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TURMEL: Crown to drop MepdPot charge when Virginia Vidal gets doctor

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  • John Turmel
      JCT: I met Virginia Vidal at the Treating Yourself MedPot Expo in Toronto who had also been busted for Possession of 19 grams of herb in Peterborough! She
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2012
      JCT: I met Virginia Vidal at the Treating Yourself MedPot
      Expo in Toronto who had also been busted for Possession of
      19 grams of herb in Peterborough! She had just had triplets
      and was using medpot for post-natal discomfort. 19 grams for
      the cop to want to give the new mother a criminal record.
      Guess he didn't want her kids going to Disneyland.
      But being busted in Peterborough was lucky for Virginia for
      she's being prosecuted by the sharp Crown Attorney Mauro
      DiCarlo. So Derek turned her on to the Self-Defence BENO-
      POLCOA kits. She'd filed her Quash, Stay and Return of
      Controlled Substance motions so Mauro recognized the forms
      and knew it was going to be another monster pain for a
      medical user over less than an ounce!
      She went in as presentable as possible, gave good suit, and
      was treated very nicely by both the Crown and the judge. The
      Crown asked the Court for 2 months in which she would get
      her MMAR forms signed by a doctor and when she faxed that to
      him, he would withdraw her charge and she need never return
      to court! The judge gave her 4 months to establish her
      medical need! From her previous desperation, she came away
      thrilled at the result.
      She's promised to get us a transcript where the judge
      queried whether the doctor's signature on the MMAR would be
      enough or whether she needed her exemption. Just the
      completed application would establish her medical need
      sufficiently! Yeehaa for those people busted while waiting
      for an exemption after their doctor had signed.
      And once again, Mr. DiCarlo is treating his medical users as
      he should and saving his bosses a small fortune in wasted
      efforts going after someone who's going to end up exempted
      anyway. Guess he has no more stomach for fighting it out
      with the sick because all reports seem to be good-mouthing
      him recently. Good-mouthing a Crown? When he plays the game
      right, why not? He's shown sense and mercy to more accused
      than any other Crown plus he got Rob Glabais's guilty plea
      on the 3,000-plant grow.
      Lucky medical users if they get busted in Peterborough and
      find out about us instead of getting a lawyer to plead them
      guilty though I feel Mauro should feel a little guilty
      taking pleas from sick people because they have lawyers who
      don't know any better.
      So the triplets may yet end up going to Disneyland after
      mama gets her exemption form signed! What great news. Would
      it were that easy every time to have charges dropped by
      establishing medical need a la Hitzig 170.

      John C. "The Banking Systems Engineer" Turmel, KingofthePaupers, Great Canadian Gambler, TajProfessor, Author of the UNILETS interest-free time-based currency United Nations Millennium Declaration C6 in the http://www.un.org/millennium/declaration.htm See http://johnturmel.com

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