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TURMEL: David Butler gets discharge and his exemption!

JCT: Great News. David Butler's got his exemption after putting up a fight that got him a discharge. 
John Turmel
4:05 PM

TURMEL: Guy Poitier Prelim Inquiry; Quash ducked

JCT: Madame Justice Lepage, a new judge presiding in Cour du Quebec.  Guy Potier was busted with 8 plants so he's facing a 6-month mandatory minimum. So he
John Turmel
9:02 AM

TURMEL: Adrian Stuerm Mandatory-Minimum Appeal not nixed

JCT: June 21 2017 Quebec Court of Appeal in Montreal. Justice Marie-France Bich presiding, Maxime Lacourciere and a lady showed.  Adrian Stuerm has an
John Turmel
7:53 AM

TURMEL: Adrian Stuerm Possession charge put off

JCT: With a Duty Crown there, their old lawyer explained he was helping, not on the record, to explain the situation and asked to have the matter put off
John Turmel
7:26 AM

TURMEL: Judge Vincent nixes motions for Montreal Medpot Musketeers

JCT: It was a day for the hearing of the Quash motion of the Three Montreal MedPot Musketeers: Max Gauthier, Martin Gendron and Eric Gravel.  They also
John Turmel
7:15 AM

TURMEL: David Graeber's DEBT: The First 5,000 Years Chap08

ISBN: 978-1-61219-129-4https://www.amazon.com/Debt-Updated-Expanded-First-Years/dp/1612194192/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483884438&sr=8-1All reports at
John Turmel
Jun 18

TURMEL: Adrian Stuerm files appeal against mandatory medpot minimum

JCT: Adrian Stuerm was sentenced to 6-months mandatory minimum for growing 65 plants in his garage. Last week he was released pending appeal. This week, he
John Turmel
Jun 15

TURMEL: Justice Schrager Order releasing Adrian Stuerm

JCT: May as well post the Judgment of Quebec Court of Appeal Justice Schrager releasing Adrian Stuerm after 20 days in Bordeaux Prison in Montreal due to
John Turmel
Jun 11

TURMEL: 3 Montreal MedPot Musketeers playing 2 cards June 20?

Max, Martin and Eric face 2 different tests on Tuesday June 20 in Montreal Superior Court at 1 Notre Dame #6.02 9am.  They're slated to handle both the Quash
John Turmel
Jun 11

TURMEL: Adrian Stuerm Released from Bordeaux pending medpot appeal

JCT: Adrian Stuerm who was sentenced to 6 months mandatory minimum for growing 65 plants in his garage finally was released pending appeal today.  First
John Turmel
Jun 7

TURMEL: Calling Global Warmistas "Idiots & Clowns" gets election can

https://youtu.be/E5Ziu2qVL1w JCT: There was one debate during the Sault Ste Marie provincial by-election on May 30 2017 at the Civic Centre run by the
John Turmel
Jun 5

TURMEL: Rene Ouellet Motion to Annul trial re-option put off

JCT: Rene was in Quebec City Provincial Court for the continuation of his trial.  He's been fighting to be sent for jury trial in Superior Court having been
John Turmel
Jun 2

TURMEL: Bordeaux Inmate Adrian Stuerm gets bad news, good news

JCT: Adrian's wife Caroline got a call from the Quebec Court of Appeal Registry telling her that the motion for release pending appeal was lacking the
John Turmel
Jun 2

TURMEL: Quebec Court won't accept Inmate Appeal by fax! #2

JCT: Caroline received Bordeaux Inmate Adrian Stuerm's signed Notice for Release Pending Appeal in the mail which Ray just filed in Montreal this Thursday
John Turmel
Jun 1

TURMEL: Quebec Court won't accept Inmate Appeal by fax!

JCT: No kidding. Adrian Stuerm was jailed for growing 65 plants in his garage to the mandatory minimum 6 months.  In Ontario, he'd have asked for an Inmate
John Turmel
May 29
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