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Re: [twinklephone] Twinkle SIP Client

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  • joe
    G day, have you tried going here http://mfnboer.home.xs4all.nl/twinkle/ I notice under Contact there is a users group and also a download section, the file
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 7, 2013
                have you tried going here    http://mfnboer.home.xs4all.nl/twinkle/ 
      I notice under "Contact" there is a users group and also a download section, the file is not a .deb file and require a few files to be installed
      hope that helps,
      regards Joe.
      On 06/08/2013 11:01 AM, Eraina and Richard Jenkins wrote:

      Until recently I have used twinkle together with a local isp
      (Mynetfone) to make calls from my laptop to home phones and mobiles
      across Australia. After upgrading my linux to LinuxMint Debian Edition
      I find that twinkle is no longer to be found in the repositories for

      Importing a deb for Debian reveals a large number of unmet
      dependencies. Attempting to meet them reveals an mount of circularity
      viz ... I am asked to re-install certain programs after installing them
      manually. I checked the website and sources are available ...
      together with up to 8 dependencies for the building!! All of this for
      a small, simple SIP client software!!

      Has anyone got a binary version of twinkle which they could push across
      to me to get me going please??

      Alternatively, is there a website where I can download binaries??

      Many thanks


      Eraina and Richard Jenkins

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