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x0x Turkish news for week ending 28 June 2003

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    {20030628trh.txt} x0x Turkish news for week ending 28 June 2003 [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 28 June 2003
      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Duygu Yenier

      * In an interview late on Tuesday with Mega Channel, Greek defense
      minister Mr. Yiannos Papantoniou said he felt Ankara was "absolutely"
      capable of sending military jets to "fly over the Parthenon, the
      Acropolis," if its air force were left unhindered for a few days to
      maneuver at will over the Aegean sea.
      The Turkish daily Cumhuriyet carried the response of the Turkish Foreign
      Ministry spokesman Mr. Huseyin Dirioz to the Greek claims. Mr. Dirioz said
      in a written statement Wednesday that these allegations were meant to
      justify Greece's own years-long pattern of unlawful, unilateral actions in
      the Aegean.
      "Greece is the only country in the world to claim a 10-nautical mile
      zone of national airspace, even though its territorial waters in the
      Aegean extend for just six nautical miles", stressed Mr. Dirioz.

      * Turkish daily Star reported that President George Bush has sent a
      periodic progress report covering the latest developments on Cyprus to the
      "The US remains committed to finding a just and lasting settlement for
      Cyprus", said Bush in a letter accompanying the report. "Serious efforts
      continued during this reporting period to persuade the two sides on Cyprus
      to resume negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations Good
      Offices Mission for Cyprus, on the basis of United Nations
      Secretary-General Kofi Annan's proposed settlement plan." the letter
      In related news, in an interview with Greek daily Elefterotipiya,
      Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that one-sided
      initiatives will end up fruitless. Mr. Erdogan said Monday that both
      Turkish and Greek sides in Cyprus needed to take steps in order to reach a
      settlement on the island.

      * Turkish daily Turkiye reported that the first Iraqi oil transferred
      through the Kirkuk-Yumurtalik oil pipeline in the aftermath of the Iraq
      war was loaded onto tanker ships on Sunday.
      Speaking at the ceremony held to mark the occasion, senior US advisor to
      the Iraqi Oil Ministry Philip Caroll said that revenues from the oil sales
      would be used to benefit the Iraqi people.
      The money from the sale will go to a U.S.-controlled fund for rebuilding
      efforts. Until Iraq could significantly boost its oil production, it is
      unlikely to have an impact on world oil prices.
      In related news, the Turkish daily Hurriyet reports that the Turkish
      Cabinet this week decided to open all of Turkey's airports, ports and
      bases to the use of the US military for Iraq's reconstruction.
      The Cabinet set one year as the duration of this decision and stated
      that it was made with the aim of contributing to Iraq's reconstruction in
      compliance with United Nations resolutions.

      * Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Affairs
      Minister Abdullah Gul returned in high spirits to Ankara last weekend
      after the conclusion of the European Unions summit in Thessaloniki,
      Greece. Speaking after their return, Mr. Gul summarized that it had been
      positive to an extent never before seen.
      During the summit, the Union reiterated its pledge to review Turkey's
      progress on its European Union membership bid in late 2004 and decide then
      whether or not to begin its accession talks.

      *As European Union leaders met in neighboring Greece, the Turkish
      parliament passed a sixth reform package, which includes more rights for
      minorities, and shapes the country for European Union membership.
      A seventh reform package improving human rights in Turkey is expected to
      be approved in July. The Turkish daily Turkiye quoted Turkish Foreign
      Minister Abdullah Gul saying that the seventh package would be the final
      one, fulfilling all remaining obligations.
      On the economic front, Turkish daily Milliyet reported that Turkish
      State Minister for the Economy Ali Babacan said that the Turkish lira
      needed to appreciate; otherwise it would be difficult to implement the
      European Unions economic criteria.
      In Ankara Turkey's government and military leaders met on Thursday to
      discuss reconstructing the National Security Council. European Union
      criteria require less military influence in the council.

      * US President George W. Bush met on Wednesday with Greek Prime Minister
      George Papandreou and European Union Commission Chairman Romano Prodi to
      discuss a number of issues, including Turkeys European Union membership
      Speaking afterwards, Bush and Papandreou said that they were in
      agreement on supporting Ankara's European Union bid.

      * On Monday Milliyet reported that State Minister for the Economy Ali
      Babacan, speaking at World Economic Forum in Amman, Jordan, pledged that
      this year Turkey would achieve its targets of 5% growth and 20% inflation.
      Mr. Babacan told the conference that there were no longer any
      bureaucratic obstacles to international investment in Turkey.
      Also touching on postwar Iraq, he said that Turkish entrepreneurs might
      use slated US economic compensation to Turkey over Iraq for Iraq's

      * Mr. Hansjoerg Kretschmer head of European Union Commission
      representation in Turkey announced this week that the Union had decided to
      extend 500 million euros in grants every year to Turkey's Southeast
      Anatolian Project, reports Turkey's Anatolian News Agency.
      The sums would be used to improve education, agriculture, and social and
      cultural life in Turkey's eastern and southeastern Anatolia regions.

      * Agence France Presse reported that India will not decide to commit
      around 15,000 troops to Iraq before discussions with officials from the
      war-ravaged nation as well as neighboring Turkey and Iran, Defense
      Minister George Fernandes said on Monday.
      India is also still waiting for answers to questions it posed to a
      visiting delegation of Pentagon officials last Monday about the US request
      that Indian troops join a peacekeeping force to maintain stability in
      India's main opposition Congress party has voiced misgivings about
      sending troops, and during a June 15 meeting with Prime Minister Atal
      Behari Vajpayee, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi said the troops should only
      be deployed under the United Nations flag - not under US or British


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Hayal Koc

      * The Virgin Mary's home, located in Selcuk, Turkey and visited by nearly
      2 million tourists each year, has recently undergone a special excavation
      Following rumors that the Virgin Mary's remains were found on the
      premises, archeologists have been hard at work trying to locate them.
      Their findings will have a tremendous impact on the Christian world, for
      they may be able to determine whether the Catholic or Protestant beliefs
      regarding her remains are valid.
      The archeologists will present their findings in the upcoming days.

      * The Topkapi Palace will begin hosting the Turkish Felt Show, entitled
      Paradox and Contradictions: Countering globalization in traditional trade
      crafts, June 27th through Sept 11th.
      The groundbreaking event was sponsored by Dream Design Factory, Total
      Oil, Suteks Textiles and the British Museum in London. Created by Selcuk
      Gurisik, the show will later move to the British Museum in London.
      The show kicks off June 28th with a conference on felt and textile
      design that is open to the public.
      See http://sanat.bilkent.edu.tr/interactive.m2.org/Fashion/piraye.html
      for an in-depth article on traditional Turkish designs.

      * The 10th International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival continues with
      its fourth production on June 25th with the Sofia National Opera
      performing Giacomo Puccini's "Turandot", a three act opera staged by
      conductor Georgi Notev and director Plamen Kartaloff.
      See the site of the festival at

      * The Random Dance Group, led by Wayne McGregor, will be in Turkey as a
      guest of the British Council July 1-6th. The group will perform their
      piece, "Nemesis", a multi-media depiction of the relationship between the
      body, the screen and the machine in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.

      * The 15th Annual Galata Festival will take place in Istanbul, June
      26-29th. The Festival brings together both local and foreign artists to
      promote awareness and protection of the district's rich cultural and
      historical heritage.
      The event includes street theaters, photograph exhibitions, music and
      painting activities.

      * Japan has declared the year 2003 to be the "Year of Turkey", a gesture
      to promote further friendship and understanding between the two countries.
      The celebration includes a museum exhibition in Tokyo's Metropolitan
      Museum entitled, The Three Major Civilizations of Turkey, which displays
      nearly 200 Hittite, Byzantine and Ottoman pieces, as well as a two-part
      documentary on the history of the Ottoman empire.
      See more about the Year of Turkey at
      http://www.turkjapan2003.org/engmain.asp .


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara in Central Turkey 55...83 F Partly Cloudy
      Antalya on the Mediterranean coast 73...91 F Partly Cloudy
      Istanbul in northwestern Turkey 70...85 F Partly Cloudy
      Izmir on the Aegean coast 72...96 F Partly Cloudy
      Trabzon on the Black Sea coast 67...77 F Cloudy

      Seawater temperatures

      Alanya 79
      Tekirdag 75
      Trabzon 73
      Bodrum 72


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      *Confederation Cup Summary

      Qualifying Matches

      Turkey 2-1 United States
      Okan Yilmaz (pen 39) DaMarcus Beasley (37)
      Tuncay Sanli (71)

      Cameroon 1-0 Turkey
      Njitap Geremi (pen 90)

      Brazil 2-2 Turkey
      Adriano (23) Gokdeniz Karadeniz (52)
      Alex (90) Okan Yilmaz (80)

      Semi-Final Match

      France 3-2 Turkey
      Thierry Henry (10) Gokdeniz Karadeniz (41)
      Robert Pires (25) Tuncay Sanli (48)
      Sylvain Wiltord (43) (missed penalty shot (87))

      *Confederation Cup - 3rd Place Match

      Turkey 2 -1 Columbia
      Sanli 2' Hernandez 63'
      Yilmaz 86'

      *One time Romanian and Galatasaray star Gheorghe Hagi is to return to
      Turkey to take over as coach of struggling Super League side Bursaspor.

      *International football's controlling body FIFA has ordered Argentinean
      Ariel Ortega pay a record $11 million to Istanbul club Fenerbah├že after
      the player was found guilty of breaching his contract.

      *Turkey goalkeeper Rustu Recber said in a newspaper interview that he will
      shortly join Spanish club Barcelona. While many clubs have sought
      30-year-old's signature -- notably English side Arsenal -- Rustu said
      talks with Barcelona led to a deal for him to play under newly named coach
      Frank Rijkaard next term

      *FIFA world rankings: Turkey - 7th.


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