians are limited to Randy Wall and the Horns (Patrick Brink, Alisha Hanley) on a couple of songs.

      It's now available online at CDbaby.com & iTunes.com, and is now or soon at Best Buy, Rhapsody, Wal-Mart and wherever you like to buy CDs and downloads.

      On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, our great American consumption day, I'm having a sale, too! This new CD will be amongst the ones I'll put on my one dollar download page at CDBaby.  cdbaby.com/onedollarcds

      I hope you like it!

      We are broke! Please hire us!

      Yeah - we were idiots. The margin calls came and now we're broke!

      After an expensive summer tour and Hurricane Ike, we've run out of cash, and are beginning to lose stuff.

      Most of the volunteer work we do pays nothing. MArlo's radio position at KPFT is volunteer, as is her acting at Company Onstage. All of the SOUTH BY DUE EAST organizing and editing that I do, is volunteer work, as well. The music has been paying little, as usual, as well.

      If you have thought about getting me or MArlo to do some work for you, now would be a good time!

      We need help right now!

      As Sirius Hippies Productions, we're available for video projects of all types.

      My somewhat marketable skills include video production, video editing, audio engineering and production, music production, jingle writing, camera operation, creative or technical writing, digital art, photography, bass playing, guitar playing....

      MArlo's marketable skills include voice work, estate appraisal, video production, talent coaching, face-painting, portrait painting (in her style), camera operation, digital art, photography....

      We're both competent clerks, but can't work at average clerical wages.

      Please buy our CDs and DVDs, too! If you are local, I'll gladly deliver!

      Just hit reply and start typing! Or call me at 832-622-2295

      Tips and donations are welcome, as well! Every hour I don't have to work for cash, is an hour I can put into editing more SBDE video for another deserving local artist!

      Wednesday Nights at 9pm
      During this weekly live video webcast, I play a little rock, blues, funk,
      folk & country from all of my different CDs and albums.
      I perform acoustically, without the whole band, or with whomever drops by
      (guests have included Randy Soffar, Roger Tausz, Patrick Brink and Mikey Farber!).

      Music, chat, Q&A, guitar lessons... it's always different.

      It happens at  http://www.stickam. com/bluesguy
      at 9pm CDT (10pm EDT) Wednesdays!

      The party always lasts for at least 60 minutes, but sometimes/often goes until later/late.
      You don't need a webcam to watch, chat & listen!

      Courtesy of The BluesHound & Baby Girl and KPFT-FM90.1

      WEDNESDAY November 26

          * Baker Street Pub (Rice Village) – Bad Boyfriend
          * Baker Street Pub (Sugar Land) – Vertigo
          * Baker Street Pub (Willowbrook) – Strippers Lie
          * Baker Street Pub (The Woodlands) – 3 Peace
          * Big Easy (The) – blues jam
          * Big Top (The) – Peter & James (10 pm)
          * Bistro Calais – CLOSED
          * Blanco's – Paul Eason & JC Eason
          * Bohemeo's – jam nite (9:30 pm)
          * Caps Piano Bar – The Tighten Up Band (9:30 pm)
          * Concert Pub (The) – Kosmic Latte
          * Continental Club (The) – Thunderado (10 pm); Small Sounds (11:30 pm)
          * Corner Pub (The) (Conroe) – Charles Peters Jam Session (9 pm)
          * Debbie's Prime Steakhouse – Cecil Shaw w/Tanya Richardson & Samantha Banks (6:30-10:30 pm)
          * FBI Rocks #1 – open mic
          * Firehouse Saloon (The) – Brandon Ryder/Bo Cox
          * 517 Bar (Dickinson) – jam w/Ronnie Hall
          * Fountainhead (The) – blues jam w/Dwayne Henshaw (8 pm)
          * Jack's Garage (League City) – Mack Hayes (5:30-8:30 pm)
          * JP Hops House – Hard Times Troubadours w/Kat Rose (7 pm)
          * Katie's Bar & Grill (Bacliff) – Groove Kings
          * Lance's Turtle Club (Seabrook) – Tom Ashbridge
          * Last Concert Café (The) – Moonshine Summit (7-9 pm); Drum Circle/Potroast
          * Martinis & More (Louetta Road) – Brass Menagerie (8 pm)
          * McGonigel's Mucky Duck – Patrice Pike (6:30-8:30 pm); Irish Session (9 pm)
          * Mo's Place (Katy) – Rhythm of the Road
          * Neon Moon Saloon (LaPorte) – acoustic jam
          * Pub Fiction – Ashbury Keys
          * Puffabelly's (Old Town Spring) – Davin James Songwriter Showcase (8 pm)
          * Red Cat Jazz Café – Brian Best
          * Richmond Chill Bar & Grill – acoustic open mic w/Mark Zeus (8:30 pm)
          * Rock Wine & Blues (Humble) – Orange Is In
          * Ronnie's Ice House (Dickinson) – 2nd Wind
          * Rowdy Buck's Saloon (Crosby) - Misbehavin
          * Rudyard's – Born Liars/Guitars/Lazy Horse
          * Sambuca Restaurant – Kamil
          * Scott Gertner's Sky Bar – Ken Mondshine & Remix (6 pm); Rick Marcel & Radiance (9:15 pm)
          * Scout Bar (Clear Lake) – The Hunger/Forever Falls/Elephant Garden
          * Sherlock's Pub (Clear Lake) – Adrenaline
          * Sherlock's Pub (Humble) – 11th Hour
          * Sherlock's Pub (River Oaks) – The Crisis
          * Sherlock's Pub (Westheimer) – Rat Ranch
          * Tommy's Steakhouse (Clear Lake) – Abel Garza Duo (6:30 pm)
          * Tommy's Steakhouse (Westheimer) – Diane Landry & Pamela York Duo (7-10 pm)
          * Tumbleweed Texas – Todd Fritsch/Josh Ward/Scooter Brown
          * Vito's Deck House (Gulf Freeway) – After Party
          * Warehouse Live – Devin the Duke (9 pm; the Studio)

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      THURSDAY November 27

          * Anderson Fair - CLOSED
          * Armadillo Palace – Johnny Falstaff
          * Baker Street Pub (Rice Village) – Last Heros
          * Baker Street Pub (Sugar Land) – Vertigo
          * Baker Street Pub (Willowbrook) – Bad Boyfriend
          * Baker Street Pub (The Woodlands) – Infinity's Twin
          * Big Easy (The) – CLOSED
          * Big Top (The) – Craig Kinsey
          * Blanco's – CLOSED
          * Bohemeo's – jazz w/Rozz Zamorano
          * Caps Piano Bar – The Tighten Up Band (9:30 pm)
          * Cezanne's – jazz jam (8 pm)
          * Cock-Eyed Seagull (Clear Lake) – open mic jam (8 pm)
          * Continental Club (The) – Los Skarnales/Chango Man
          * Dan Electro's Guitar Bar – blues jam w/Teri Greene (9:30 pm)
          * Elegant Hogg (The) – John McVey & the Stumble (8 pm)
          * FBI Rocks #1 – Tempus Fugit
          * Hoppie's Ice House (LaPorte) – open mic (8 pm)
          * Jack's Garage (League City) – Mack Hayes (5:30-8:30 pm)
          * Katie's Bar & Grill (Bacliff) – Benny Brasket Band
          * Last Concert Café (The) – Leslie Newman (7 pm); The Hightailers
          * Martinis & More (Louetta Road) - CLOSED
          * Martinis & More (The Woodlands) – CLOSED
          * Mo's Place (Katy) – Horizon
          * Mr. A's The Club – J. Paul Jr. (10 pm)
          * Neon Moon Saloon (LaPorte) – Chris Elliot
          * 19th Hole (The Woodlands) – blues jam hosted by Dan Workman w/guest Donnie Simmons
          * Pub Fiction – The Lost Boys
          * Red Cat Jazz Café – Sylvester LeBlanc (8:30 pm)
          * Rock Wine & Blues (Humble) – blues jam w/Cameron Scott (8 pm)
          * Sambuca Restaurant – CLOSED
          * Scout Bar (Clear Lake) – Obsolete August
          * Shakespeare Pub (The) – Sonny Boy Terry
          * Sherlock's Pub (Clear Lake) – Adrenaline
          * Sherlock's Pub (Humble) – The Reds
          * Sherlock's Pub (River Oaks) – Superfix
          * Sherlock's Pub (Westheimer) – Rat Ranch
          * Spring Tavern (The) (Spring) – jam session w/Mark May (8 pm)
          * Tommy's Steakhouse (Westheimer) – CLOSED
          * Tut's (Conroe) – open mic jam
          * Warehouse Live - Thea/Dreaming of June/Another Run/Counsel/Floorbound (The Studio; 7:30 pm)

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      FRIDAY November 28

          * Anderson Fair – CLOSED
          * Arena Theatre – Marvin Sease/Willie Clayton/Ms. Jody/Patrick Green
          * Armadillo Palace (The) – 1100 Springs
          * B. Jiggers (Holiday Inn, Galveston) – The Revelators (9:30 pm)
          * Baker Street Pub (Rice Village) – Bad Boyfriend
          * Baker Street Pub (Sugar Land) – 3 Peace
          * Baker Street Pub (Willowbrook) – Nervous Rex
          * Baker Street Pub (The Woodlands) – Shinolah
          * Big Easy (The) – Earl Gilliam
          * Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon (Webster) – Roger Creager
          * Big top (The) – Allison Fisher Band (10 pm)
          * Blanco's – James Hand
          * Bohemeo's – Bayou Monster/Rapture of the Deep
          * Bub's Sports Bar (Alvin) – 2nd Wind
          * Bugle Boy (The) (LaGrange) – CLOSED
          * Capone's Bar & Grill – Tommy Dardar Band (9:30 pm)
          * Caps Piano Bar – The Tighten Up Band (9:30 pm)
          * Cock-Eyed Seagull (Clear Lake) – Billy Bourbon
          * Coconut's (between The Woodlands & Magnolia) – Ezra Charles & the Works
          * Concert Pub (The) – Funksion
          * Continental Club (The) – Molly & the Ringwalds (7-9:30 pm); Scott Biram (11:30 pm)
          * Dan Electro's Guitar Bar – Carolyn Wonderland/Bob Showdown
          * Dosey Doe Coffee House (The Woodlands) – Hill Country Jane (8:30 pm)
          * Einstein's Pub (Katy) – Infinity's Twin
          * El Taco Rico Mexican Restaurant (Porter) – Ronny Wilson (6-9 pm)
          * Elegant Hogg (The) – Willie B & Alisha
          * FBI Rocks #1 – My Own I
          * Firehouse Saloon (The) – Cory Morrow/Austin Collins & Josh Ward
          * Fitzgerald's – Lord of Bhang/Go Action Team/Hooked for Life/Proto Stereo
          * 517 Bar (Dickinson) – The Chevys
          * Hawg Stop (The) (Channelview) – Satisfied Drive (8 pm)
          * Heads & Tails (Kemah) – Andy & the Dreamsicles
          * House of Blues – Randy Rogers/Sean McConnell (8:30 pm)
          * Jax Grill – Leon Chavis (6-10 pm)
          * Katie's Bar & Grill (Bacliff) – Donnie Simmons & the Houserockers (club's 4th anniversary bash)
          * Lance's Turtle Club (Seabrook) – Fidelity Maxx
          * Last Concert Café (The) – Snit's Dog & Pony Show (9 pm); Hamilton Loomis (11 pm)
          * Lone Star Club (Pasadena) – Kelly Schoppa
          * Main Street Crossing (Tomball) – LL Cooper Band/Tim & Dusty
          * Martinis & More (The Woodlands) – Annette Metoyer (9:30 pm)
          * Masonic Lodge (6209 W. Montgomery) – Chris Ardoin (Universal Trailriders 4th Annual Dance; 8 pm)
          * McGonigel's Mucky Duck – Front Porch Society (5-8 pm on back porch); Band of Heathens (7 & 9:30 pm)
          * Mike's Ultimate – Short Notice
          * Mo's Place (Katy) – Horizon
          * Mother's Speakeasy (Bacliff) – Lawst Dogz (9 pm)
          * My Bar – Rhythm Bandits
          * 19th Hole (The Woodlands) – Rainchild/Straightfork/Sinners N Saints
          * Nutty Bar – Green Onions
          * Oz Bar (The) – Vital
          * Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen (Conroe) – Bourbon Street (6-10 pm)
          * Pennison's Sports Pub (Copperfield) – The Chromatics
          * Pub Fiction – The Crisis
          * R & R Sports Bar (Friendswood) – Cold Shot
          * Red Cat Jazz Café – Marcus Mitchell
          * Rock Wine & Blues (Humble) – Uncle Mojo
          * Rowdy Buck's Saloon (Crosby) – County Road Zero
          * Rudyard's – PuraPharm/Inner Lights/Gretchen Schmaltz
          * Sambuca Restaurant – Watercolours
          * Sammy's – Skyrocket
          * Sansone's – Texas TNT
          * Scout Bar (Clear Lake) – The Space Rockers
          * Shakespeare Pub (The) – Zydeco Dots
          * Sherlock's Pub (Clear Lake) – Madigan
          * Sherlock's Pub (Humble) – Superfix
          * Sherlock's Pub (River Oaks) – Pirate Radio
          * Sherlock's Pub (Westheimer) – Rat Ranch
          * Spring Tavern (The) (Spring) – Matt Leddy Band
          * Tommy's Steakhouse (Clear Lake) – Jackson Truett Trio (7:30-10:30 pm)
          * Tommy's Steakhouse (Westheimer) – Matt Lemmler Trio (8 & 10 pm)
          * Tumbleweed Texas – Wayne Toups (10 pm)
          * Vintage Pub (The) – Radio Assault
          * Warehouse Live – Little Joy (The Studio)
          * Z Ice House (The) (Richmond) – Trubadors

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      SATURDAY November 29

          * Al's Sports Bar – Waling the Sun
          * Anderson Fair – CLOSED
          * Armadillo Palace – Josh Grider
          * B. Jiggers (Holiday Inn, Galveston) – Bourbon Street (9 pm)
          * Baker Street Pub (Rice Village) – Shinolah
          * Baker Street Pub (Sugar Land) – 3 Peace
          * Baker Street Pub (Willowbrook) – The Ruse
          * Baker Street Pub (The Woodlands) – Stereo Maze
          * Big Easy (The) – Alan Haynes
          * BJ's Beer Joint (Pinehurst) – Brother2Brother (9 pm)
          * Bugle Boy (The) (LaGrange) – CLOSED
          * Cactus Music – Heroes Hip Hip Hurray (CD release party only; 10:30 am); S**t City High (5 pm)
          * Capone's – Tommy Dardar Band (9:30 pm)
          * Caps Piano Bar – The Tighten Up Band (9:30 pm)
          * Coaches Sports Bar & Grill – Radio Assault
          * Cock-Eyed Seagull (Clear Lake) – Lucious Collide
          * Coconut's (between The Woodlands & Magnolia) – September Sky
          * Concert Pub (The) – Fab 5
          * Continental Club (The) – The Light Rock Express (9:30 pm); Disco Expressions (11 pm)
          * Cruiser's Ice House (Santa Fe) – Guppies From Outer Space (8 pm)
          * Dan Electro's Guitar Bar – Fondue Monks/Danny Gardner Band
          * Dosey Doe Coffee House (The Woodlands) – Shake Russell (8:30 pm)
          * Dunn Bros Coffee (Houston) – Tori Allen (7:30 pm)
          * Einstein's Pub (Katy) – 11th Hour
          * FBI Rocks #1 – Marzi/Straightfork/World's Most Dangerous/Crankcase/Cerebro/Silenced Within
          * First Tee (The) – Cattleprod
          * Fitzgerald's – The Crazy Ivans/Tommy Bones/Fear of the Known (down); Slippin Mickies/Zenith Fuzzbomb/The Hunz/The Mondays (up)
          * Gabby's BBQ (North Shepherd) – Southbound (6:30-9:30 pm)
          * Gabby's BBQ (Pasadena) – Silver Shoes (6-9:30 pm)
          * Gabby's BBQ (Telephone Road) – Jambeaux (6:30-9:30 pm)
          * Heads & Tails (Kemah) – Back Sliders
          * House of Blues – Arc Angels/Electric Touch (9 pm)
          * Jax Grill – T-Broussard (CD release)
          * John's Place (Spring) – Nigel Edison
          * Katie's Bar & Grill (Bacliff) – Scott McGill & Old Dog Mac (club's 4th anniversary Bash)
          * Lance's Turtle Club (Seabrook) – Fidelity Maxx
          * Last Concert Café (The) – Three Fantastic/Live Oak Decline/Absolute Pistol
          * Lil' Henry's Place (Beaumont) – Brian Jack & the Zydeco Gamblers (9:30 pm)
          * Lone Star Club (Pasadena) – Green Onions
          * Main Street Crossing (Tomball) – Hamilton Loomis
          * Martinis & More (Louetta Road) – Bit Otis (9 pm)
          * Martinis & More (The Woodlands) – Tom Burton & Heart to Heart (9:30 pm)
          * McGonigel's Mucky Duck – Sisters Morales (7 & 9:30 pm)
          * Meridian (The) – Misfits/X-Pats/Focusyn/S*** City High
          * Mike's Ultimate – Uncle Mojo
          * Mo's Place (Katy) – Roger Creager/Texas Unlimited Band
          * Mother's Speakeasy (Bacliff) – Southern Static (3 pm)
          * 19th Hole (The Woodlands) – The Southern Kill/Four Men Walking
          * Oz Bar (The) – Vital
          * Pennison's Sports Pub (Copperfield) – Victim
          * Pub Fiction – John B (patio)
          * R & R Sports Bar (Friendswood) – Cruise Control
          * Red Cat Jazz Café – Althea Rene
          * Rock Wine & Blues (Humble) – The Haymakers (CD release); The Leo Trio
          * Ronnie's Ice House (Dickinson) – The Hammers
          * Rowdy Buck's Saloon (Crosby) – Billy Bourbon
          * Rudyard's - MacAdams
          * Ruggles – The Barry Sea Paradox (8 pm)
          * Sambuca Restaurant – Hugh Fadal
          * Sammy's – Faye Robinson & the Midcity Players
          * Scott Gertner's Sky Bar – Scott Gertner Band (9:45 pm)
          * Scout Bar (Clear Lake) – The Spazmatics
          * Shakespeare Pub (The) – Snit's Dog & Pony Show
          * Shanahan's (Montgomery) – Color of Fire
          * Sherlock's Pub (Clear Lake) – Madigan
          * Sherlock's Pub (Humble) – Adrenaline
          * Sherlock's Pub (River Oaks) – A-Rival
          * Sherlock's Pub (Westheimer) – Rat Ranch
          * Spring Tavern (The) (Spring) – Mike Vohsen Blues Band
          * Time Out #1 (Fuqua) – Tarantula
          * Time Out #3 (Pasadena) – The Slags
          * Tommy's Steakhouse (Clear Lake) – Houston Jazz Trio Reunion (7:30-10:30 pm)
          * Tommy's Steakhouse (Westheimer) – Matt Lemmler Trio (8 & 10 pm)
          * Vintage Pub (The) - Falskye
          * Wayno's (San Leon) - Jerkwater/Full Throttle/Trip to Cascity/Los Vertigos/Guppies From Outer Space/Buxleys/Jammin Jerry & the Hurricane Band
          * West End Pub - 2nd Wind
          * Z Ice House (The) (Richmond) – Just Us

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      SUNDAY November 30

          * Big Easy (The) – National Zydeco Foundation Monthly Jam
          * Bohemeo's – open mic (8 pm)
          * Bub's Sports Bar (Alvin) – Slide Effect (4 pm)
          * Coconut's (between The Woodlands & Magnolia) - Toys for Tots Music Fest hosted by Steve Krase w/Ezra Charles & The Works/Gene Kelton & the Die Hards/Curtis King/Brother2Brother
          * Continental Club (The) – Knock Galley West/Long Gone Daddys
          * County Line Bar & Grill – jam (5-9 pm)
          * Cruiser's Ice House (Santa Fe) – blues jam w/Adam Burchfield (4-8 pm)
          * Dam Ice House – 2nd Wind (3 pm)
          * Hawg Stop (The) (Channelview) – Mike Vohsen Blues Band (3 pm)
          * House of Blues – In Flames/All That Remains/Gojira/36 Crazyfists (8 pm)
          * JP Hops House – open mic (6 pm)
          * Katie's Bar & Grill (Bacliff) – jam w/the Amigos (8 pm)
          * Kroger (Sugar Land) – Sweeet Mama Cotton (3-5 pm)
          * Lance's Turtle Club (Seabrook) – Bill Parish
          * Last Concert Café (The) – Musicians Sunday School (12-5:30 pm); Fahl & Folk (6 pm)
          * McGonigel's Mucky Duck – Ed Miller/EJ Jones/Emily Dugas (6 pm)
          * Meridian (The) – Michael Sanders & One Tribe Nation
          * Mother's Speakeasy (Bacliff) – Opus Chaos (3 pm)
          * Mr. A's the Club – J. Paul Jr. (10:30 pm)
          * Mr. Gino's – I.J. Gosey (5-9 pm)
          * Neon Moon Saloon (LaPorte) – open mic jam w/The Bodacious Tata's (4:30 pm)
          * Notsuoh – blues jam/open mic
          * Old Houston Road Ice House (Conroe) – blues jam w/Ronny Wilson (1-5 pm)
          * Richmond Coffee Station (Richmond) – songwriters open mic showcase (3-6 pm)
          * Roadhouse Club (Cut-N-Shoot) - Jimmy Joe Long & the Little York Road Blues Band (4-8 pm)
          * Rock's (Beaumont) – Scott McGill & Old Dog Mac
          * Sambuca Restaurant – Adam Estes
          * Shakespeare Pub (The) – blues jam w/Spare Time Murray
          * Sherlock's Pub (Humble) – Acoustic Villains
          * Sherlock's Pub (River Oaks) – The Elroys
          * Walter's on Washington – Red Ribbon Militia/Oneness Darkness

      That's it for now! Have a happy Thanksgiving! We all have much to be thankful for.

      See you where the live music is!

       Guy Schwartz - owner/creator of one of the longest email sigs ever!
       Texaans muzikant, songwriter, bandleader,
       Producer, filmmaker, auteur, bassist, guitarist

       Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies
       Box 31324, Houston, Texas, USA 77231
       HIPPIES TV - Gratis webvideo's op http://www.hippies.tv/
       Some of them may regret saying it now, but they said it...
      -    "Texas Premiere Blues Rock Hippie Jam Band"
      -          -Billy Block, Western Beat Entertainment, Nashville
      -    "Guy Schwartz... The indefatigable Guy Schwartz...
      -     He'll just knock 'em dead! He'll put 'em down and play10 in-between...
      -     and record it all and put it on the satellite! What can I say..."
      -           -Rock 'Dr.Rockit' Romano, Texas Music Icon
      -    "That Guy Schwartz knows how to do music!"
      -           -Rusty Young, Nashville (founding member of Poco)
      -    "Guy Schwartz & los New Jack Hippies son, realamente muy buenos.
      -     Casi como los Rolling Stones, minimo. Suenan claro & preciso!"
      -           -D. Durantes, Canamo Magazine, Madrid
      -    "Bon vivant guitarist-producer GuySchwartz has been an integral part
      -     of our music scene so long he should be called the Godfather"
      -           -William Michael Smith, The Houston Press
      -    "That's a moderately pretentious email sig...!"
      -           -Roger Tausz, New Jack Hippies
      -    "Guy Schwartz and the New Jack Hippies showcased an easy,
      -       effortless vibe peppered with rock and blues licks (and)
      -       attracted one of the early day's largest crowds.
      -           -Joey Guerra, The Houston Chronicle
      -    "Guy Schwartz is the Pol Pot of Texas blues. He rules the scene with an iron fist!"
      -          -Omar Afra, Free Press Houston
      -    "A mover and shaker, 100 proof P.T. Barnum and Houston's
      -      answer to the Brill building"
      -          -Opie Hendrix, Maximum C&W Artist
      -    "The Hippies were the surprise of the show. Everyone grooved!"
      -           -Darren Fisher, WonderJam, Amsterdam
      -    "Guy Schwartz loves Houston music!"
      -           -Tony Loya, chron.com

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