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x0x Turkish news for week ending 18 January 2003

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 18 January 2003

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      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mathilde Agoustari

      * On Wednesday Turkey's prime minister Mr. Abdullah Gul briefed the
      Justice and Development Party Executive Board on his recent tour of Middle
      East countries, reported the daily Turkiye.
      The tour aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the Iraq issue and also
      focused on developments in Cyprus.
      The Justice and Development Party deputy chairman Mr. Dengir Mir Mehmet
      Firat told reporters that his party and the government would continue
      their efforts to the very end to promote peace in Iraq.
      Regarding developments in Cyprus, Mr. Firat said that the government
      believed that Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President Rauf Denktash
      would continue his efforts for a just settlement.

      * According to the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, Egyptian President Mr. Hosni
      Mubarak remarked on Wednesday that Turkey and the Arab world were working
      together to seek a peaceful solution to the Iraq issue, one that would
      also be acceptable to the United States.
      "Many proposals and perspectives were discussed during Mr. Gul's recent
      tour in the Middle East. We are in close contact with the United States",
      Mr. Mubarak said. "In order to evaluate these proposals for peace, we need
      to learn what the United States and Iraq think about them" Mr. Mubarak

      * While the negotiations between two ethnic communities on the island of
      Cyprus are continuing, the Cypriot Turks had protest rallies on the
      Turkish zone of the island against the president of the Turkish Republic
      of Northern Cyprus, and urged speedy unification of the island. Later in
      the week another group of Cypriot Turks held rallies supporting the
      The next day, according to the Turkish daily Milliyet, prime minister
      Mr. Abdullah Gul declared that even though citizens of the Turkish
      Republic of Northern Cyprus had apparently been provoked against their
      government and Turkey itself, Turkey's Justice and Development Party
      government would always stand behind the republic's president, Mr. Rauf
      Mr. Gul added that Turkey had serious concerns about the United Nation's
      Cyprus plan currently on the table.
      "Our chief concern is the future migration of Greek Cypriots to the
      Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, said Mr. Gul. In a matter of just a
      few years, this [migration] could endanger the presence of Turkish
      Cypriots on the island. This would not be a problem if Turkey were part of
      the European Union", Mr. Gul added.
      In related news, Mr. Denktash said on Tuesday, unfortunately no peace
      deal seems likely before February 28, as there are too many points in the
      current United Nations proposal, requiring serious revision.
      Mr. Denktash added that if no agreement is reached before the deadline,
      the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus might hold a referendum on the
      United Nations proposal.
      Meanwhile, speaking about the demonstrations, the United Nations
      Secretary-General Mr. Kofi Annan said that he appreciated the Turkish
      Cypriots' marching and striving for peace and reunification on the island.
      Mr. Annan added that he was hopeful that a peace deal could be reached

      * In its latest move to avert a possible war in Iraq, the Turkish
      government proposed on Thursday a summit of Middle Eastern nations to seek
      a peaceful solution to the issue, reported the Turkish daily Turkiye.
      After the Foreign Affairs Ministry Deputy Undersecretary Mr. Ugur Ziyal
      met with the ambassadors to Turkey from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iran
      and Syria, ministry spokesman Mr. Yusuf Bulunc said that the heads of
      state of all five nations had been invited to a summit planned for next
      Thursday to address the crisis.
      The countries are expected to answer Turkey's invitation over the

      * On Tuesday, the United States ambassador to Turkey, Mr. Robert Pearson
      held a meeting with a group of Turkish business people in the capital of
      Turkey, Ankara, reported the daily Milliyet.
      During the meeting, Mr. Pearson said that the United States was
      determined to see through a regime change in Iraq, meaning the removal of
      Mr. Saddam Hussein from power.
      Mr. Pearson predicted that the impact on Turkey's economy of a war in
      Iraq would not be as high as some publicized estimates. However, he added
      that the United States was preparing a package to compensate for Turkey's

      * According to the daily Turkiye, after getting the green light last week
      from Turkey's government to carry out inspections of Turkish air bases and
      harbors in ahead of a possible Iraq operation, a US military delegation of
      150 officials began carrying out its duties this week.
      The delegation is expected to complete the inspections by January 23.
      After the delegation releases a report on its findings, upgrades of the
      facilities in question are expected.
      On the same subject, the daily Hurriyet reported that as part of its
      continued efforts to secure the Turkish government's full cooperation
      ahead of a possible Iraq operation, the Bush administration is reportedly
      paring down its request to station US troops on Turkish soil. The number
      of soldiers involved would be reduced from 80,000 to 15,000.
      Although Turkey authorized the US military officials to carry out
      inspections of its air bases and harbors, it has yet to make a decision on
      the US request to station troops within its borders.

      * In an article, the New York Times columnist William Safire criticized
      the Turkish government's indecisiveness in not joining the United States
      and Britain in the coalition against Iraq.
      Mr. Safire says that although he likes the Turks, he says the new
      Turkish government's attachment of a price tag to Turkish cooperation, and
      not mobilizing the Turkish public opinion for a war against the tyrannical
      Iraqi regime are mistakes.
      Mr. Safire suggests that Turkey should allow US troops on its territory
      right away and also mobilize hundreds of thousand troops of its own.
      If the war negatively impacts the Turkish economy, Mr. Safire says that
      the US would help a strategic ally, if Turkey proves to be one.

      * Mr. Steve Forbes, the editor in chief of the Forbes magazine, wrote this
      week that the European membership of Turkey is something that the
      terrorists will hate.
      Mr. Forbes says that Turkey's European Union membership will demonstrate
      to the Muslims around the world that a democratic, secular Muslim state
      can be a full-fledged member of the West economically, politically and
      militarily, and it would be a profoundly positive step.

      * Ms. Anne Krueger, first managing director of the International Monetary
      Fund held a series of meetings in Ankara, Turkey's capital, reported the
      Turkish daily Aksam.
      During these meetings, Ms. Krueger asked about the Turkish government's
      problems in implementing its economic program. She also reportedly
      expressed concern about a recent downward trend in economic signs
      following largely positive trends in the wake of last November's
      Speaking later on to reporters, Ms. Krueger said that continued good
      relations between the International Monetary Fund and Turkey depend on the
      Justice and Development government carrying out needed structural reforms
      as soon as possible.
      Ms. Krueger also said that the Turkish government's recently announced
      privatization program and budget plans were good beginnings for the new

      * According to the daily Milliyet, crowning a successful literacy
      campaign, which has so far taught over 300,000 people to read, Mrs. Semra
      Sezer, Turkey's president Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer's wife, handed out
      literacy certificates to some of the graduates of the campaign in Ankara.
      Mrs. Sezer said that the aim of the National Education Campaign, begun
      in 2001, was to enable everybody to receive a basic education. She added
      that the literacy course graduates' success was a victory not just for
      themselves, bur for all of Turkey.

      * In an effort to reduce traffic congestion in Istanbul, Turkey's largest
      metropolis with over 10 million people, the municipality's leadership is
      soon planning to open bidding for an elevated railway project, reported
      the daily Turkiye.
      The 3.5-kilometer railway will initially connect the Bakirkoy and
      Incirli districts on the city's European side. Construction is estimated
      to cost about 100 trillion Turkish Lira and will last one and a half year.


      1 dollar =1,673,000 Turkish Liras


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Sevda Kupoglu Aleckson

      * Mr. Serkan Özkaya has organized a true artistic videos festival titled
      "The Real McCoy" at the French Cultural Center in Istanbul in cooperation
      with the Bureau des Vidéos from Paris, France.
      This festival consists of artistic and original work produced by various
      international, contemporary artists from 1970s to the present.
      These videos ranging from artistic work to documentary will be first
      shown in the movie theatres for free of charge and later will be made part
      of the archives at the Platform Art Center to allow individuals to conduct
      The festival will take place at the French Cultural Center in Istanbul
      during January 21 through 26 with four viewing sessions.

      * Jazz artist Mr. Bülent Ortacgil's new album entitled "Lies" is expected
      to be released this summer.
      Meanwhile, Mr. Ortacgil and his group will continue to perform every
      Wednesday evening at 22:00 at the Jazz Cafe located in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

      * The famous Turkish pop star Sezen Aksu gave her first of three
      "unplugged" concert series at the Besiktas Cultural Center.
      "Sezen Unplugged" concert series is a live concert format without the
      benefit of technology was attempted by various western artists in recent
      years. Ms. Sezen Aksu is the first artist to experiment with the
      "unplugged" style and it was well received by the audience in her first
      concert of this format.
      Next two concerts are scheduled on January 20 at 21:00 and January 27 at
      19:00 at the Besiktas Cultural Center.

      * A new exhibit in Berlin Germany is displaying the photographs of the
      rock paintings of Five Finger Mountains of the Turkish provinces of Aydin
      and Mugla.
      A German archeological team under the direction of Ms. Anneliese
      Peschlow discovered the rock paintings while excavating in the region.
      Ancient Hittites are thought to be the masters of the paintings.
      The exhibit will be on to February 4 at the Turkish Home.

      See the following for the arts though the Hittites:


      Ankara in central Turkey 20...40 F Fair
      Antalya in southern Turkey on the Mediterranean coast 43...63 F Partly Cloudy
      Istanbul in northwestern Turkey 40...48 F Fair
      Izmir in Western Turkey on the Aegean coast 47...57 F Light Rain Shower
      Trabzon in northern Turkey on the Black Sea coast 40...49 F Mostly Cloudy


      Uludag (Bursa, Western Turkey) 9
      Kartalkaya (Bolu, Western Turkey) 28
      Saklikent (Antalya, Southern Turkey) 4
      Palandoken (Erzurum, Eastern Turkey) 14
      Ilgaz (Kastamonu, North Central Turkey) 28
      Erciyes (Kayseri, Central Turkey) 14
      Sarikami$ (Kars, Eastern Turkey) 24


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      *Turkish Premier Soccer League Standings:

      Team Pts
      1. Besiktas 41
      2. Galatasaray 39
      3. G.Birligi 37
      4. Fenerbahce 35
      5. G.Antep 30
      6. Trabzonspor 30
      7. Malatyaspor 25
      8. Ankaragucu 23
      9. Diyarbakirspor 20
      10. Istanbulspor 19
      11. Adanaspor 19
      12. Denizlispor 18
      13. Altay 18
      14. Bursaspor 16
      15. Samsunspor 16
      16. Elazigspor 15
      17. Göztepe 15
      18. Kocaelispor 13

      * Israeli striker Haim Revivo has moved across town, transferring from
      Fenerbahçe to the Yellow Canaries' bitterest rivals, Galatasaray. Fener
      was paid $1.750 million to clinch the move. The player himself will be
      getting $1.250 million for making the switch from one Istanbul powerhouse
      to the other. Last week's signing of Russian striker Vladimir
      Beschastnykh, and Fener's plans to try and get Ukrainian forward Sergei
      Rebrov, currently with England's Hotspur, meant that there was little
      place for Revivo on the Canaries roster.

      * Besiktas, midfielder Amaral has announced that he is leaving the
      Besiktas after a five month stint. The Brazilian had taken the field 11
      times in Besiktas,' 17 games in the first half of the season, including
      its lead up matches, but had failed to establish himself in the starting
      line up, coming on as a sub in almost half his games.

      * Turkey has been ranked fifth best in the world by soccer's international
      governing body FIFA, its highest ever placing. In the latest rankings,
      Turkey climbed into fifth spot, two higher than its previous position the
      last time the international standings were made public. Turkey is been
      ranked above such soccer powerhouses as England, Mexico and Portugal.

      * Efes Cup

      Trabzonspor 2-1 Fenerbahce

      * European Cup - Basketball

      Team Pts
      Litvanya 15
      Türkiye 14
      Ukrayna 14
      Bulgaristan 12
      Isviçre 9
      Hollanda 8

      * Turkish Men's Basketball League Standings:

      Team Pts
      1 Efes Pilsen 25
      2 Ülker 25
      3 Galatasaray 22
      4 Türk Telekom 21
      5 Oyak Renault 21
      6 Karsiyaka 21
      7 Darüssafaka 19
      8 Fenerbahçe 19
      9 Tekelspor 19
      10 Besiktas 18
      11 Büyük Kolej 16
      12 ITÜ 16
      13 Göztepe 15
      14 TED Kolej 15

      * Turkish Women's Basketball Standings:

      1 Erdemirspor 21
      2 Fenerbahçe 20
      3 Çankaya Ari Kolji 19
      4 Migrosspor 19
      5 Botas 18
      6 Besiktas 17
      7 I.U.S.B.K. 17
      8 Et Balik 16
      9 Galatasaray 14
      10 Kocaelispor 13
      11 Güre Bld. 13
      12 Yildirim Bosna 11

      * NBA
      Hidayet Stats
      Sacramento 109-115 Minnesota 5 Min 0 Pts
      Sacramento 106- 98 Memphis 9 4
      Sacremento 123- 94 Dallas 4 2

      Okur Stats
      Detroit 101- 99 New Orleans 10 Min 11 Pts
      Detroit 87- 89 Milwaukee 23 9
      Detroit 101- 86 Orlando 21 11
      Detroit 85-111 Miami 20 6


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