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x0x Turkish news for week ending 22 March 2003

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 22 March 2003

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      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour By Dian Pekin

      * The Turkish parliament voted again last week on a bill that concerns its
      longtime ally U.S. war in Iraq. The Turkish parliament has agreed to allow US
      aircraft to fly over the Turkey. Unlike the vote earlier this month on whether
      to allow US forces to be stationed in Turkey, there was a clear majority in
      favor of giving the Allies access to Turkish airspace. By a margin of 332 to
      202, with one abstention, Turkey's Grand National Assembly on late Thursday
      afternoon approved the government proposal. However, the motion made clear that
      Turkey would not be giving permission to the US-led forces to use Turkish
      facilities inside the country.
      The opposition Republican People's Party voted as a bloc against the motion,
      which the party leader Mr. Deniz Baykal said would be tantamount to a
      declaration of war. As many as 40 of the ruling Justice and Development Party
      deputies also voted against the motion or did not attend the session of the
      Turkish parliament.
      Following the vote, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that further
      talks would have to be held with the U.S. on the conditions of the right of
      access before overflights would commence. The resolution passed by parliament
      would also authorize Turkey to move its own forces into northern Iraq.

      * Even with the parliament's authorization to move Turkish troops into northern
      Iraq, Turkey on Saturday denied reports it had sent over 1,000 there as part of
      its plans to control war refugees and prevent any "terrorist activity." Iraqi
      Kurds also denied any Turkish commandos had crossed.
      Turkey's Foreign Affairs Minister Abdullah Gul had said on Friday that Turkey
      would send troops into northern Iraq to protect national interests but gave no
      timetable. Hours later military sources said a small vanguard force of
      commandos had crossed the border.
      Turkey fears a Kurdish state would re-ignite armed Kurdish separatism in
      southeastern Turkey that cost 30,000 lives in the 1980s and 1990s. Iraqi
      Kurdish groups, for their part, fear Turkey might move to crush the autonomy
      they have enjoyed since the area passed beyond Baghdad's control in 1991.
      Turkey suffered from the activity of Turkish Kurdish rebels based in the
      north since the region went beyond Baghdad's control after the 1991 Gulf War.
      Turkish authorities say that a power vacuum was formed in northern Iraq and
      that vacuum became practically a camp for terrorist activity.
      Turkey has a large Kurdish minority living near its Iraqi border and fears
      for its own territorial integrity if a Kurdish homeland enters the agenda for a
      post-Saddam settlement in Iraq.
      General Tommy Franks, in his first press conference of the war, commented
      that Turkish presence was light and that coordination was occurring between the
      Turkish and American military commanders.

      * Most Americans approve of the U.S. military action, but they think it has
      increased the threat of terrorism, according to the latest New York Times/CBS
      News poll.
      However, protests against the war in Iraq are continuing around the globe;
      many of them are spontaneous and are causing disruption in urban areas.
      One group of protesters are by the 14 Turkish peace activists in Iraq serving
      as human shields around possible targets for US bombing.
      Friends of the activists have expressed great concern for their safety.

      * Mr. Rauf Denktash, president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, says
      that he vows to continue to find solution on Cyprus.
      However, President Denktash said that any resolution of the Cyprus issue
      depends on the recognition of his country and state. Mr. Denktash denied that
      an opportunity for peace on the island had been lost at last week's summit in
      The Hague.
      Chairing an extraordinary meeting of the cabinet of the Turkish Republic of
      Northern Cyprus government, President Denktash said that the meeting between
      representatives of the Greek Cypriot community and himself, convened by United
      Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan as a last ditch effort to bring about
      reunification of the two states on the island had been based on false concepts.
      "They said we missed a great opportunity, although the plan would make
      Turkish Cypriots give territory from Guzelyurt to Yesilirmak, make 50,000-
      60,000 persons migrant in three years, end Turkey's guarantor status, and give
      Greek Cypriots the right to property as an individual right and come to the
      Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for their properties."
      Denktash said that there had been strong lobbying undertaken to deceive the
      people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, though he added it had not
      been successful.


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras: 1,686,000


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey--------: 32/19 Snow
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean----: 55/38 Showers
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey-: 38/29 Snow
      Izmir, on the Aegean-------------: 48/34 Partially Cloudy
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea--------: 40/37 Rain

      Snow heights at skiing locations:

      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey 128 inches
      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey 53 inches
      Saklikent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey 39 inches
      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey 14 inches
      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey 96 inches
      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey 35 inches
      Sarikamis, in Kars, Eastern Turkey 30 inches
      Davraz, in Isparta South Central Turkey 41 inches


      Edited by Ayse Zambaoglu

      * On April 4, 1953, Turkish Navy's Dumlupinar submarine crashed into a Swedish
      boat, and sank in Dardanelles. Except for 5 sailors, the crew of the submarine
      were entrapped and eventually died in the sunken vessel. The Turkish producer
      Savas Karakas will now tell the epic story of its sailors with a documentary,
      reports the Turkish private channel NTV.
      After the collision in 1953, nobody could reach the submarine. The first
      military team to see the sunken submarine succeded in 1958.
      50 years later, for the first time a nonmilitary diving group will dive,
      search and record for the documentary.

      * The Anatolian News Agency reports that the 100th Year University in eastern
      Turkish city of Van is having a documentary film contest. The main theme of the
      documentaries will be "Turkey's tourism resources".
      Having a lot to offer on just about anything from fantastic beaches to living
      history, and not having the deserved level of popularity, Turkey needs
      rejuvenating ideas on the country's promotion at many different levels.
      The university aims at revealing new and challenging ideas about Turkey's

      * The 22nd International Istanbul Film Festival, organized by the Istanbul
      Foundation for Culture and Arts, will take place April 12 through 27, reports
      the channel NTV.
      The Festival as a specialised competitive event by the International
      Federation of Film Producers Associations, will present about 180 films from 40
      countries to the film enthusiasts. With an attendance exceeding 100,000 every
      year, the Istanbul Film Festival acts as a dynamic event for distributors
      This year, the first "TurkFilm Market" will be showcasing the latest Turkish
      films to the international distributors. The distributors will also be able to
      meet Turkish directors, producers, distributors and other film professionals.
      The TurkFilm Market will take place on 17, 18 and 19 April at the headquarter
      hotel of the Festival The Marmara at Taksim Square in Istanbul.
      In the Festival, 12 films will compete for the "International Golden Tulip
      Award" and 10 in the "National Competition".
      This year's "In Memoriam" section is dedicated to two great masters of World
      film: William Wyler and Yasujiro Ozu. Each moviemaker will be commemorated with
      selected masterpieces that highlight their fruitful careers.
      The "Tributes" section will include Claude Chabrol, Brian de Palma, Zeki
      Okten and Edward Yang. 20 films will be screened in the section dedicated to
      "Young Stars of the World Cinema", and 40 award winning films selected from the
      World festivals will be presented under the title "From the World of
      The great documentary director Estela Bravo's career will be highlighted with
      9 films in a section titled "The Witness of Her Times. The "From the World of
      Animation" section will focus on animated shorts from France.
      Every year the International Istanbul Film Festival emphasises a different
      country's recent contribution to the world of film. This year the focus is on
      India and includes a selection of 6 contemporary films in a section titled
      "From Bollywood with Love". The special screening of Murnou's "Sunrise",
      accompanied by duo pianos, will be one of the highlights of this year.
      For more information on the tickets and the festival program, the festival's
      official website is www.istfest.org

      * A photography exhibition entitled "Three Photographers – Artist Portraits"
      will bring together 75 works by Jerry Schatzberg, Ara Güler and Sakir
      The exhibition can be viewed April 12 - 30 from 10:00 to 19:00 at the
      Dirimart Art Gallery in Tesvikiye in Istanbul.

      * This year Zulfu Livaneli, the Turkish writer and artist and currently a
      representative in the Turkish parliament, prepared the declaration on 27th of
      March World Theater Day. The Anatolian News Agency writes that backspace fleck
      next word the declaration will be read before the shows and plays throughout
      At the begining of the declaration Mr. Livaneli says:
      "There are two types of people in general, creators and terminators. Creators
      work hard to be productive and useful where the terminators tend to terminate
      everything accomplished. In theatres the terminators are always criticized
      hoping that they will turn out to be creators one day. And it really is very
      sad that we are celebrating the existence of this art during another horrible

      * Famous Turkish folk poet and singer Ashik Veysel commemorated on the 21st of
      March, at 30th anniversary of his death, reports the Anatolian News Agency.
      Ashik Veysel Satiroglu was born in 1894 in the Sivrialan village of Sivas, a
      province at the northeastern part of Asiatic Turkey.
      When he lost his sight at the age of 7 during a smallpox epidemic, his father
      bought him a baglama, a six-string Turkish folk instrument, and he started to
      develop his talents.
      When his mother and father died in 1920, he was left alone. He continued to
      write and sing folk songs of his own. He gained recognition after 1931. Life
      and death are the core elements behind the theme of his work.
      Today he is considered as one of the greatest Turkish artists of the 20th

      * The recent editions of The Biographical Encyclopedia of American Painters,
      Sculptures and Engravers, and Who is Who in American Art are featuring three
      Turkish artists who live in the U.S. The book is published by the Dealer's
      Choice Books.
      Mr. Burhan Dogançay, Mr. Yücel Dönmez ve Ms. Ipek Aksügür Duben are among the
      1100 artists given coverage in the books.
      The three artists are also cited in The International Art Diary published in

      * A basilica dating back to fifth century is being excavated in the Tekirdag
      province of Turkey, says the Anatolian News Agency.
      Known as the Basilica of Perinthos, it was an important religious center in
      antiquity. Preliminary excavations carried out in 1993 found the structure
      containing with a mosaic floor.
      Afterwards the Turkish authorities started purchasing the private land to
      continue with more extensive excavations.
      According to the office of the director of the Tekirdag Museum the
      excavations will start soon.


      Edited for the Turkish radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer Super League:

      Latest Results

      G.Birligi 2-1 G.Antep
      Adanaspor 2-1 Denizlispor
      Elazigspor 3-3 Fenerbahce
      Istanbulspor 1-2 Galatasaray
      Samsunspor 1-3 Trabzonspor
      Besiktas 1-0 Ankaragucu
      Kocaelispor 1-1 Diyarbakirspor
      Bursaspor 1-0 Göztepe
      Altay 0-2 Malatyaspor

      Galatasaray 0-1 Denizlispor
      Kocaelispor 0-0 Bursaspor
      G.Antep 4-0 Elazigspor

      Next matches

      Malatyaspor - Adanaspor
      Fenerbahce - Altay
      G.Antep - Besiktas
      Trabzonspor - Bursaspor
      Galatasaray - Elazigspor
      Denizlispor - G.Birligi
      Diyarbakirspor - Istanbulspor
      Göztepe - Kocaelispor
      Ankaragucu - Samsunspor


      1. Besiktas 57
      2. Galatasaray 54
      3. G.Birligi 53
      4. Fenerbahce 43
      5. Trabzonspor 41
      6. G.Antep 38
      7. Malatyaspor 35
      8. Denizlispor 31
      9. Ankaragucu 30
      10. Diyarbakirspor 27
      11. Samsunspor 26
      12. Istanbulspor 25
      13. Adanaspor 23
      14. Bursaspor 23
      15. Altay 23
      16. Elazigspor 22
      17. Göztepe 21
      18. Kocaelispor 15

      * UEFA CUP

      The Black and White Eagles' run in the UEFA Cup is over, after they went
      down Thursday night 1-2 at home to a committed Lazio side that swarmed in
      defence and made the most of two Bes,iktas, lapses to ensure that it was
      the Italians that advanced into the semi finals.


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