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x0x Mountain of Gods stands still waiting for its guests

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    x0x Mountain of Gods stands still waiting for its guests ... Selahattin Sonmez ANKARA- Mount Nemrut measuring 2,150 meters in height is located near the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2003
      x0x Mountain of Gods stands still waiting for its guests


      Selahattin Sonmez

      ANKARA- Mount Nemrut measuring 2,150 meters in height is located near the
      village of Karadut in Kahta county in the province of Adiyaman.

      Kings of the Kommagene dynasty from 80 B.C. to 72 A.D ruled Adiyaman and
      its vicinity. This kingdom, whose capital was Samosata (now called
      Samsat), was founded around 80 B.C. by Mithridates 1, father of Antiochos
      I. The kingdom's independence came to an end with its defeat by Roman
      legions in the last of the Kommagene wars and it became part of the Roman
      province of Syria.

      Mount Nemrut plays host to a world known heritage. The famous tumulus
      (burial mound) is surrounded by northeeast and western terraces. At the
      east and west terraces, there are huge god sculptures and engravings in
      Greek and Persian styles. Greek religion, culture and traditions derived
      by King Antiochos I blend with the local art clearly in these works.

      The mountain located 60 kilometers from Kahta has a splendid panorama. The
      eastern and western terraces were built symmetrical to each other and the
      northern terrace decorated with an altar and engravings opens on to the
      these two terraces

      Heights of the God sculptures vary from between 8-10 meters. There are the
      sculptures of a lion, eagle, Antiochus, Fortuna, Zeus, Apollo and Hercules
      at the eastern and western terraces.

      Festival at the Mountain of Gods

      International Kahta Kommagene Festival was held for the 11th time this
      year in Kahta having an important rich historical and cultural heritage.
      Named as the 8th wonder of world and included to the list of UNESCO's
      World Cultural Heritage, Mount Nemrut reflects the cultural and artistic
      characteristics of Kommagene dynasty that dominated the region between BC
      1 and AC 72 as an independent kingdom. Apart from the god sculptures,
      there is the mausoleum of King Antiochus at the mountain. As well as being
      one of the most beloved spots of culture tourism, Mount Nemrut also known
      as the place having the best view of sunrise and sunset.

      Sun rise at Nemrut

      Travelling Adiyaman and climbing high Mount Nemrut just to the watch
      sunrise it may seem as a useless adventure to climb the mountain in order
      to watch the sun rise or set but those who see the magnificent panorama of
      sunrise or sunset from the mountain would argue this. The beauty of this
      view let them forget all the effort. Especially those who love taking
      photos would never regret going to Kahta and climbing the mountain before

      Too cold, too beautiful

      We, those who participated the activities held as a part of the 11th Kahta
      festival, departed from Adiyaman to watch the sunrise at the Mountain.
      Accompanied by local guides, we entered Mount Nemrut National Park. The
      weather got colder when we started to climb the mountain. Visitors should
      leave their vehicles at the facility built one kilometer away from the top
      of the mountain. The rest of the road should be made on foot.

      The mountain may not always give a warm welcome. Before reaching the top
      of the mountain the cold weather made it hard to breath. But the view from
      the mountain of Gods made us forget about the weather and all the

      Enjoying the view and music

      Famous Turkish singer Leman Sam and pianist-composer Ugurhan Ugurlu were
      the guests of the festival. The performance of these two artists
      accompanied the great view of the sunrise on the mountain. After the
      concert of Sam, Ugurlu took to the stage. The weather was still extremely
      cold but Ugurlu neglected the weather and start playing his piano. With
      the very first notes that he played, we, too, forgot the cold. His hands
      were dancing and the music was blending with the dance of various
      different colors of the sunrise. The sky was dominated with different
      tones of blue.

      When and how to go to Mount Nemrut

      The best period is between May 15 and October 15. The sunrise and sunset
      in Nemrut is magnifient and fascinating. The road is ashpalt up to the
      village of Karadut and the rest is basalt. Near the peak there is a 15
      minute walk. Touring vehicles can be hired form Adiyaman or Kahta

      For those who aiming to watch the sunrise, it starts at 02:00 from
      Adiyaman, going through the places of interest all over the Nemrut
      National Park and lasts 3-4 hours.

      The features that make Nemrut unique:

      - 200,000 cubic meters was cut away by hand from the mountaintop in order
      to make a platform.

      - A mathematically designed cone of 150 meters in diameter was built on
      this platform.

      - Ten stone blocks each weighing 6-tonnes were mined from a distant quarry
      down the valley, carried to the mountaintop and carved into 10 statues of
      10 meters each.

      - The world's largest horoscope is on Mount Nemrut.

      - This is the Lion Horoscope, the world's oldest horoscope, it is carved
      into a stone slab of 2x2.5 meters and depicts the positions of the Moon,
      3-planets and the the 19-stars of Leo 2,100 years ago.

      - The tomb of king Antiochos is believed to be as rich as Tutankhamon's

      - The ancient inscriptions that relate the story of a kingdom are langer
      than 500 meters.

      - The unique artistic style reflects ancient Greek and Persian influences.

      - It is the world's highest open-air museum and the world's 8th wonder.

      - It is the place where the East meets the West and the site of the most
      beautiful sunrise and sunset.

      Copyright 2003, Turkish Daily News. This article is redistributed with
      permission for personal use of TRKNWS-L readers. No part of this article
      may be reproduced, further distributed or archived without the prior
      permission of the publisher. Contact: Turkish Daily News Online on the
      Internet World Wide Web. www.turkishdailynews.com

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