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      down Walters house and basically got Jesse to confess on camera to all the crimes that he and Walter had committed. Of course that still isn't enough to put Walter away, it's just Jesse's word against Walter's. Jesse is a known criminal and junkie while Walter is considered a sick man and a generally genial pillar of the community. Knowing that there is almost no chance that Jesse's words would be believed Hank decides to set up a sting operation. He gets Jesse to go meet with Walter while wearing a wire so that Walter explains to Jesse why he did what he did with Brock. Unfortunately for Hank, Jesse mistakes an intimidating looking man standing near Walt as someone that Walter has brought over to kill him so he decides not to meet with him and makes a phone call to Walter threatening him. Jesse then tells Hank that he has a plan to deal with Walter.

      "Breaking Bad" season 5 episode 13 To'hajiilee"  will likely see Walter putting out a hit on either Jesse or Hank, possibly both. We saw Walter calling Todd's uncle so we know that he wants him to kill someone. The last time Walter called Todd's uncle we were treated to an epic montage of Nazi prison shivvings.  Walter still seemed reluctant to have Jesse killed, but like Jesse said, he has a zero tolerance policies on threats.

      "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 episode 13 -- "To'hajiilee": Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways. (The title is the name of a Navajo reservation in New Mexico.)

      The title could suggest the location of the episode but that might be too obvious. The "Breaking Bad" season 5 episode 13 promo for "To'hajiilee" is particularly uninformative this week.

       "To'hajiilee" is "a non-contiguous section of the Navajo Nation lying in parts of western Bernalillo, eastern Cibola, and southwestern Sandoval counties in New Mexico, USA, west of the city of Albuquerque," according to Wikipedia. Albuquerque is, of course, the town where Breaking Bad is set.

      "Breaking Bad" season 5 episode 13 "To'hajiilee" says that circumstances change for Walter. That could have something to do with Todd. In earlier episodes we saw Todd easily and casually dropping both Walter and Jesse's name to people while telling stories of their past exploits. Could a cartel or some other force be interested in Walter? Lydia has used Todd to take over the meth operation and wiped out her competition. Could Lydia be someone who tips the scale in favor of, or against Walt? If she can get control of him, she can force him to start cooking his blue meth again which means big profits for her. Walter is in a vulnerable position right now, perhaps one of the most vulnerable we've seen. Lydia might try to leverage that into an advantage. Calling Todd's uncle might mean that Walter will end up owning favors.
      Credit: AMC
      Credit: AMC

      The upcoming "Breaking Bad" season 5 episode synopsis could give us some hints for what to expect:

      "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 episode 14 -- "Ozymandias": Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances. (Named after the Shelley poem about the inevitable fall of kings and empires.)

      Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13 which I'm of two minds about the narrative progression within "To'hajiilee." After the show dramatically placed Hank and Walt in the Schrader garage together and put cards on the table in the midseason premiere, it accelerated a process I feared would tease out over all eight episodes. But since then, it's been a restrained war of attrition between Walt and Hank, with Marie, Skyler, Saul, and Jesse as bit players on either side. Instead of blowing the case wide open, Hank's epiphany caused a flashpoint, then a brick-by-brick buildup of tension. A screaming match to watch Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13 over a baby here, a terse dinner meeting with awkward guacamole there, accruing big moves and powerful scenes that nevertheless slowed the progress of plot. Don't get me wrong: this is all splitting hairs, as tonight is again a tense and engrossing hour of television just like the other three episodes so far along this back stretch. But the show gets caught between hurtling ahead and stomping on the brakes, tasked with catching up to the flash-forwards already teased and at the same time taking the right steps to justify drastic action. Those flash-forwards deliberately point to somewhere we will be going in the future, to underline the action of this final season with an endpoint, less mysterious but still similar to the cryptic second season cold opens. With every passing episode, Vince Gilligan and his staff gets closer to Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13 that future event, but without jumping too far ahead. In the span of this one episode Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13, "To'hajiilee"
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