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Re: [twinklephone] Suggestion for revised Dial window

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  • Andrew Myers
    Copies of the images are in the file store if your client does not download them. Andrew
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2007
      Copies of the images are in the file store if your client does not download them.


      Andrew Myers wrote:
      I have suggested before that a revised mini call window might add to the usability of twinkle for the average end user. So I went ahead and wrote one for myself.

      The big problem, and it is big, is that since this is not integrated within twinkle it cannot work 100% efficiently, so I would be interested to hear whether anyone likes the idea and might vote for a similar structure to replace the "call" and "answer" windows now available?

      Here are two screen shots, the first "on hook" and the second "off hook":

      Twinkle Dialer image 1Twinkle dialer image 2

      At the top is the number entry and dial/hang up key
      Beneath that is a call progress information line.
      To the left are four items: a toggle switch to toggle between the user profiles, a toggle switch for the two available lines, a do not disturb toggle, and a "launch full Twinkle window" button.
      In the centre is a numeric keypad which can enter or amend the number entry, or send dtmf tones during a call.
      To the right are four well used buttons, which might be configurable by the user, in this case I have used "Last Redial" to toggle through the list of recently dialled numbers, Mute/Un mute toggle, Hold/Un Hold toggle, Reject call,  send "Busy Retry Later" message.

      All the buttons change their image dependant on their state, and activate/deactivate dependant on the call progress (see the Last Number Redial button above)

      There is also some error handling built in to the coding so that appropriate action is taken on call completion - blank everything and wait for another call, error - as appropriate leave number for user to redial, reset connection and automatically redial etc.

      All the best


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