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x0x Turkish news for week ending 26 July 2003

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    {20030726trh.txt} x0x Turkish news for week ending 26 July 2003 [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 26 July 2003

      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      * Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Abdullah Gul was in Washington
      this week. In a press conference at the end of his trip to Washington
      Mr. Gul announced that the two allies had agreed to expand their
      cooperation. Mr. Gul defined the scope of the cooperation as "Iraq,
      Middle East, and beyond."
      The relationship between the two countries was strained leading up
      to the Iraq war when Turkish parliament refused with a narrow vote to
      open its territory for a northern front against Saddam Hussein's
      While the two sides were trying to mend fences after the defeat of
      the Saddam Hussein regime, it was further strained three weeks ago
      when U-S troops detained 11 Turkish soldiers in northern Iraq for
      allegedly plotting against local Kurdish officials.
      On Thursday the visiting Minister met with Secretary of State
      Colin Powell. During the meeting Mr. Powell called on Turkey to send
      troops to Iraq, the private Turkish channel NTV reports.
      The Secretary of State and the Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister
      also discussed Turkish offer to contribute to the rebuilding of the

      * U-S officials have not provided details of the troops request to
      Turkey, but Turkish media reports have said it would involve several
      thousand troops to be stationed in central Iraq near Baghdad and
      Tikrit, the hometown of former ruler Saddam Hussein says the voice of
      On Wednesday, the Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister told the
      Washington Post that Turkey would like to see the larger role for
      itself in Iraq, not just be the policeman there. And the same day
      the Turkish president Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer met with the opposition
      leader in the Turkish parliament to talk about the Turkish troop
      deployment. During the meeting President Sezer said that a United
      Nations resolutions would be needed before any such deployment.
      Turkish press is also reporting that the Turkish parliament has to
      approve any such deployment.

      * Turkish Parliament's special Anti-Corruption Commission ended its
      work investigating allegations of corruption under previous
      administrations, Turkish papers reported this week.
      After over four months of work, the commission proposed setting up
      separate investigation commissions to focus on 25 former government
      ministers, including former Prime Ministers Bulent Ecevit and Mesut
      A statement issued by the commission warned that corruption
      threatens Turkey's security, adding that ending corruption could free
      up large sums of money for improving the nations education and health
      Many Turkish politicians are being suspected of taking kickbacks in
      government funded construction, infrastructure and procurement
      The Justice and Development party administration has made it one of
      its campaign pledges to eradicate corruption. The International
      Monetary Fund is also encouraging the Turkish government to clamp
      down on corruption.

      * The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus president Mr. Rauf
      Denktash is continuing with his peace offensive.
      In his latest letter to the United Nations Secretary General Kofi
      Annan, Mr. Denktash proposed the eradication of mines between the
      Greek and Turkish sectors of Nicosia.

      * While Mr. Rauf Denktash is continuing with his efforts, and the
      rapprochement between Turkey and Greece seems to be active, and there
      are still international and United Nations efforts to bridge the gap
      between the Turkish and Greek communities on the island of Cyprus to
      reunite the island, there is still hesitance from both communities to
      take further steps. As the following news indicates, the deep
      mistrust and bad feelings between the two communities still persist.
      Two weeks ago Lefteris Pancazis, a Greek singer, had to cancel the
      concert in the Turkish zone of the island after The Greek Cypriot
      authorities threatened him with six months of imprisonment, reports
      the Anatolian News Agency.
      However, several weeks prior to Mr. Pancazis visit to the island, a
      Turkish and a Greek singer held a successful peace concert on the
      Greek zone of the island. In fact the Turkish singer is also a
      standing member of the Turkish parliament.

      * US Ambassador to Turkey Mr. Robert Pearson, whose tenure in the
      Turkish capital Ankara is fast drawing to a close, visited State
      Minister for the Economy Ali Babacan, reports the Turkish daily
      During their talks, Ambassador Pearson praised Mr. Babacan for the
      successful completion of discussions for the fifth review of the
      Turkey's International Monetary Fund-supported economic
      program. "But providing jobs for the Turks is even more important",
      he added.
      Speaking afterwards, Mr. Pearson said that Turkey's economy was
      greatly improved as compared to three years ago, when he began
      serving in Ankara. "It is vital that Turkey complete its
      privatization process as soon as possible", urged the ambassador.
      For his part, Mr. Babacan said that the Iraq war had raised
      certain sensitivities in Turkish-US relations, adding that economic
      ties between the two countries should be strengthened.

      * The Turkish government's program of selling off state assets
      failed to reach its revenue objectives for the first six months of
      2003, falling far short of expectations, writes the Turkish private
      channel NTV.
      The Turkish parliament is debating new privatization legislation
      that would pave the way for the selling off of public utilities such
      the Türk Telekom.
      According to figures released by Turkish authorities on Tuesday, a
      mere $52 million was generated by the privatization of state assets.
      Given that the full projected figure for 2003 is $4.0 billion, the
      prognosis for the end of year total reaching its target is poor.

      * The percentage of Turkey's industrial capacity being utilized in
      June rose to 80.4 percent from 76 percent in May, with companies
      citing increased foreign demand as one of the reasons.
      Many industrialists cite weak domestic demand for the capacity
      utilization not being even higher.

      * In a press release, a local organization reported a successful
      drive to help the handicapped in Turkey.
      The Friends of Merzifon says that in cooperation with the Pleasant
      Hill Rotary Club, and the Wheelchair Foundation of Danville recently
      sent 280 wheelchairs to the disabled and handicapped people of their
      sister city.
      The Friends of Merzifon is an organization behind the sister city
      relationship between Pleasant Hill and the Turkish city of Merzifon.
      The distribution of wheelchairs began on June 18 and has been
      continuing for several weeks. In Merzifon, officials and the
      visiting delegation from Pleasant Hill held a ceremony to start the
      Representing the Wheelchair Foundation, Pleasant Hill Rotary, and
      Friends of Merzifon were John, Peggy, Susan, and Brendan Blake.
      Locally, volunteers from the Disabled and Handicapped Society of
      Merzifon organized the distribution.
      Following an assessment of the need for wheelchairs among the youth
      and adult populations of Amasya Province in north central Turkey
      where Merzifon is located, Friends of Merzifon began last fall to
      work closely with Pleasant Hill Rotary to raise funds for the
      purchase and delivery of 280 wheelchairs.
      The two organizations successfully collected $21,000 which was
      matched dollar for dollar by the Wheelchair Foundation, said Earl
      Rupp, President of Friends of Merzifon.
      The Wheelchair Foundation shipped a container of 280 wheelchairs to
      Istanbul from where it was transported overland by truck to
      Merzifon. Thanks to the contacts of Rotary International and Sister
      Cities International, no dock fees, customs duties, storage charges,
      or import taxes were assessed on the shipment.
      For more on Friends of Merzifon see
      http://www.FriendsOfMerzifon.org and for photographs of the
      distribution of the wheelchairs
      http://www.friendsofmerzifon.org/wheelchairs2003/index.html .


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras:



      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 81/57 Partly Cloudy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 100/79 Clear
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 84/72 Showers
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 95/73 Partly Cloudy
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 75/68 Partly Cloudy

      Seawater temperatures

      Trabzon (Black Sea) 77
      Tekirdag (Marmara Sea) 77
      Bodrum (Aegean Sea) 77
      Alanya (Mediterranean Sea) 84


      * Turkish Scientist Dr. Ali Erdemir, known as the genius of
      Tribology, won the research and development Prize for a third time,
      known as the Nobel Prize of applied sciences, with his invention
      creating artificial diamond characteristics by using nano-technology.
      Prof. Erdemir's invention involves the transformation of carbide-
      based materials into nano-structured, integrated carbon plates. In
      the carbon plate, which is said to be used in many devices, there are
      nano-sized diamonds, graphites and several kinds of carbon stages.
      See more about Dr. Erdemir at

      * Turkish film director Fezan Özpetek was given the "special career"
      award at the 33rd Giffoni Film Festival on Tuesday.
      The prize, judged by a panel of children aged 9 to 19, selected the
      Italian-based Turkish director on the strength of his many award
      winning works. The judges and other children taking part in the
      festival came from 22 separate countries.
      Mr. Özpetek's most recent film, Opposite Window (La Finestra di
      Fronte), has picked up a slew of prizes, including the Italian
      equivalent of the Oscars, the David di Donatello.
      When was asked about his next movie, Mr. Özpetek said he planned to
      rest for the remainder of the year but added that his next movie is
      already lined up.
      "I It will be filmed in Napoli and will be called Sacred Heart
      (Cuore Sacro)," he said.
      A week earlier Mr. Ozpetek swept the pool at the Czech Republic's
      Karlovy Vary Cinema Awards with his latest film La Finestra di
      Fronte -- The Opposite Window. The film was presented with the best
      film and best director towards, while the lead actress in the movie
      receiving the best actress award.

      * The Ankara Film Festival is having funding problems, says the
      Anatolian News Agency. The festival was postponed for eight months
      last year also due to budgetary problems.
      So far, only Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry has extended
      funding to the festival. Festival organizers are saying that they
      need sponsors for transporting the films to be shown to the Turkish
      capital. Fortunately, the foreign film artists are able to get
      funding for their travel from their home countries.
      If sufficient funding is found, the Ankara Film Festival will take
      place in December.

      * The restoration of the colossal statues on top of Mount Nemrut are
      continuing, reports Turkey's Anatolian News Agency.
      Dr. Eric Moorman, the lead scholar in the restoration effort and a
      professor at Amsterdam University, says that this year the ground
      where the statues are located is being compacted. Afterwards the
      bodies of the 2000-year-old statues will be reinforced.
      Dr. Moorman is also saying that some of the broken relieves are
      being transported to the museum in the eastern Turkish city of
      Adiyaman for further repairs.
      According to Dr. Moorman the main source of damage to the statues
      has been the tourists flocking to the mountaintop to see the unique
      To learn more about these 2000-year-old statues visit
      http://www.nemrud.nl .


      * The Turkish private channel NTV reports that the man who helped
      make Turkey a candidate country for hosting the Olympic Games, Mr.
      Sinan Erdem, has died in Paris at the age of 76.
      Mr. Erdem had been receiving treatment for a liver tumor.
      During his 14-year term as the head of Turkey's Olympic movement,
      Mr. Erdem had been at the forefront of Istanbul's three failed bids
      to host the summer games, in the years 2000, 2004 and 2008. Turkey
      was the fifth placed country in the rankings to hold the 2000
      Olympics, the closest it has come to success.
      Mr. Erdem was not only a successful administrator, he had also been
      an active athlete, having both captained and later coached Turkey's
      national volleyball team.


      *** Turkish American Association of California has partially
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      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
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      **** 6th Annual California Turkish Arts & Culture Festival

      Saturday & Sunday, August 2-3, 2003 (11am - 6pm)

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      Live music entertainment, Folk dancing, Belly dancing

      Art Exhibits (Crafts,Carpet weaving, Photography)

      Food and drinks (Doner Kebap, borek, baklava, Turkish Coffee, ...)

      Many activities for Children (puppet making, painting, coloring, story
      telling, folk dancing, games,...)

      Information: (831) 646-1916, http://www.taaca.org, turkfest@...

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