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x0x Turkish news for week ending 02 November 2002

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 02 November 2002

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      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Gokce Gokalp

      * Sunday is the much awaited election day in Turkey. Election campaigning,
      debates and speculation as to who will get to be the next prime minister
      continued throughout the week.
      According to the Turkish daily Turkiye, current Turkish Prime Minister
      Bulent Ecevit met with Ankara Chamber of Commerce Chairman Sinan Aygun on
      At the meeting Messrs. Ecevit and Aygun reportedly exchanged views on
      Sunday's elections and Turkey?s economy.
      Regarding recent debates about the role of the president in appointing a
      prime minister, Mr. Ecevit reportedly said, "During my entire political
      career, I have never seen such an election. We are entering a period in
      which who will become prime minister is unclear".
      The Turkish president earlier in the week said that he is the one who
      appoints the prime minister. This statement led to the speculation that
      the party with the most votes may not get the prime ministry.
      The polls are predicting that the the Islamists will come out as the
      winners of the elections. However, majority of the Turkish population,
      the powerful military and the business leaders are in general opposed to

      * At a press conference on Thursday, Mr. Bulent Ecevit also stated that
      Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan's continuing as the Islamists Justice and
      Development Party leader was inappropriate.
      "Mr. Erdogan wants to stay at this post despite a number of legal
      challenges", added Ecevit.
      Last week Turkey's top state prosecutor filed for the closure of the
      Justice and Development Party, citing Mr. Erdogan?s defiance of a court
      order to give up his leading party post.
      Despite Mr. Erdogans ineligibility to become a deputy -- and, by
      implication, prime minister -- his party is the apparent frontrunner ahead
      of this Sundays elections.

      * According to the daily Milliyet, former minister responsible for economy
      and current Republican Peoples Party deputy candidate Mr. Kemal Dervis
      charged that Justice and Development Party officials were making
      conflicting statements on their party's economic policy depending on
      whether they were campaigning at home or speaking abroad.
      "The Justice and Development Party knows what foreign investors want to
      hear, and so they say such things", said Dervis. "But they lack a coherent
      economic policy."
      Mr. Dervis added that he thought the Justice and Development Party
      didn't know what to do should it come to power in the elections.

      * The New Turkey Party leader Mr. Ismail Cem confidently predicted that
      his party would shape the future of the nation, the daily Milliyet also
      Speaking to reporters after meeting with an advocacy group for disabled
      persons, Mr. Cem said he was pleased that he and the other political party
      leaders were touring the country and speaking to its voters.
      "When the people listen to us," he added, "they will be able to see that
      the New Turkey Party is a breed apart from its competitors."

      * According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, the European Union' s official
      list of terrorist organizations, newly revised and released this week, has
      once again failed to include KADEK, the continuation of the rebel
      underground Kurdish Workers Party.
      The European Union cited lack of terrorist acts perpetrated by KADEK as
      justification for not adding the group.
      This July, after years of efforts on Turkeys part, the European Union
      added the the Kurdish Workers Party to the terrorist organizations list,
      Hurriyet says. Hurriyet adds that after being declared a terrorist
      organization, the group promptly changed its name to KADEK.
      Turkey has been lobbying since then for this situation to be rectified.
      Currently, the European Union includes the Kurdish Workers Party and the
      Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Party Front, another illegal organization
      based in Turkey, on its terrorist list.
      See http://www.cdi.org/terrorism/pkk-pr.cfm for more.

      * On 29th of October, Turks in Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern
      Cyprus, and at Turkey's missions abroad celebrated with great enthusiasm
      the 79th anniversary of the declaration of the Turkish Republic by the
      founder of modern Turkey Mr. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
      The first ceremony of the day in the Turkish capital Ankara began early
      in the morning at Anitkabir, Ataturk?s mausoleum, with the attendance of
      President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, Parliament Speaker Omer Izgi, Prime Minister
      Bulent Ecevit, Chief of General Staff Gen. Hilmi Ozkok, political party
      leaders, members of the Turkish cabinet and other high-level officials.


      * According to the daily Cumhuriyet, World-renowned Turkish soprano Leyla
      Gencer is due to receive the prestigious Puccini Honor Award from the
      Licia Albanese Puccini Foundation at a ceremony this Saturday at Lincoln
      Center in New York City. Gencer's long and distinguished singing career
      includes leading roles in such operas as Madam Butterfly, Tosca and

      * The Anatolian News Agency reports that Uzbek film viewers were treated
      to a week of Turkish films in the capital of their country Tashkent.
      Uzbek film viewers showed up in large numbers for the seven Turkish
      films screened during the week.
      Among the attendees were many Uzbek artists and intellectuals.

      * The Africa and Middle East Research Institute in London, Britain hosted
      a conference on the place of Turkish women in the arts.
      Renowned Turkish actress Yildiz Kenter, ceramicist Dr. Jale Yilmazbasar,
      and Dr. Erenduz Atasu were among the attendees.
      Ms. Kenter told the conference that Turkish women is no different from
      women from other parts of the World when it comes to being successful in
      the arts. However, she said that there has to be more investment made in
      arts schools.
      Dr. Erenduz told that with the proclamation of the Turkish Republic, the
      Turkish women found greater opportunities in the arts.

      * "Turkish Year" will be celebrated in Japan in 2003, reports the
      Anatolian News Agency. Turkey's Culture Ministry said on Sunday that
      Turkish Year Activities would start with folk dance performances.
      The Turkish folk dance troupes will greet Japanese at the Shibuya
      Concert Hall in Tokyo between February 24 and 27.
      Turkey's Culture Ministry will join the Tokyo International Book Fair
      between April 24 and 27 with a number of books.
      As part of the Turkish year activities, a number of exhibitions will be
      opened to promote Turkish art and handicrafts.
      One of these exhibition's is titled "Three Great Empires in Anatolia:
      Hittite, Byzantine and Ottoman". It will take place in August. Japanese
      state-run TV channel NHK will undertake sponsorship of the exhibition.
      Also, a number of Turkish films will be shown at Japanese National Art
      Museum Film Center in September within the scope of Turkish Films Week.

      * The Turkish brewing company Efes Pilsen is not just exporting beer these
      days. According to the Moscow Times, Efes Pilsen is organizing blues
      festivals where it has breweries.
      The first Efes Blues Festival was held in Istanbul in 1990.
      The festival initially spread to other Turkish cities, and later to
      cities in Western and Eastern Europe, all of which are home to Efes Pilsen
      breweries. This is the fourth year the blues festival has been held in
      Moscow, following construction there of an Efes Pilsen plant in 1997, and
      the second year the festival has taken place St. Petersburg. This year's
      festival in Rostov-on-Don, where an Efes bottling plant was recently
      built, is the city's first.
      The Moscow Times adds that the music of America's bayou country will be
      well-represented this year, with performances by both Louisiana Red and
      C.J. Chenier & the Red Hot Louisiana Band. Legendary artist Louisiana Red,
      well-known all over the world for his country-style blues, has been active
      on the scene for more than 50 years.
      The festival begins Nov. 5 and continues through Nov. 7 at Moscow's
      Druzhba Universal Sport Hall. In Rostov-on-Don, the festival takes place
      on Nov. 9 and in St. Petersburg on Nov. 11.

      * Renowned Turkish pianist Fazil Say will be performing with the Baltimore
      Symphony Orchestra on Nov. 8, 9 and 10.
      According to the Baltimore Symphony, the concert will present the unique
      opportunity to hear the popular American music of the great George
      See http://www.baltimoresymphony.org/index.asp for more.

      * The almost supernatural terrain of Cappadocia in Central Turkey was the
      center of activity for many filmmakers around the world this year, says
      the Anatolian News Agency.
      In addition to two Turkish TV programs, 16 television channels from nine
      countries made documentaries about the region.
      Also, six Japanese, two Spanish, two French, and one channel each from
      Portugal, South Korea, Italy, Great Britain, Australia and the U.S. made
      various movies using the region's terrain as the background.
      The Cappadocia region is home to unusual rock formations called "fairy
      chimneys" by the Turks. These rock formations rising up to the height of
      six-story buildings have been hollowed out since ancient times and made
      into dwellings and churches.
      In modern times, people still live in some old dwellings, and a few
      hotels are offering rooms in carved rocks for guests to the region.
      In the 1980s archeologists also discovered that what the locals were
      terming "wells" were actually underground cities dug up by the ancients.
      These self-contained cities were able to accommodate up to 30,000 people,
      and were used to avoid invaders.
      Among the renowned people who were in the region this year was the
      Egyptian actor Omar Sharif. Mr. Sharif was in Cappadocia for the shooting
      of a new film.
      See Mr. Sharif in Cappadocia at http://www.ntvmsnbc.com/news/106890.jpg
      For more on Cappadocia see the following:

      * Archeologists have unearthed two more mosaics from the remains of the
      ancient city of Zeugma in southeastern Turkey.
      The remains of the city are partially inundated by a dam built
      downstream. For the past few years there has been a major international
      effort to save the antiquities of the city.
      The efforts of the various teams resulted in the unearthing of exquisite
      mosaics and murals, which have been moved to the nearby Gaziantep Museum.
      Zeugma was a frontier metropolis of the Roman Empire. Many merchants
      trading with the ancients Middle East, and the Roman officials residing
      there had ornate villas and palaces in the city.
      For more on Zeugma see the following links:

      * The private Turkish channel NTV reports that five female Turkish
      painters concluded a successful exhibition in Rome, Italy.
      Titled "Sogno Turca" the lady painters Yakut Ayverdi, Aysegül Kora,
      Gülay Selsevil and Selva Suman had 19 paintings in the exhibition.
      The Italian public and renowned Italian artists showed great interest in
      the exhibition, says NTV.


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras: 1,678,000


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 70/54 Cloudy
      Trabzon (Black Sea Region)-------: 64/55 Cloudy
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 75/48 Partially Cloudy
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 77/52 Clear
      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 62/32 Clear


      Trabzon (Black Sea) 66
      Kumkoy (Marmara Sea) 60
      Bodrum (Aegean Sea) 72
      Alanya (Mediterranean Sea) 74


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer Premier League

      Week 10 results:

      Besiktas - Malatyaspor 3 - 0
      Altay - Galatasaray 1 - 2
      Istanbulspor - Trabzonspor 1 - 2
      Kocaelispor - Ankaragucu 3 - 0
      Samsunspor - Denizlispor 0 - 0
      Adanaspor - Elazigspor 0 - 0
      Bursaspor - G.Antep 1 - 1
      Diyarbakirspor - Göztepe 1 - 0
      G.Birligi - Fenerbahce 1 - 1

      Week 11 matches:

      Altay - Adanaspor
      Ankaragucu - Istanbulspor
      Denizlispor - Bursaspor
      Elazigspor - G.Birligi
      Fenerbahce - Besiktas
      Galatasaray - Göztepe
      G.Antep - Kocaelispor
      Malatyaspor - Samsunspor
      Trabzonspor - Diyarbakirspor

      Team Pts
      1. Galatasaray 23
      2. Besiktas 22
      3. G.Antep 20
      4. Fenerbahce 16
      5. Trabzonspor 16
      6. G.Birligi 15
      7. Samsunspor 15
      8. Ankaragucu 14
      9. Malatyaspor 13
      10. Denizlispor 12
      11. Istanbulspor 12
      12. Adanaspor 11
      13. Elazigspor 11
      14. Bursaspor 10
      15. Göztepe 10
      -- -- --
      16. Altay 8
      17. Diyarbakirspor 6
      18. Kocaelispor 4

      * UEFA Champion's League

      Galatasaray 1-2 Moskow Locomotiv

      Barcelona 15
      Club Brugge 5
      Galatasaray 4
      Lokomotiv 4

      * UEFA Cup - 2nd Round

      Alavés 1-1 Besiktas
      Fenerbahçe 1-1 Panathinaikos

      * Men's basketball
      Team GP W L PF PA
      1 Ülker 4 4 - 347 276 8
      2 Karsiyaka 4 3 1 323 311 7
      3 Efes Pilsen 4 3 1 340 267 7
      4 Oyak Renault 4 3 1 317 305 7
      5 TED Kolej 4 2 2 307 313 6
      6 Büyük Kolej 4 2 2 278 279 6
      7 Türk Telekom 4 2 2 326 297 6
      8 Galatasaray 3 2 1 253 226 5
      9 Tekelspor 4 1 3 303 345 5
      10 ITÜ 4 1 3 326 355 5
      11 Besiktas 4 1 3 292 303 5
      12 Fenerbahçe 4 1 3 292 342 5
      13 Darüssafaka 3 2 1 234 231 5
      14 Göztepe 4 - 4 254 342 4

      * Women's Basketball
      Team GP W L PF PA
      1 Fenerbahçe 2 2 - 143 128 4
      2 Erdemirspor 2 2 - 142 130 4
      3 Botas 2 1 1 170 150 3
      4 Migrosspor 2 1 1 160 173 3
      5 Et balik 2 1 1 154 129 3
      6 Besiktas 2 1 1 141 142 3
      7 Galatasaray 2 1 1 129 137 3
      8 Güre Bld. 2 1 1 181 153 3
      9 Kocaelispor 2 1 1 113 141 3
      10 I.U.S.B.K. 2 1 1 143 143 3
      11 Çankaya Ari Kolj 2 - 2 148 156 2
      12 Yildirim Bosna 2 - 2 137 179 2

      * NBA

      Turkish player Hidayet Turkoglu's team Sacramento won both against
      Portland and Cleveland:

      Portland 71-100 Sacramento

      Turkoglu 37 6-10 1-2 3-4 3 6 1 2 0 2 3 16

      Cleveland 67-94 Sacremento
      Turkoglu 38 5-13 0-2 4-4 0 2 3 2 0 1 1 14


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      traditional Turkish classical instruments such as oud, ney,
      tanbur, kanun or kemence, bendir or kudum; or even western
      instruments that easily adapt to Turkish music, such as cello.

      The ensemble is also looking for people who can sing in Turkish,
      or are interested in learning.

      The group is open to anyone with a sincere interest in Turkish

      For details call Hank Levin at 415 492-0728, or email:

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