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x0x The Flying Broom 6th International Women's Film Festival

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    x0x The Flying Broom 6th International Women s Film Festival Turkey s only women s film festival set to begin Gizem Cevik Flying Broom is organizing the one
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2003
      x0x The Flying Broom 6th International Women's Film Festival
      Turkey's only women's film festival set to begin

      Gizem Cevik

      Flying Broom is organizing the one and only women's film festival in
      Turkey for 5 years. The 6th festival will be held from May in 15-18th
      May in Ankara.

      Fifty films, 13 documentaries and 14 short films will be screened as a
      part of the 6th International Women's Film festival. The films will be
      screened in Kavaklidere and Ankapol cinemas, the German Culture Center
      and the Culture Ministry's 75th Year meeting hall. The price of the
      festival tickets are TL 5.5 million (for students TL 4 million).

      This year Flying Broom made important innovations. "Flying Broom
      Honorary Award" and "Bilge Olgac Success Awards" will be distributed
      for the first time. It is announced that Sezer Sezin will receive the
      first honorary award of Flying Broom. Bilge Olgac success awards will
      be distributed to six women for their efforts in the cinema field.

      Another interesting development is that the FIPRESCI (Critics Union)
      will distribute an award for the first time in their 60 year history
      as a part of the women's film festival.

      The festival has 10 sections: "Our Cinema", "Each a Different Color",
      "Two Countries: France and Finland", "Two Legends: Cahide Sonku and
      Marlene Deitrich", "Collective Screening: Marleen Gorris", "Special
      Screening: Francesca Archib Ugi", "Documentaries", "Short is a must",
      "Panel Discussions and Talks", and the "Short Film Story Contest".

      Flying Broom 6th International Women's Film Festival's program

      Our Cinema

      Under this section, cinema lovers have the opportunity to watch the
      best works of six Turkish women directors. The directors themselves
      chose which of their films was to be screened.

      Canan Gerede's "Parcalanma" (Disintegration), Fide Motan's "Cadi
      Agaci" (Witch Tree), Furuzan and Gulsum Karamustafa's "Benim
      Sinemalarim" (My Cinemas), Isil Ozgenturk's "Seni Seviyorum Roza" (I
      Love You Roza), Lale Oraloglu's "Bir Kadin Tuzagi" (A Woman Trap),
      Necef Ugurlu and Julide Ovur's "Eski Fotograflar" (Old Photographs)
      will be displayed as a part of this section

      Seni Seviyorum Roza is Isil Ozgenturk's first directing experience. It
      is adapted to cinema from Sevgi Soysal's book "Tante Rosa". Cadi Agaci
      is Fide Motan's first directing experience as well, made in 1994. It
      is the story of Doctor Nilufer who is a lonely and loveless woman.
      Canan Gerede's "Parcalanma" is a different "impossible love" story.

      Each a different color

      In this section, the "Flying Broom 6th International Film Festival"
      aims to present 19 recent films of 19 women directors from all over
      the world. Most of these films have won awards in many international

      Twelve of these films will be evaluated by the FIPRESCI jury. The film
      selected by this jury will receive a "Best Film" award which will be
      distributed on April 15, the last day of the festival.

      The films that will be screened as a part of this section are Isabelle
      Stever's "Erste Ehe" (Portrait of a Married Couple) from Germany,
      Phyllis Katrapani's "Home from Canada", Saara Saarela's "Hengittamatta
      Ja Nauramatta" (Stripping) from Finland, Rakhshan Bani-Etemad's
      "Ruzegar-e Ma" (Our Times) from Iran, Sandra Gugliotta's "Un Dia De
      Suerte" (A Lucky day) from Argentina, Judith Kennel's "Zornige Kusse"
      (Angry Kisses) from Switzerland, Solveig Nordlund's "Aparelho Voador a
      Baixa" (Low Altitude Flying Aircraft) and Ines De Mederios' "A Fato
      Completo ou Procura De Alberto" (A Suit of Clothes or Searching for
      Alberto) from Portugal, Alice Nellis' "Vylet" (Some Secrets) from
      Czech Republic, Sulbiye V. Gunar's Karamuk from Germany, Sophie
      Marceau's "Parlez-Moi D'Amour" (Speak to me of Love) and Delphine
      Gleize's "Carnages" (Carnage) from France, Ineke Smits' "Magonia" from
      the Netherlands, Elisabeth Rygard's "Omfavn Mig Mane" (House of
      Hearts) from Denmark, Sandra Goldbacher's "Me Without You" from Great
      Britain, Sachi Hamano's "Yurisai" (Lily Festival) from Japan, Guita
      Schyfter's "Las Caras De La Luna" (The Faces Of The Moon) and Maryse
      Sistach's "Perfumes De Violetas" (Violet Perfume) from Mexico,
      Patricia Cardoso's "Real Women Have Curves" from the U.S.

      Two Countries: France and Finland

      This year's festival provides the opportunity to learn more about the
      cinema of Finland and France.

      Auli Mantila's "Pelon Maantiede" (Geography of Fear) and "Neitoperho"
      (The Collector), Pirja Honkasalo's "Tulennielija" (Fire Eater) attend
      the festival from Finland. Marion Vernoux's "Reines D'un Jour" (Hell
      of a Day), Catherine Corsini's "La Repetition" (Replay) and Zabou
      Breitman's "Se Souvenir Des Belles Choses" (Beautiful Memories) join
      from France.

      Two Legends: Marlene Dietrich and Cahide Sonku

      A special part was prepared for two legends of the 1950's: Marlene
      Dietrich and Cahide Sonku as a part of Flying Broom 6th International
      Women's Film Festival.

      Marlene Dietrich will be remembered with Joseph von Sternberg's "Blue
      Angel" which introduced her to Hollywood and Frank Borgaze's "Desire".
      Documentaries of Maxmillian Schell and Josef Vilsmaier on "Marlene"
      will also be screened. German Culture Center will host an exhibition
      of her photos.

      Cahide Sonku is not only a successful artist and a star but she was
      Turkey's first women director and producer. In the festival you can
      view her in the film named "Batakli Damin Kizi Aysel" or you can watch
      "Beklenen Sarki" and "Vatan ve Namik Kemal", which she directed. You
      can also examine Sonku's life with Ulku Erakalin's documentary.

      Collective Screening: Marleen Gorris

      This year the Flying Broom decided to screen five films of Dutch
      director Marleen Gorris, who is among the most important feminist
      directors. This section meets audiences with the support of the
      Embassy of the Netherlands. Two of the films will be screened in
      Turkey for the first time.

      "A Question of Silence", "Broken Mirrors", "Antoia's Line", which won
      an Oscar award for best foreign film, "Mrs. Dalloway" and "Luzhin
      Defence" will be screened in this section.

      Special Screening: Francesca Archibugi

      Those who joined previous festivals will probably remember successful
      Italian director Francesca Archibugi from her films "Domani",
      "L'albero Delle Pere" and "Il Grande Cocomero". This year Archibugi
      takes part in the festival with her other 3 films.

      In her films she usually emphasizes subjects such as family, the
      struggle between generations, and problems faced during childhood and
      youth. "Con Gli Occhi Chiusi", "Verso Sera" and "Mignon e Partita" are
      the films that will be displayed.


      As women directors have a considerable place in the documentary field,
      Flying Broom decided to include a documentaries section in this year's
      festival. The documentaries prepared by 13 women directors will be
      screened in this section.

      The documentaries that will be screened are as follows: Andre Staka's
      "Yugodivas" from Switzerland, Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir's
      "Women, the Forgotten Face of War" from the U.S., Mona Zahed's
      "Something Like Me" from Iran, Lucie Kralova and Miloslav Novak's "The
      Ill Fated Child" from Czech Republic, Pelin Esmer's "Koleksiyoncu"
      (Collector) from Turkey, Ensieh Shah Hosseini's "Baluch Kids" from
      Iran, Eileen Hofer's "Five to Five Kabul City" from Switzerland, Gayle
      Ferraro's "Anonymously Yours" from Burma, Adela Peeva's "Whose is this
      Song" from Bulgaria, Marie Mandy's "Filming Desire" from Belgium,
      Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman's "Derrida" from the U.S., Martina
      Kudlacek's "In the Mirror of Maya Deren" from Austria, Monika Nolte
      and Robert Krieg's "I Came to Palestine" from Germany.

      Short is a must

      In the short films section, the organization will present superb
      examples of films made by women directors from various countries.
      Fourteen short films will be displayed in this section.

      Panel discussions and Talks

      The festival, as in previous years, benefiting from the exciting idiom
      of the cinema, and will attempt to extend the discussions as regards
      to social gender and to present the films of women directors to the
      widest possible audience.

      Short Film Stories Competition

      Another phase of the festival is the "short film stories competition."
      With this competition, Flying Broom aims to encourage people to let
      them express their ideas, desires, fears and so on with the help of
      writing. Another reason to organize such a competition is to encourage
      and support short film makers. An advisory board that consists of
      three people evaluated the stories. During the festival, the writers
      that have won this competition will participate in a workshop in
      Ankara that will be organized by a professional screenplay writer.

      The Flying Broom

      The Flying Broom was officially established in November 1996. It aims
      to support gender equality and empowerment of women mainly by
      initiating organizations and activities to bring together women's
      organizations and women sensitive to the women's movement, to foster
      interaction, exchange of experience, effective communication,
      co-operation and solidarity among them, and to establish or strengthen
      communication networks among national and international women's
      nongovernmental organizations. The Flying Broom is surrounded by a
      large circle of friends and supporters both in Turkey and abroad,
      including activists in the women's movement, academics interested in
      women's issues, professional women from different lines of work, and
      university students.

      To achieve their goals, Flying Broom is primarily engaged in projects
      in three areas. Some of the projects and activities are short-term and
      others have been going on for several years.

      Since its establishment, the Flying Broom has attended national and
      international organizations, a large number of women have worked in
      Flying Broom or have supported its activities in various ways, mostly
      on a volunteer basis, and Flying Broom has been supported by various
      organizations in both Turkey and abroad, whose contributions have
      played a vital role in the success and continuation of their projects.

      Ankara - Turkish Daily News

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