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Dealing with people

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  • mrmgauvin
    Does there exist a positive side to any negative language, the use of force (psychological or physical)? This is important, because those of us who spend a lot
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2002
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      Does there exist a positive side to any negative language, the use of
      force (psychological or physical)?

      This is important, because those of us who spend a lot of time
      working towards convincing others of what we believe, often find that
      resistance appears to be almost conspiratorial. We ask, how can they
      not understand? What weak arguments they use? They appear to be
      stupid, misguided ..., lead astray by a Judas Goat.

      When we treat people without respect, even if they appear to be
      enemies we are lowering ourselves to their level. The right use of
      language includes the ability to have the patience of Job, while we
      persist in a dialogue that includes everyone and where, even as we
      bite our lip, we respect everyone.

      The question is one of consciousness, we may feel betrayed by someone
      else's apparently sleezy tactics and that may fuel our desire for
      revenge or license to rebut with vigour and insult, but that is not
      the way to succeed.

      There is no glory in achieving justice, the reward can only be
      justice. Service to others is not something to capitalize on, it is
      to be done with a spirit of generosity, compassion and love. If we
      do not achieve this we will find ourselves open to abuse in ways that
      we may not envision at the present.

      I have no doubt that the abolition of interest on money is a
      requirement for peace and stability in the world. I have no doubt
      that those that are in a position of power to manage usury as a tool
      are of a lesser consciousness than those who see a world without
      usury. But that does not condone any stance that is abusive towards
      anyone, those of us that are working towards peace via the
      eradication of interest on money, must be ambassadors of peace in
      everyway, every action and every argument must not only hold the key
      for peace but must be an act of peace itself.

      The problem with peace, is that the moment you have to defend it
      you've lost it. Life is a game where you either surrender to God
      (Buddha, the truth or whatever label you wish) or get murdered by the
      devil. Surrendering to God is loving your enemy, because you
      understand that he is ultimately a victim of ignorance, fear,
      weakness and perturbing emotions (hate, jealousy, envy, anger, lust,
      desire or want). Any of us who have transcended these emotions to
      some degree experience a greater level of peace within ourselves and
      thus emanate that peace in our actions and words.

      No one is dispensable, the anguish of becoming more enlightened is
      painful for everyone, realising that one has not been all one could
      have been or discovering that one has been abusive of others is
      sometimes devastating. For this, we must be the shoulder that anyone
      can lean on. If our enemies find console in us we will not have to
      fight for peace.

      Finally, you may ask, what do the powerful need from anyone anyhow?
      The point is that all sentient beings have two fundamental things in

      1) They suffered birth a traumatic and apparently violent change
      where no knowledge is available to comfort or guarantee well being.
      2) They will inevitably suffer death as we all will, once again
      thrown into oblivion with no reference and no handles to hold on.

      Thus, for the powerful, the only solution to this puzzle is to find
      peace within themselves, that is something they certainly do not
      have. If we become a source of that peace for them, we will have the
      one and single commodity that means everything to them, of course we
      have to be willing to help through the painful process of
      realization. For that, we need genuine forgiveness for all.

      Does anyone have a formula or knowledge of how abusive and forceful
      action and/or language is good? Does anybody who wants to end
      suffering really believe that they have something to gain from it
      personally or materially? There is no Glory in life, there is only
      learning and isn't it prophetic to find that all levels of learning
      occur together from the thief to the prophet. Perhaps, the message
      is that the environment for peace is one that holds tolerance for all
      levels of ignorance, because it understands the pain of realising
      each or our particular levels of that ignorance.

      Best wishes to all,

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