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x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 August 2002

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 August 2002

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      (Most articles are provided by NTV.)

      * Turkey's former state minister responsible for economy Mr. Kemal Dervis
      officially became a member of the Republican People's Party during a
      ceremony in Turkish capital Ankara on Friday.
      Mr. Dervis, who announced that he would be joining the Republican
      People's Party, led by Mr. Deniz Baykal, on Wednesday night, used the
      occasion to again make a call for all parties of the left of Turkish
      politics to unite.
      He also said that the Republican People's Party needed the support of
      the voters to ensure that the left regains a position of power in the new
      parliament after the November 3 elections.
      "Not only from members of the Republican People's party, we need support
      from everybody," Dervis said.

      * Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of moderate Islamist Justice and
      Development Party, on Wednesday denied suggestions that the US government
      is opposed to his party coming to power after the November 3 elections.
      Mr. Erdogan, answering journalist's questions while at the Ataturk
      Airport after seeing off his three children who are being educated in
      America, denied media reports that the White House was against his party.
      He said that Turkish papers mistranslated a story and claimed that in
      Justice and Development Party was not mentioned in the article.
      In reference to the possibility that former prime minister Mr. Necmettin
      Erbakan, the acknowledged founder and leader of the pro-Islamist political
      movement in Turkey might stand in the forthcoming election, Mr. Erdogan
      said he wished him luck.
      He also said that the Justice and Development Party would be joined by
      new members from the centre right of the Turkish political spectrum.

      * A former prime minister and the spiritual leader of political Islam in
      Turkey, Mr. Necmettin Erbakan, has announced that he will stand as an
      independent candidate in the November 3 elections, despite a court ruling
      banning him from political activity.
      The former leader of the now banned Welfare Party, Mr. Erbakan his
      independent candidature for the forthcoming early elections at press
      conference at which he was surrounded by members of the pro-Islamist
      Felicity Party.
      Mr. Erbakan was banned from taking part in any form of political
      activity in 1998, having been found guilty of breaching Turkey's laws on
      anti-secular activity. He was later charged and found guilty of fraud,
      having been accused of hiding funds and assets of the Welfare party prior
      to its closure in an effort to avoid having them confiscated.
      During his press conference, the former Prime Minister derided the
      Justice and Development Party, which was formed by dissident members of
      the Felicity Party, as a group of children. Mr. Erbakan played down the
      suggested success of Justice and Development Party in opinion polls,
      saying they were artificial.
      He also accused foreign interests as being behind what he said were
      efforts to break up the south-eastern part of Turkey.
      Although standing as an independent candidate in the elections, Mr.
      Erbakan asked voters to support the Felicity Party.

      * The south eastern Turkish city of Gaziantep was shaken by a moderate
      earthquake early on Friday morning.
      The tremor, striking at 7:10 a.m., registered 4.0 on the Richter Scale.
      Initial reports say there were no casualties or major damage.

      * Turkey is to build the world's first hospital specifically dedicated to
      the treatment of casualties caused by an earthquake.
      The hospital, to be built on a 90,000 square feet lot next to the
      Haydarpasa Numune Hospital on the Asian side of Istanbul, will cost around
      $1.7 million and be first of its type in the World.
      Professor Mesut Acar, the designer of the building, has two underground
      storeys with another three above ground level. The hospital will have
      haemodialysis, a burns treatment unit, surgery facilities and a morgue.
      An earthquake in the highly populated Istanbul is expected to cause a
      high numbers of fatalities, injuries and extensive damage.

      * The new state minister responsible for Turkey's economy, Mr. Masum
      Turker, vowed that there would be no deviation from the economic recovery
      program agreed with the International Monetary Fund.
      In a speech he presented at the meeting of the Chamber of Independent
      Accountants and Certified Public Accountants on Thursday, Mr. Türker
      stressed the importance of the continuation of the program without any
      Mr. Türker said that the state-owned Halkbank had begun to give credit
      loans worth of 74 million Euros to the small and medium enterprises.
      He also said that he had submitted a report on the economy to President
      Ahmet Necdet Sezer on Thursday morning.

      * Mr. Massoud Barzani, the leader of the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party,
      said that if Turkey was to attack Northern Iraq, the region would become
      the grave of the Turkish army.
      Quoted in a report carried by the daily newspaper Bayrati, Mr. Barzani
      said that there were circles that wanted to gain control of some areas
      around Mosul but emphasised that Turkey had no right over the region.
      The article also referred to some media reports, as well as statements
      made by Turkish officials, claiming that Turkey wanted to attain its goal
      in the area through a possible US-led operation. The article also recalled
      the fate of the Ottoman Army in region. The forces of the Ottoman Sultan
      were comprehensively defeated in Iraq during World War One by the British
      and driven back beyond the borders of what is now modern Turkey.
      Barzani also called on Ankara not to intervene in the domestic affairs
      of the region and added that threats made by Turkey would not work.
      The Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party also issued a statement saying that
      it had begun preparations for a possible attack by Turkey around Kerkuk,
      Erbil and Mosul.
      Recently, relations between Ankara and Mr. Barzani have deteriorated,
      with Turkish authorities claiming that Mr. Barzani was making efforts to
      built an independent Kurdish state in Northern Iraq. Turkey has serious
      reservation over the establishment of Kurdish state in its neighbourhood,
      fearing that it might serve to encourage separatists within its own
      On Tuesday, Turkey's defense minister Mr. Sabahattin Cakmakoglu said
      that Ankara was closely watching over developments in neighbouring
      Northern Iraq, which he described as being within the borders of the
      National Pact of 1920 and thus being left to the safekeeping of Turkey.

      * Turkey's Council of State on Thursday ruled that the process of
      selling off the defaulted Pamukbank was to be halted until a defense by
      the bank's former management was heard and a second ruling announced.


      * According to a recent survey conducted by the German Tourism Research
      Center, German tourists prefer taking their holidays in Turkey. Germans
      find the country both inexpensive and hospitable, writes the daily
      According to Cumhuriyet, the results of the survey shows that Germans
      consider Turkey a must-see destination for its historical treasures,
      interesting regional cultures and, rich and diverse cuisine.
      "The Turkish people' s hospitality and generosity are also very
      important for foreign visitors", said the Center' s Chairman Armin
      The survey indicates that Turkey is the most preferred country by German
      tourists among other Mediterranean countries.

      * The Anatolian News Agency reports that the archeologists so far found
      more than 100,000 seals in excavations carried out in the remains of the
      ancient city of Zeugma.
      The seals were found in the remains of a structure used as an archive
      building by the ancients. These seals are made of a special clay.
      Ancient merchants and the officials of the Zeugma city were using these
      seals around 200 A.D.
      The Anatolian News Agency says that the number of seals is breaking a
      previous record of 35,000 found in an excavation on a Greek island. The
      agency is thinking that the new record will be listed in the Guinness
      World Records.
      A dam built upstream partially inundated the remains of the ancient city
      of Zeugma in 2000. An international excavation effort saved many priceless
      artifacts from the site.
      See http://www.zeugma2000.com/zeugma.html ;
      http://www.zeugmaweb.com/zeugma/english/download.htm and
      for more.

      * Turkey's NTV channel reports that the jury chose 29 films as finalists
      in the competition in the 8th International Golden Orange Short Film and
      Video Festival.
      The jury received 133 films for the first round of evaluations.
      Antalya Culture and Arts Endowment is organizing the festival in this
      sunny Turkish Mediterranean province.
      Among the finalists are films from Turkey, Denmark, Hungary, Portugal,
      Britain, Slovenia, Spain, Israel, Yugoslavia and Germany.

      * A festival started as a local charity dinner by villagers in
      northwestern Turkey is turning into a major arts and culture festival,
      reports Turkey's private channel NTV.
      Traditionally, once a year the villagers would prepare a dinner for
      Friday noon, all the villagers then would be invited to the dinner along
      with whoever may be passing through the village.
      With actor Tuncel Kurtiz's efforts, the Camlibel Village Charity Dinner
      and Festivities this year is featuring painting, sculptor, theater and
      music activities.
      This year the festival started on August 22nd and just ended today.
      Also as part of the festival, Mr. Kurtiz is filming Homer's Iliad with a
      new interpretation while the festival is in progression. Mr. Kurtiz is
      planning to complete the film in 10 years. The first part of the film was
      shot last year.
      During the festival Painter and sculptor Yavuz Tanyeli will make a
      statue out of a 10 foot high oak tree. Painter Muzaffer Akyol and Bedis
      will paint all the walls of the village with the village children. Tuncel
      Kurtiz wheel stage his plays in the village square. Cihat Askin with
      violin and Reyent Bolukbasi with cello perform works from Bach to Vivaldi
      and to Turkish composer Refik Fersan.

      * The central Anatolian town of Corum will host 250 scholars from around
      the world from Sept. 2nd to 6th for a congress on the ancient Hittites,
      reports the Anatolian news agency.
      During the Congress that will be 34 panel discussions with the
      participation of 99 speakers. The panel discussions will be on the
      civilization of the Hittites.
      There will be many other activities in the evenings: Ankara State
      Classical Turkish Music Chorus, Konya Turkish Sufi Music and Dance
      Ensemble, Ankara State Opera Ballet artists will stage performances.
      Istanbul Modern Folk Music Ensemble will have a concert on the fourth
      day of the convention.
      On Sept. 7, the Mersin Opera Ballet will have a concert after a visit to
      the ancient Hittite ruins in Corum's Ortakoy township.


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras:



      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 84/70 Showers
      Trabzon (Black Sea Region)-------: 77/66 Showers
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 88/72 Partially Cloudy
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 97/75 Partially Cloudy
      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 86/61 Showers


      Trabzon (Black Sea) 77
      Kumkoy (Marmara Sea) 77
      Bodrum (Aegean Sea) 75
      Alanya (Mediterranean Sea) 86


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer - Premier Division

      Week 2 match results:

      Adanaspor 2-1 Diyarbakirspor
      Altay 4-2 Göztepe
      Besiktas 2-1 Kocaelispor
      Denizlispor 1-3 Galatasaray
      Elazigspor 2-0 Trabzonspor
      Fenerbahce 1-0 Ankaragucu
      G.Birligi 4-1 Istanbulspor
      Malatyaspor 1-1 G.Antep
      Samsunspor 1-0 Bursaspor

      Next week's matches:

      Ankaragucu - Elazigspor
      Denizlispor - Malatyaspor
      Diyarbakirspor - G.Birligi
      Galatasaray - Bursaspor
      G.Antep - Fenerbahce (postponed)
      Göztepe - Adanaspor
      Istanbulspor - Besiktas
      Kocaelispor - Samsunspor
      Trabzonspor - Altay


      Team Pts

      Galatasaray 6
      G.Birligi 6
      Altay 4
      Besiktas 4
      Adanaspor 4
      Fenerbahce 4
      Elazigspor 3
      Göztepe 3
      Samsunspor 3
      G.Antep 2
      Malatyaspor 2
      Bursaspor 1
      Diyarbakirspo 1
      Ankaragucu 1
      Denizlispor 1
      -------------- --
      Trabzonspor 1
      Istanbulspor 1
      Kocaelispor 0

      Top goal scorers:

      3 goals: Arif Erdem (Galatasaray) and Mustafa Gursel (Genclerbirligi)

      * National Team

      Turkey 3-0 Georgia

      8' Arif Erdem
      51' Cihan Haspolatli
      71' Nihat Kahveci

      * Turkey U-21 0-1 Georgia U-21

      * Other sporting news:

      * Ismail Kosukoglu of Turkey competing in the 69 kg category won gold
      medal in the 11th World Veterans' Free-Style Wrestling Championships in
      Iranian capital Tehran.

      * Turkish athlete Ms. Sureyya Ayhan, who earlier this month scored turkeys
      first-ever gold medal at the European Athletics championship in Munich
      Germany, is now set to represent all of Europe in a world competition,
      writes the daily Aksam.
      Ms. Ayhan will compete in her signature event, the women's 1500 meter
      sprint, at the ninth world Athletics cup and Madrid, Spain on Sept. 20-21.
      Ms. Pinelawn had previously made history in 2000 by becoming the first
      Turkish athlete, male or female, to reach an Olympic track semi final.


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